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Blue Max was a slicer droid Han Solo and Chewbacca met during their days in the Corporate Sector. Partnered with the BLX labor droid Bollux, Blue Max accompanied Solo and Chewbacca during several adventures in the Corporate Sector and the Tion Hegemony.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Blue Max was originally an Imperial MerenData B2-X Computer Interface Unit. Somehow, he ended up in the hands of a bounty hunter, who was unaware of the true value of the locked blue case. She gave him to the outlaw tech "Doc" Vandangante as payment.[1]

Bollux and Blue Max schematics.

Doc's techs packed as much computing power and illegal circuitry into the little droid as possible, planning to make a top-shelf slicer. They also replaced the original, rough persona with a chipper, friendly personality. Thanks to the new personality and his high-pitched vocoder, Blue Max came across as a mischievous, precocious child.[1]

Blue Max was a deep blue cube, with a glowing red photoreceptor and a speech synthesizer. He had a set of computer probes which he used to scan computers and slice into their files. His software could penetrate even the most hardened Corporate Sector Authority networks. As Blue Max was built into an immobile box, the old labor droid Bollux was modified to carry him hidden in his chest cavity. The older droid became a mentor and friend to his counterpart.[3]

Blue Max and Bollux with Han Solo and Chewbacca.

When Doc was imprisoned at Stars' End, Blue Max was part of the rescue mission led by Han Solo. Afterward, both Bollux and Blue Max were given their freedom by Doc's techs. They chose to stay with Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon for a time.[4] They helped the two smugglers on several adventures, including breaking up a gang of slavers in the Corporate Sector,[5] and the hunt for the lost treasure of Xim the Despot in the Tion Hegemony. After that quest wrapped up on Dellalt, Bollux and Blue Max left Han Solo. The historian S. V. Skynx recruited Bollux and Blue Max to stay on Dellalt to help catalog Xim's treasure.[6] Their activities afterward are not recorded, though they sent holocards to Solo and Chewbacca for a few years after parting ways with the smugglers.[1]

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