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Blue Squadron was a starfighter squadron active in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. Its pilots flew T-65 X-wings and B-wings among other starfighters used in the Rebel fleet.


Aboard IndependenceEdit

When stationed aboard the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence, Blue Squadron was commanded by Captain Ernek Marskan. This squadron later transferred to Yavin Base just prior to the Battle of Yavin and many pilots, including Marskan, were reassigned for that battle.[1]

Tantive IVEdit

A group of fighters named Blue Squadron served as scouts for the Princess Leia Organa's Tantive IV shortly before the vessel was attacked by Imperial forces led by Darth Vader, prior to the Battle of Yavin.[2]

Battle of YavinEdit

Blue Squadron served at the Rebel base on Yavin 4, and participated in the Battle of Yavin. The squadron was made up of six pilots, all flying X-wings.[3] It was essential in clearing the first Death Star's surface of turrets, and neutralized a larger laser cannon emplacement.[4] Their main goal had been to join Green Squadron in an attack run on the station's superlaser, and also hopefully distract the Empire from the exhaust port attack.[5]

Rescue of Domina TaggeEdit

During the Yavin blockade, Blue Flight was involved in the Rescue of Domina Tagge. Tagge, along with other representatives of the Order of the Sacred Circle, were under attack by Imperial TIE fighters. Three TIE fighters were destroyed, while another retreated back to its Star Destroyer, which fled into Hyperspace.

Battle of HothEdit

During the Battle of Hoth, members from the Rebellion's Blue and Green Squadrons and Rogue Flight were cobbled together and pressed into service as a unified "Rogue Squadron," doubling up as pilots and gunners aboard the Rebels' T-47 airspeeders.[5] The remaining Blues and Greens either piloted evacuating transports or their fighter escorts.

First Battle of BothawuiEdit

Following the Battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker formed an unofficial Blue Squadron comprising Bothan agents piloting BTL Y-wing starfighters. They launched an attack against the Suprosa, a freighter carrying plans for the second Death Star. Many Bothans died on that mission.

Aboard DefianceEdit

Another Blue Squadron was assigned to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Defiance during the build up to the Battle of Endor. At least one pilot, Blue Eight, was killed in action at the time. It is possible this was the same squadron that would serve at Endor.

Battle of EndorEdit

Blue Squadron participated in the Battle of Endor, though the pilot roster had been revised by this time. the squadron used the heavily armed B-wing starfighters during the battle. The B-wings were maintained by Verpine mechanics, and were equipped with armor-piercing missiles.

The B-wings were charged with striking enemy capital ships while the A-wings kept them safe from starfighter attack. During the battle, the callsign "Blue Wing" was used to denote the squadron as a whole. However, it was also used as a moniker by the squadron's second-in-command after the death of Blue Leader Merrick Simms.[6] Blue Squadron's B-wings were also given orders to attack Imperial capital ships.

Blue Leader BotF

Merrick Simms flying as Blue Leader at the Battle of Endor

After Blue Leader, Colonel Merrick Simms perished in the wake of an exploding Star Destroyer, two of Blue Squadron's flights joined Lando Calrissian's attack on the second Death Star. They later broke off from the attack in order to draw a group of pursuing TIE fighters away from Calrissian & Antilles.[7] They were led by acting squad leader Blue Wing, it is unknown what happened to him during the pursuit. Outside the Death Star, Keyan Farlander kept the third flight in reserve while helping to protect the Alliance's capital ships.

Though the Alliance succeeded in destroying the second Death Star, the Battle of Endor inflicted significant losses on Blue Squadron. they suffered heavy casualties including the squad leader. Another pilot was forced to eject and though she survived, her B-wing was destroyed and she took several months to recover from her injuries. With few remaining pilots they were far from a full squadron and could not function as such. As former leader of Two Flight, Ten Numb was next in line to be named leader of Blue Squadron, such as it was.

Battle of BakuraEdit

With the Ssi-ruuk invading and no time to replace the five lost pilots, Numb was forced to lead a single B-wing flight of Endor-survivors to Bakura to drive off the extra-galactic invaders. The A-wings also participated in the battle, though they operated as a separate unit from the B-wings. Under Numb's leadership the pilots survived the battle.

Numb returned his triumphant B-wings to Endor where they were refitted to fight forest fires raging across the moon. He was killed shortly thereafter after being captured by Imperials during a ground mission on Corellia.

Ibtisam left Blue Squadron to join the Rogues after recovering from her injuries sustained during battle.

New Republic ServiceEdit

The squadron was assigned to the New Republic base on Folor to support Wraith Squadron.

Behind the scenesEdit

During the making of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the X-wing squadron that Luke Skywalker was assigned to was given the designation "Blue Squadron." When it was realized that the blue markings on Blue Squadron's starfighters would be replaced by background footage during shots that incorporated a blue-screen, Blue Squadron was renamed "Red Squadron" and the name of the Y-wing squadron that originally bore that name was changed to "Gold Squadron." This change was not reflected in the novelization of A New Hope, which used the original designations for the squadron.

The information concerning the Battle of Yavin and the names of the pilots is derived from the S-canonical game Star Wars: Rebel Assault and is given with caution. The squadron seen defending Tantive IV in Star Wars: Empire at War may also be non-canonical.



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