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"Blue Harvest" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Ewoks. Written by Paul Dini and directed by Raymond Jafelice, the episode originally aired on ABC on November 23, 1985.

This episode's title derives from the original working title used in the production of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

Plot summary[]

The harvest[]

The episode opens with the Ewoks of Bright Tree Vilalge preparing for the fall festival. Wicket and Teebo pull a cart full of orange pumpkins. Wicket says that he is glad that harvest only comes once a year. Teebo looks forward to the fall festival the following night.

Malani approaches them with fruits and drinks as refreshments. She tells the boys particularly Wicket that she is interested in spending time wit them at the fall festival. Wicket claims he is on guard duty. Malani departs. While unloading the cart, they discover Wicket's older brothers Weechee and Widdle who were hitching a ride with them. Wicket is annoyed with the hitchhikers whom he calls "Lurdos." They laugh at Wicket.

Dulok mischief[]

Just them, they are interrupted by the roar of a vorshak, which is chasing another Ewok. The vorshak is a bark eater which proceeds to gnawn at a large tree, much to the horror of the Ewoks. Meanwhile, a jubilant Gorneesh leads a party of Duloks. He tells his tribe that capturing the vorshak was a good idea. The shaman Umwak agrees. Gorneesh reveals that he sent the vorshak to distract the Ewoks while he and his Duloks plunder their harvest. He fires a grappling hook onto one of the huts.

As Chief Chirpa and shaman Logray watch with concern, Wicket warns them that the vorshak will destroy the support tree. Chirpa wants to mobilize the tribe's warriors but Logray has another plan. Teebo arrives with Logray's potions but says he can't tell which is which. Logray picks the blue lotion and pours it on a net. He tells Wicket and Teebo to grab the net but to be careful not to breathe the fumes. At Logray's command, they throw the net onto the vorshak, taming it. Wicket is jubilant and tells Master Logray that he tamed it.

Meanwhile, the Duloks plunder the Ewoks' supplies. Gorneesh says they don't need to grow food if they can plunder the Ewoks’ harvest. Umwak warns his King that the vorshak has stopped attacking the tree. The Duloks find the docile vorshak playing around the flowers. The Duloks flee as the Ewoks approach.

The potion theft[]

Wicket asks Logray how he got rid of the vorshak. Logray explains that he brewed a potion using blue Olap leaves. He explains that it fills creatures with joyful affection. When Teebo asks about the red potion, Logray explains that the red leaves produce an oil that can turn a being evil and hateful. He tells the younger Ewoks that he has to go out for a while and asks them to keep watch over his hut.

However, Gorneesh and his followers are eavesdropping. Gorneesh thinks about giving that hate potion to a giant Phlog and using it as a cover to stealing the Ewoks' entire harvest. The Duloks laugh. Just then, a purple bordok grabs the Duloks' grappling hook, causing it to snap and the Duloks to crash into the bush.

Gorneesh tasks his shaman Umwak with stealing the red potion from the Ewoks. Umwat disguises himself as "Honest Umwak," the Tulgah trader and friend of Logray. Umwat is greeted by Teebo and Wicket, who tell him that Master Logray is away. Despite their objections, he barges into Logray's hut. Spotting the two potions, Umwat unleashes a sneezing powder and escapes with one of the bottles. Wicket and Teebo realize that the trader was no friend of Logray and discover one of the potions is missing. Umwat gloats over his victory but is pursued by Wicket and Teebo through the forest.

Later, a purple bird is startled by Umwat and flies away. Having escaped the Ewoks, the Dulok resolves to find a phlog which he can expose to the red potion so that the Duloks can steal the distracted Ewoks' harvest.

The love potion[]

Meanwhile, the female phlog Hoona has caught some fish. Shortly later, Umwat arrives and douse his pink jacket with the stolen Ewok potion. He drops it on top of her from a nearby tree. However, the potion turns out to be the blue love potion and causes Hoona to hug a nearby rock. Umwat realizes that he has stolen the wrong position but thinks that it could still work since she will crush the Ewoks with her kindness due to her condition.

To Umwat's dismay, Hoona uproots and hugs the tree that he is hiding in, causing him to fall into the river. She tries to hug Umwat but he rebuffs her. Hoona chases Umwat through the forest. Meanwhile, Teedo is worried about losing one of Logray’s potions and regrets letting the Dulok shaman into Logray's hut. Wicket reassures him that they will catch Umwat. He proposes that the two split up.

Elsewhere, Hoona chases Umwat through a field. She runs into Wicket, who greets her and introduce himself. Overcome by affection, she hugs Wicket. Teebo soon finds Wicket in the embrace of Hoona. Teebo tells Wicket to break it off and to head back to the village. He breaks free of Hoona, upsetting her.

Wicket's new lover[]

Meanwhile, Umwat laughs in the forest. Wicket attempts to hide as a love-struck Hoona follows him back into Bright Tree Village. She lives the thatch roof of an Ewok hut, startling the Ewoks inside. She breaks some jugs while looking for Wicket. Chief Chirpa tells several Ewoks including Logray, Teebo, Weechee and Widdle that the phlog is destroying their village. After breaking several jars, Hoona finds Wicket hiding inside the last one. Chief Chirpa soon confronts Wicket and Hoona, demanding to know what is going on.

Logray asks Teebo and Wicket if this is linked to the missing love potion. Wicket struggles to explain but Logray says that he is aware that he fell for Umwat. Chirpa realizes that Umwat used the love potion on the female Phlog. When the Chief asks Logray if he can make a cure, the shaman says no. Wicket doesn't want to be stuck with Hoona.

Logray says the only wat to break the spell is to shock her out of it. After realizing that her name is Hoona, he warns Wicket to be nice and go along with her. Wicket is reluctant but Chirpa warns Wicket that she will destroy the village if he runs away. Gorneesh discovers to his horror that Hoona is not destroy Bright Tree Village. He is furious with Umwat, who claims that the Ewoks must have given her Wicket to calm her down. Gorneesh decides to separate Wicket from Hoona.

Gorneesh's plot[]

Later, Hoona is napping with Wicket in her clasp. Malani arrives with some fruits for lunch. She is upset with Wicket for the trouble he has caused. Wicket tries to explain but she leaves. Wicket is then kidnapped by the Duloks Gorneesh and Umwat. Gorneesh replaces Wicket with soft toy. He hopes that when Hoona discovers the substitute, she will level the village. Gorneesh’s plan works and she proceeds to rummage through Bright Tree Village for Wicket. Watching the crisis unfold, Gorneesh tells a muzzled Wicket to bid his village goodbye for good. He and Umwat laugh.

Hoona continues her hunt, putting her hand into a hut. She is confronted by Wicket's older brothers Weechee and Widdle, who tell her that Wicket is not there. She crosses a bridge but her weight causes the two Ewoks to land on nearby roofs. Logray and Chirpa encounter a fleeing Widdle, who believes that Wicket has run away. Hoona calls out for Wicket and steps on the wooden bridge, causing it to shake.

Gorneesh leads his Dulok tribe into infiltrating Bright Tree Village. They capture and disarm several Ewoks. Having secured most of the Ewok villagers, the Duloks bring Wicket to Hoona, who carries and kisses him. Umwat tells Hoona to bring Wicket home to the desert with him.

The Duloks are soon confronted by an enraged Chirpa and Logray, with the former demanding that the intruders leave their village. Gorneesh responds that this is no way to treat their guests. Since the Duloks have not planted any crops prior to winter, he tells the Ewok leaders to share their harvest with the Duloks in exchange for the return of several Ewok hostages they have taken.

A new ally[]

Meanwhile, Wicket tells Hoona that she has to let him go because his friends are in danger. She continues to kiss him. He wonders if there is a way to break her spell. Wicket decides to kiss her back, which shocks her out of the love spell. Wicket realizes that Logray was right. He tells Hoona that she was put under a spell by the Duloks and that they made a fool of her so that they could take over his village. Hoona seeks vengeance against the Duloks. Wicket tells her that they need a plan before whispering into her ear.

Back at Bright Tree Village, the Duloks hold a feast and chomp on the Ewoks’ food. They are disturbed by Wicket and Hoona. Gorneesh dismisses their threat. Wicket pretends to be in love with Hoona. Gorneesh mocks Hoona as stupid, enraging the phlog. Wicket tells the Dulok King that she wants to do a Phlog love dance for him in honor of the Duloks bringing them together.

Gorneesh tells them to dance. Hoona begins dancing, cheering up the Duloks. While the Duloks are distracted, the Ewoks free themselves from their makeshift prisons and drive the itnruders away. Chirpa then confronts Gorneesh and his entourage. With the help of Hoona, the Ewoks drive the Duloks out of Bright Tree Village.

Umwat attempts to leave with Logray's possessions but is confronted by Hoona. At the direction of Wicket, she brings him to Wicket, who puts a wreath of blue Owat leaves around his neck. Hoona orders Umwat to leave and he flees into the forest in feat. Umwat lands in a river and casts the Owat leaves off. However, it lands on a large four-legged creature. Overcome by the love potion, it chases Umwat.

Parting as friends[]

Later, Wicket along with Teebo, Malani and another friend thank Hoona for helping them. He tells her that he is going to miss her. Hoona says something, which Teebo translates as "don't worry, you'll get over me in time." Wicket agrees and says he is young. He waves goodbye. She waves a kiss but it blows the Ewoks off their feet. Malani gives Wicket a hug.



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Notes and references[]

  1. SWInsider.png "Star Wars Publications Timeline" – Star Wars Insider 23 dates the events of the Ewoks animated series, which include the events of "Blue Harvest," to three years after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which corresponds to 3 ABY, according to The New Essential Chronology.