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Blue Leader or Blue One was the call sign of the leader of Blue Squadron. There were a number of starfighter squadrons with this name, and several pilots went by the call sign Blue Leader.


Galactic Republic[]

Ahsoka Tano flying as Blue Leader during the Battle of Ryloth

As "Blue Squadron Leader", Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi commanded a Blue Squadron of Jedi early in the Clone Wars, leading the squadron of Delta-7 Jedi starfighters in defense of Kamino.[4]

Later in the war, a Republic V-19 Torrent starfighter pilot flew as Blue Leader in the Battle of Rendili, informing squadron subordinate "Blue Five" that "Red Four", another pilot, had been dispatched for support in combat against a swarm of Confederate vulture droids. "Blue Five" returned the favor later in the battle, destroying a vulture droid in front of "Blue Leader".[5]

Clone trooper pilot Axe commanded a Blue Squadron of clone troopers under the title of "Blue Leader"[6] prior to Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano taking over the call sign, leading the squadron's V-19 Torrent starfighters into battle over Ryloth in her Delta-7B Jedi starfighter.[1] Tano returned to the call sign while leading a group of clone SCUBA troopers at the Battle of Mon Cala.[7]

Later Kit Fisto used the call sign during the battle of Ukio.

Jedi Knight Xiaan Amersu flew as Blue leader in the final battle of the Siege of Saleucami, sacrificing herself by colliding with and destroying a Separatist planetary gun.[8]

In his final exam for starfighter flight training in his second year attending Jedi academy on Coruscant, Roan Novachez was assigned as Blue Leader, with Cyrus and Cronah as his wingmates Blue Two and Blue Three.

Rebel Alliance[]

A rebel pilot flying as Blue Leader led his squadron on a scouting mission in Tatooine's orbit, where he was surprised by the absence of the heavy pirate activity reported in the area. Sweeping the sector, "Blue Leader" cleared Tantive IV to enter the system, unknowingly springing an Imperial trap.[9]

Rebel Alliance Captain Merrick Simms was designated as Blue Leader during the Battle of Yavin,[2] and again for the Battle of Endor,[10] where he was killed in an attack on the Imperial main communications ship.[11]

Luke Skywalker served as Blue Leader during patrol duties over Yavin 4, leading Blue Flight in rescuing Domina Tagge's freighter from attacking TIE Fighters.[12]

Olin Garn flew an A-wing interceptor as Blue Leader while performing reconnaissance on an Imperial convoy tied to a vast construction project based on intelligence provided by Imperial defector Commander Zaletta.[13]

The Sullustan pilot Ten Numb became Blue Leader following the death of Merrick Simms at the Battle of Endor, before dying at the hand of General Weir.[14]

New Republic[]

General Edor Crespin led the New Republic's Blue Squadron, stationed on Folor Base. During the base's evacuation, Crespin flew an A-wing interceptor as Blue Leader.[3]

A pilot designated Blue Leader commanded Blue Team's starfighters at the Battle of Calamari, directing the team transfer power from their ion cannons to shields and lasers.[15]

An X-wing pilot flying as Blue Leader led Blue Team in the Battle of Onderon, and was directed by Wedge Antilles to provide cover as the Millennium Falcon boarded the Eclipse II.[16]

Behind the scenes[]

Luke Skywalker's squadron leader is identified as "Blue Leader" in the novelization[17] and comic adaptation[18] of A New Hope, but uses the call sign Red Leader in the final film.[19]



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