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"Red Squad. Blue Squad. Take my lead."
―Poe Dameron during the Battle of Starkiller Base[6]

Blue Squadron was a starfighter squadron in the Resistance active several decades after the Battle of Endor. It served as the primary line of defense for the Resistance base on D'Qar.


Blue Squadron was a Resistance starfighter squadron that consisted of T-70 X-wing starfighters[1] and RZ-2 A-wing interceptors.[4] As part of the Resistance Starfighter Corps,[6] it was initially headquartered at the Resistance base on[1] D'Qar,[6] but flew training flights from the Ninka,[5] and after the D'Qar base's evacuation, was based on the Raddus.[4]

Its commanding officer was Black Leader Commander Poe Dameron.[2] Squadron Leaders included Captain[9] Temmin Wexley[3] and Lieutenant Tallissan Lintra.[4]


Aboard the Ninka[]

Sometime before the evacuation of D'Qar, A-wing pilot and Blue Leader Tallissan Lintra led four Blue Squadron X-wings on a training run from the Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster Ninka, among them Blue Two Flight Officer Stomeroni Starck and "Blue Three." Receiving sensor interference from an ionized gas cloud, Lintra aborted the run, but followed a distress signal into the cloud, rescuing Duro Interstellar Freight and Shipping pilot Staaysha Dekkr.[5]


Shortly after the Hosnian Cataclysm, the First Order attacked Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana, in an attempt to capture Rey. Commander Poe Dameron led Blue Squadron in a fierce dogfight with First Order TIEs and strafing runs on stormtroopers on the ground.[7]

Starkiller Base[]

Jess Pava flew as Blue Three

Blue Squadron, along with Red Squadron, participated in the Battle of Starkiller Base where they were lead by Black Leader Poe Dameron. Their mission was to destroy Starkiller Base before it could cause further harm to the galaxy.

Flying X-wings, the squadron consisted of Blue Leader Captain Temmin Wexley with R6-D8, Yolo Ziff and M9-G8[3] as Blue Two, Jessika Pava and R0-4L0 as Blue Three, Pallaris Ven and BR-BA as Blue Four,[10] and an unidentified pilot as Blue Nine.[6][11]

The mission was successful, albeit with heavy Resistance losses, including Ven and BR-BA.[2][10]

Evacuation of D'Qar[]

A Blue Squadron RZ-2 A-wing

Following the Battle of Starkiller Base, the Resistance were forced to evacuate their base on D'Qar after the First Order discovered their location. Blue Squadron were launched alongside Red Squadron to buy time for the evacuation. Blue and Red Squadrons were tasked with defending the bombers of Cobalt and Crimson Squadrons. With former Blue Leader Temmin Wexley away on a mission, Lieutenant Tallisan Lintra lead Blue Squadron in her A-wing for the attack on the First Order's Dreadnought with Stomeroni Starck on her wing.[4][12]

Attack on Resistance Fleet[]

When the Resistance fleet was ambushed by First Order Supreme Leader Snoke's fleet, The pilots of Blue Squadron attempted to launch their starfighters but was stopped by Kylo Ren when he fired torpedoes at the hanger, killing Lintra and Starck, and destroying Blue Squadron's fighters.[4]


While escorting an Intersystem Transport Ship leaving Batuu carrying new recruits for the cause, along with Poe Dameron and another pilot "Red Two," an X-wing pilot flying as Blue Five was attacked by First Order TIE fighters. "Blue Five" died when her fighter was destroyed.[13]

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