Bob Carrau is a writer most notable in Star Wars for writing the screenplay for the 1984 television film Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, and for writing the teleplays for some episodes of the 19851987 Ewoks animated television series.

Carrau was working for George Lucas as a personal assistant when he got the job to write Caravan of Courage.[1]

He was one of the writers who helped Lucasfilm Ltd. develop a television adaptation of the video game Maniac Mansion.[2]

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Year Title Series Contribution(s)
1984 Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure Screenplay
1985 "To Save Deej" Ewoks Writer
1985 "The Travelling Jindas" Ewoks Writer
1985 "The Tree of Light" Ewoks Writer
1985 "The Curse of the Jindas" Ewoks Writer
1985 "The Land of the Gupins" Ewoks Writer
1985 "The Three Lessons" Ewoks Writer
1986 "The Wish Plant" Ewoks Writer
1986 "Home is Where the Shrieks Are" Ewoks Writer
1986 "The Totem Master Ewoks Writer
1986 "The Season Scepter" Ewoks Writer
1986 "Prow Beaten" Ewoks Writer
1986 "The Tragic Flute" Ewoks Writer
1986 "Bringing Up Norky" Ewoks Writer
1986 "Party Ewok" Ewoks Writer


Year Title Contribution(s) Notes
1993 Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas Author
2001 "Alien Safari" Author Published in Star Wars Gamer 4
2001 The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide Author

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