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―Grogu's request for a blue macaron from a student is denied[1]

Blue macarons were a type of cookie that could be found on Nevarro and were edible by humans and members of Grogu's species. In 9 ABY, a young boy was eating the cookies while in a class but had them stolen by the foundling Grogu, who also ate some. Grogu continued to eat the macarons as he was picked up by the Mandalorian Din Djarin, and eventually regurgitated them when Djarin flew his gunship, the Razor Crest, in a nauseating manner.


Blue macarons[2] were circular in shape and light teal in color. Producing a crunching noise when bitten, the cookies could be eaten by both humans and members of a small tridactyl species. They came in a silver metallic sleeve.[1]


"Can I at least buy you a drink?"
"Sorry. I have some onboard maintenance I gotta take care of."
―Greef Karga and Din Djarin, the latter referring to Grogu's puking of blue macarons[1]

Grogu consumes a blue macaron.

In 9 ABY,[3] a male student learning from a protocol droid[1] on the Outer Rim world[4] Nevarro ate from a package of the cookies during class. The Mandalorian Din Djarin, who needed a place to keep his foundling, Grogu, while he himself went on a mission, dropped the foundling off in the classroom where the student was being taught. Grogu, seated next to the student, held out his hand and babbled as though to ask for a cookie[1]—the young foundling was much more interested in the treat than the droid's lesson.[5] While the student refused and continued to enjoy his snack, Grogu, much to the student's surprise, used the Force to move the entire sleeve of macarons to his own desk.[1] He then proceeded to happily eat the macarons,[6] which he discovered a taste for.[2]

When Djarin returned to depart Nevarro with Grogu, the youngling took the remaining cookies with him and continued to snack on them while the Mandalorian engaged a trio of Outland TIE fighters aboard his gunship, the Razor Crest. During the fight, Grogu held the macarons over his head. He later vomited some of the cookies onto his robe following the TIE fighters' destruction, having been nauseated by Djarin's piloting. Djarin hastily—albeit ineffectively—tried to clean up the blue vomit with a cloth, referring to the incident as "onboard maintenance" via comlink to Marshal Carasynthia Dune and Magistrate Greef Karga. Djarin and Karga had been discussing what they owed each other, and while Karga offered to repay the former with a drink, the Mandalorian declined, citing his need to clean up Grogu's mess.[1] As he piloted away from Nevarro, Djarin took the last macaron from Grogu, though the youngling, no longer hungry, did not mind.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

"Josh, our prop master, came to us and was asking, 'What do these cookies look like?' […] We wanted it to be blue, 'cause it was like blue milk, and the prop master ended up baking macarons for it."
―Jon Favreau[7]

Concept art of Grogu reaching for the cookies, by Christian Alzmann

Blue macarons first appeared in "Chapter 12: The Siege,"[1] the fourth episode of the second season of the live-action series The Mandalorian that aired on November 19, 2020.[2] Concept art for the cookies was revealed in the episode's credits,[1] and a high-quality version was featured in the episode guide the following Monday. Done by Christian Alzmann, the concept image showed a beige cookie,[8] while the final product was blue.[1] The cookies were first identified in "Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season Two Companion," an article written by Kristin Baver and published in the 202nd issue of the Star Wars Insider magazine[2] on April 27, 2021.[9]

Show-creator Jon Favreau later appeared on the YouTube cooking show Binging with Babish, where host Andrew Rea made the cookies from the show. Favreau explained that property master Josh Roth discussed how the cookies would look for the episode. Favreau wanted the cookies to be blue as a homage to the blue milk from the[7] 1977 original trilogy film, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[10] Roth ended up baking macarons for the show, but instead of a traditional sandwiched macaron, he used half of the full cookie. Favreau described the flavor as that of blue raspberry.[7] An officially licenced product from Williams-Sonoma titled "Nevarro Nummies" was later sold online.[11]

Blue macarons' out-of-universe recipe as revealed in a StarWars.com article called for the ingredients almond flour, confectioners' sugar, salt, egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and blue food dye for the cookie. The filling calls for butter, confectioners' cream, heavy cream, vanilla, food dye, and raspberry jam.[12]



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