Blysto Noxton was a human male avant garde holovid artist[2] who in 10 BBY[3] attended a party aboard First Light, the star yacht of Crimson Dawn's leader Dryden Vos while the ship was moored on the planet Vandor.[1] He considered his partygoing habits research for the masterpiece holovid he planned to create.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Noxton viewed himself as a deep thinker, and he had a high opinion of his own work, expecting his future holovid to be a masterpiece. He wore a black magnetic amulet which he incorrectly believed helped focus his thoughts, along with white trousers paired with an open-chested black and white robe made out of fineweave sherculién-cloth.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Blyston Noxton first appeared in the 2018 anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story[1] and was first identified in the accompanying reference book Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide written by Pablo Hidalgo.[2]


Solo: A Star Wars Story (First appearance)


Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide (First identified as Blysto Noxton)

Notes and referencesEdit

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