"Some of my gunners can pick flies off a wall with their laser cannons."
Luke Skywalker, exaggerating the abilities of Blue Squadron[src]

Blue Squadron was a squadron of inexperienced Bothan starfighter pilots who flew BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighters in support of the Bothan Spynet's efforts to aid the Rebel Alliance. The designations and color name of the unit were applied by Luke Skywalker. The Bothan pilots who would operate as Blue Squadron had less than a hundred hours of flight time in their Y-wings and were fair shots, according to Koth Melan.

The pilots of this unit, including Rebel pilot Ace Azzameen,[1] joined Skywalker in his T-65 X-wing starfighter and Dash Rendar in his ship, the Outrider, when they flew cover for a data-raid on the Imperial armed freighter Suprosa in order to steal a supercomputer later revealed to hold the plans to the second Death Star. During the battle, the Suprosa launched a single diamond boron missile at the incoming Bothan fighters. Despite the best efforts of Rendar to defeat the missile, it successfully detonated in the midst of the Blue Squadron formation, obliterating four craft and their crews in an instant. Six fighters, twelve Bothans in total, were destroyed during the fight. The surviving members then traveled to Kothlis once the data had been obtained to transfer the information to the expert slicers of the Spynet.



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