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"Watch our backs, will ya?"
―Hera Syndulla hands her Blurrg-1120 to Gall Trayvis[6]

The Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster was a type of hold-out blaster pistol[1] manufactured by Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech.[2] The Blurrg-1120 was also customizable, as it could be modified to fire explosive bolts.[1] In addition to this, it sported nine unique firing modes,[7] including a standard single shot mode and a two-blast burst mode.[1] Its final firing mode consumed a lot of energy, and didn't register how many shots were fired, forcing its user to check the indicator located under the pistol to know how many shots were left.[7] The pistol was favored by the Twi'lek rebel Hera Syndulla.[3]

The weapon was named after the blurrg, a creature native to Ryloth, the home of its manufacturer.[1]

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