The bluevev glider was a species of large blue fish found in the oceans of the planet Corellia, where they could be purchased in Coronet City's fishmarkets.[3] They could also be found in the waters of Nur, an ocean moon in the Mustafar system.[4] They possessed poison barbs on their sides[3] and were notable for being longer than a human was tall.[5]

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  2. The novel Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition establishes that bluevev gliders were longer than a human is tall. In the novel Tarkin, Wilhuff Tarkin was stated to be "just above human average" in height. According to the official Databank, Tarkin was 1.85 meters tall. From this, it can be deduced the average length of a bluevev glider is at least 1.85 meters.
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