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Blue Squadron, also referred to as Blue Group or Blue Wing,[8] was an airspeeder and starfighter squadron that served as part of the Rebel Alliance's starfighter corps during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron most notably participated in battles such as the Battle of Scarif, Siege on Tureen VII, the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor.


Early rebellionEdit


A group of Blue Squadron pilots at the Rebel Headquarters on Yavin.

Blue Squadron, under the command of General Antoc Merrick as Blue Leader, took part in the Battle of Scarif along with Red Squadron, Green Squadron, and Gold Squadron. Blue Squadron was expanded into a unit well beyond the usual 12 ships of the same design. It was a mix of X-wings, assigned to escort UT-60D U-wings into combat zones and a small number of Y-wings reallocated from squadrons in neighboring sectors. Heff Tobber (Blue Eight), Calum Gram (Blue Nine), and Laren Joma (Blue Eleven with Taslet Colb as copilot and Bistan as gunner) all flew U-wings while Paril Ritta (Blue Twelve) served as a Y-wing pilot.[4]

Mission to EaduEdit

"Squadron up. Target: Eadu."
―General Draven ordering a strike[src]

By order of General Davits Draven, Blue Squadron,[9] consisting of seven X-wings[7] and four Y-wings,[3] was deployed to target the Eadu Energy Conversion Laboratory in order to eliminate Galen Erso. During the strike, two of the X-wings were lost.[3]


Battle on ScarifEdit

"Blue Squadron, get to the surface before they close that gate."
Admiral Raddus giving Blue Squadron their orders during the Battle of Scarif[src]
Blue Squadron forms up

Fighters of Blue Squadron offer air support to Rogue One

Blue Squadron X-wings accompanied the rest of the Alliance Fleet to the aid of Rogue One on Scarif below. Blue Squadron was tasked with penetrating the shield gate and providing air support and infantry reinforcements to Rogue One.[3] Only Joma's U-wing and twelve X-wings,[12] including Merrick's, managed to bypass the Imperial defenses and travel down toward the surface. However, the gate was shut, forcing Vangos Grek (Blue Six) and another X-wing pilot to pull up. Both were destroyed on impact with the planetary shield, but Barion Raner (Blue Four), Jaldine Gerams (Blue Three) and at least 2 other X-wings managed to avoid impact and went to assist the Rebel fleet in space above.[3]

In the air around the Citadel, the U-wing and X-wings were able to provide air support and reinforce the troops on the ground, destroying the AT-ACTs and engaging Imperial TIE/sk x1 experimental air superiority fighters in the air. During the battle, the upper starboard engine of Merrick's T-65B was damaged by a TIE striker, causing his ship to spiral toward the ground, killing him on impact.[3] Most, if not all, of Blue Squadron's craft were destroyed at Scarif. The squadron's decimation at Scarif and the loss of its commanding officer meant that Blue Squadron would not be present at the following climactic battle at Yavin, leaving Red, Gold and Green Squadrons to take on that engagement.


Battle of Vrogas VasEdit

"Blue Five is down, this is Blue Three, He's right on my tail... Torpedoes Locked... I can't AARRRGG--"
―Blue Three, at Vrogas Vas[src]
Vrogas Vas

Blue Squadron, Vrogas Vas

Some time during the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance established a refueling base on the planet Vrogas Vas. Blue Squadron was one of three present when Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived there in the search for his son Luke Skywalker. The squadron was entirely wiped out in the resultant battle.[2]


Tureen VIIEdit

After the incident on Vrogas Vas, Blue Squadron was deployed to the stolen Imperial-class Star Destroyer Harbinger, where they were launched during the Siege on Tureen VII to defend the Star Destroyer until the moon bases were destroyed and several X-wings of the squadron were destroyed.[6]

Battle of HothEdit

Blue Squadron was also part of the Rebel force stationed on Hoth when the Empire discovered the base, launching an invasion that signaled the commencement of the Battle of Hoth. Using T-47 airspeeders, the pilots of Blue Squadron helped to defend Echo Base from All Terrain Armored Transports (AT-ATs) and All Terrain Scout Transports (AT-STs). They destroyed the AT-STs with the speeder's primary blasters and used their harpoon and tow cables to defeat the AT-ATs. This allowed three transports to escape the base.[1]

Battle of EndorEdit

B-wing infly

Typical B-wing at Endor

Blue Squadron participated in the Battle of Endor above the Forest Moon. During the battle, Ten Numb, a male Sullustan starfighter pilot, flew a B-wing starfighter under the callsign Blue Five.[13]


Behind the scenesEdit

Blue Squadron appears in the second season of the non-Canon LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures animated series. The squadron appeared in four of the five promotional short films designed to promote the series. Blue Squadron is led by Lieutenant Valeria, who leads the squadron into combat against the Galactic Empire in several skirmishes. In the series, Blue Squadron act as supporting characters to the Freemakers, a family of scavengers who join the Rebel Alliance.[15][16][17] Under Valeria's leadership, Blue Squadron attacks an Imperial repair depot near Alzoc III and also participates in the Battle of Endor.[18][19]


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