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"Bluebarb wasp, I'd know that rancid stench anywhere."
―Zam Wesell, upon smelling bluebarb wasp venom[2]

Bluebarb wasps were creatures with the ability to sting individuals and cause swelling[1] and poisoning. The venom, possessing a sharp and rancid stench, adversely affected a human's breathing and caused them to cough profusely.[2] The Duros Shriv Suurgav once entered a nest of bluebarb wasps during his childhood, and was stung badly in the face as a result. His stings were later treated with antivenin.[1]

Prior to 22 BBY,[3] a Clawdite disguised as collector Sinvatt Bovic used a blowgun to launch a dart containing the venom of the wasp at bounty hunter Jango Fett, striking him beneath his jawline, during the latter's job at Bovic's residence on the astronomical object Fytoun. The poison entered Fett's bloodstream, causing him to cough and breath in ragged gasps. Fett located an antivenin and had his partner on the job, Zam Wesell, give it to him, before he drank it and was cured as a result.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Bluebarb wasps were first mentioned in Resistance Reborn, a 2019 novel written by Rebecca Roanhorse.[1]


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