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Lina Graf, Milo Graf and their droid CR-8R using a boat to escape Captain Visler Korda

"Is that vessel actually floating on the water?"
Has Obitt[src]

A boat,[1] also known as a surface ship,[2] or simply a ship, was a vehicle designed to navigate or "sail," on water. Ships equipped for naval warfare were referred to as warships.[3] Examples of these types of vehicles were aircraft carriers, submarines, and waveskimmers.[2] By analogy, crafts designed to "navigate" in interstellar space were referred to as starships.[4]

Most Pamarthens of the ocean-dominated planet Pamarthe had to learn how to sail a boat before they were taught how to fly a starship.[5] The crime lord known as Big String once used a boat to try and escape the bounty hunter Chanath Cha.[6] On the Endor Moon, the Ewoks who lived in stilt villages built over lakes used small sailboats.[7]

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