The Blue Star Centre was a building in Gadrin, on the planet Cularin, that was used during the time of the Galactic Republic. It was home to a group of philosophers, who used as somewhere to contemplate things and undertake philisophical research.


The Centre was founded in about 134 BBY[1] by Dee-Lynn Cance, a former Jedi, who had left his order to become a philosopher. The Cerean Amin Galingal arrived at the Centre in 48 BBY[2] and was believed never to have left it since then. He eventually became the director of the Centre and his books and essays became popular among the Tarasin, Cularin's native sentient species. In about 31 BBY, members of the Intarsa League, a criminal organization led by Dersa Welles, entered the Centre and took everyone inside it hostage. However, the Heroes of Cularin were able to aide in defeating the League and the hostages were freed.


The Centre consisted of a series of buildings, each on it's own island, in the middle of a lake. All the islands were linked together by bridges and the largest island was located in the center of the lake and was the site of the Centre's main building, the library. Another island was the site of a rock garden.


The the director of the Center was given the title Lector. Lectures and poetry meetings would be held in the Centre, but it had no formal curriculum an students did not receive any qualifications. They instead could stay as long as they wished. Most students produced written work, but their were some artists and craftsmen who also chose to study in the Centre. Some philosophically-minded Jedi Masters would advise their Padawan learners to visit the Centre and listen to a lecture there, or even spend a few days there. It became said among the Jedi that those who undertook while in the Centre the meditative exercises that were required to attune lightsaber crystals, would have a better chance of success in construction a lightsaber.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Blue Star Centre made it's first and only appearance in Operation Blue Star, an adventure in the Law and Order arc of the Living Force campaign. It the adventure, it's name is spelt using the UK English spelling "Centre", rather than the US English spelling "Center", probably because it was written in the United Kingdom. However, as there is no canonical source using the US spelling, this article uses the UK spelling "Centre" in the building's name.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Operation Blue Star is set in about 31 BBY and in it, it claims that the Centre was founded 103 years earlier
  2. Operation Blue Star is set in about 31 BBY and in it, it claims that Galingal arrived at the Centre 17 years earlier