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Bob Smith was the programmer for Star Wars: The Arcade Game, for the Atari 2600.


Star Wars[]

Year Title Platform Role
1983 Star Wars: The Arcade Game Atari 2600 Programmer


Year Title Platform Role
1980 Video Pinball Atari 2600 Programmer
1981 Tanktics: Computer Game of Armored Combat on the Eastern Front TRS-80 TRS Version
1982 Star Voyager Atari 2600 Programmer
1982 Riddle of the Sphinx Atari 2600 Programmer
1982 Dragonfire Atari 2600 Programmer
1983 Moonsweeper Atari 2600 Programmer
1990 Les Manley in: Search for the King DOS Adventure Programming Engine
1990 Altered Destiny Amiga, DOS Interpreter/Development System
1992 Traders: The Intergalactic Trading Game DOS Programming
1992 Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. DOS Technology
1992 The Game of Life DOS PC Programming
1994 Barkley Shut Up and Jam! Sega Genesis, SNES Design, Program
1995 Solar Eclipse Sega Saturn Programmer
1996 Eradicator DOS Additional Engineering Support
1997 Rush Hour PC PC Anim Player, PC Technical Support
1999 Army Men 3D PlayStation Engineering
2001 Portal Runner PlayStation 2 Programmer
2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets GameCube, XBox Tools Programmer
2002 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex GameCube Additional Programming
2002 007: Nightfire XBox Tools Programming
2003 Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy GameCube Tools
2003 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds PS2, XBox Tools
2004 Spyro: A Hero's Tail GameCube, PS2 Tools Programming
2004 Athens 2004 PS2 Tools Programming
2004 Army Men: Sarge's War XBox Core Engineering Team
2005 Robots XBox, Windows Tools Team
2005 Predator: Concrete Jungle Novel Tools Team
2005 Batman Begins PS2 Tools
2006 March of the Penguins Nintendo DS Lead Programmer
2006 Ice Age 2: The Meltdown GameCube Tools Team
2007 B-17: Fortress in the Sky Nintendo DS Senior Programmer
2007 ATV: Thunder Ridge Riders / Monster Trucks Mayhem Nintendo DS Senior Programmer
2008 Quantum of Solace PS2 Core Technology
2009 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs PS2 Core Tech
2009 G-Force PS2 Engine
2009 Dead Space: Extraction PlayStation 3, Wii Core Technology
2010 GoldenEye 007 Wii Core Technology

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