Blue Puff Cubes were a type of blue, cube-shaped foodstuff. Nothing tasted better to members of the Wookiee species than a warmly toasted Blue Puff Cube.[1] In around 34 ABY,[3] the Wookiee Chewbacca found a transparent packet of Blue Puff Cubes labeled with the product's name on a shelf aboard[1] the YT-1300 light freighter[4] known as the Millennium Falcon while he was searching for food on the planet Ahch-To.[1]

After checking the coast was clear of anyone that could steal the cubes, Chewbacca left the Falcon and began toasting one cube over a fire using a wooden stick. While Chewbacca was preparing the cube, a group of four non-sentient porgs began stealing and eating cubes from the bag. When the Wookiee discovered the thieves, he roared and chased them away.[1]

After the Battle of Crait, when Chewbacca and Rey entrusted the Falcon to the pirate Hondo Ohnaka, Ohnaka discovered a bag of Blue Puff Cubes in a refrigerator unit aboard the ship. Hungry, the Weequay attempted to sauté the unfamiliar Blue Puff Cubes in lyseed seasoning. When he left the galley to check the ship's flight path, the Porgs on the Millennium Falcon stole the Blue Puff Cubes and ate them. The Porgs stole several more of the Cubes whenever Ohnaka was not looking before he managed to finish cooking and eat one himself. After the Cube was stolen after one bite, Ohnaka left another Blue Puff Cube unattended and hid, in order to discover the culprits. Catching the Porgs in the act, Ohnaka chased the birds through the Falcon to the ship's holochess table, where he found the guilty Porg atop the table and the bag of Blue Puff Cubes beneath.[2]

Immediately after Ohnaka reclaimed them, the Millennium Falcon was boarded by a group of Pakiphantos pirates led by his old nemesis Trunc Adurmush. Because Ohnaka accidentally picked up the Blue Puff Cube bag instead of his blaster, he was easily taken captive. Imprisoned on the Pakiphantos ship with the Porg who took his lunch outside the cell, Ohnaka began to toss Blue Puff Cubes to the bird. He then strategically threw the Cubes towards the holding cell's control panel, with the goal of getting the Porg to hit the button that would free him. After several attempts, Ohnaka succeeded and hedecided to name his Porg accomplice Puffy after the Blue Puff Cubes. As the two made their escape, Ohnaka tossed another Blue Puff Cube to provoke Puffy into hitting the button that closed the blast doors and cut off their Pakiphantos pursuers.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Blue Puff Cubes first appeared in Chewie and the Porgs, a 2017 young readers book written by Kevin Shinick with illustrations by Fiona Hsieh.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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