Blueleaf shrub

Blueleaf was a common shrub found on the moon Yavin 4. It grew extensively around the Massassi ruins on the moon, and its essential oils were a stimulant known to enhance the perception of those imbibing it. Blueleaf had cobalt-colored leaves arranged in a whorled pattern of five to eight clusters. It had a distinct fragrance that made identification of the shrub easy, and it could grow up to a meter tall. It grew particularly well in glades, and used suckers to spread itself, forming a dense groundcover.[1]

They were known for their ability to encroach even on cleared spaces, and were edible. When crushed, they gave off a spicy scent. The Massassi of the moon built a temple on which they carved images of the shrubs. On Ithor, blueleaf shrubs were grown in beautiful and elaborate gardens.

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