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Blue Three was the callsign by the third member of the starfighter squadron Blue Squadron.


In the Clone Wars, during the Battle of Ryloth, clone trooper pilot Slammer flew as Blue Three with Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano's Blue Squadron.[1]

Jaldine Gerams flew as Blue Three during the Battle of Scarif.[5]

During the Battle of Vrogas Vas, a Rebel pilot flew as Blue Three.[2]

In the Battle of Jakku, a member of the New Republic's 77 Squadron (which flew as Blue Squadron in that battle) flew under the callsign.[3]

Sometime before the Battle of D'Qar, a Resistance X-wing pilot using the callsign Blue Three flew a training run near an ionized gas cloud with Blue Leader Tallissan Lintra.[6]

Resistance pilot Jessika Pava flew as Blue Three in Blue Squadron three decades after the Battle of Endor.[4]



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