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"I'm a simple man making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me."
―Boba Fett[20]

Boba Fett was a human male crime lord and former bounty hunter whose career spanned decades, from the fall of the Galactic Republic to the end of the rule of the Galactic Empire. Originally code-named Alpha, he was an unaltered clone of the famed Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett who raised the boy as his son. Boba emulated his father and genetic donor by wearing a customized suit of Mandalorian armor. His personal starship was the Slave I, a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft that once belonged to Jango. Trained in combat and martial skills from a young age, Fett was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. He became a legend over the course of his career, which included contracts for both the Empire and the extensive criminal underworld. After living among the Tusken Raiders of Tatooine for a time, he took over as Daimyo of Mos Espa during the era of the New Republic.

Boba was created on the Wild Space planet of Kamino as a result of an arrangement between the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus and Jango Fett, a Mandalorian foundling who served as the template of the Grand Army of the Republic. Unlike the clone troopers grown from Jango's DNA, Jango regarded Boba as his son. During the last days of the Separatist Crisis, Boba and Jango retreated to Geonosis where the latter was killed in battle by Jedi Master Mace Windu. Orphaned by Jango's death, Boba sought vengeance by attempting to assassinate Windu, although his plan proved unsuccessful. After serving time in prison on Coruscant, Fett took up his late father's profession as a bounty hunter, working alongside other mercenaries, such as Bossk, Dengar, and Asajj Ventress, while also notably apprenticing himself to his father's infamous brief protégée, Cad Bane.

In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, Fett continued to make a name for himself while working for the gangster Jabba Desilijic Tiure as well as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. During the Galactic Civil War, the bounty hunter managed to track down Captain Han Solo to Bespin on a contract for the Galactic Empire, hoping to deliver him to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. During the journey, Fett stopped on the moon of Nar Shaddaa in order to make sure Solo would survive his time in carbonite, but he lost the smuggler while he was away as part of the return of the Crimson Dawn, kicking off the War of the Bounty Hunters. Ultimately, Fett regained Solo and delivered him to the impatient Jabba.

Fett tried to prevent Solo's rescue by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, only to fall into the Great Pit of Carkoon when the smuggler accidentally slammed a pole into the bounty hunter's jetpack, causing it to malfunction. Although Fett survived his ordeal with the man-eating sarlacc, his armor was sold to Cobb Vanth by Jawa scavengers. Following a time in the company of a Tusken tribe, Fett eventually regained his armor by tracking down and confronting the Mandalorian warrior Din Djarin on Tython, who took Fett's armor from Vanth. After helping Djarin to rescue the foundling Grogu from the clutches of Moff Gideon, the ex-bounty-hunter returned to Tatooine where he killed Bib Fortuna and claimed the late Jabba's throne as Daimyo with Fennec Shand by his side. Now the head of his own gotra, Fett intended to rule the territories of Mos Espa by winning the people's respect, though he would face several major challenges to his position owed to the two-facedness of mayor Mok Shaiz such as the Twins' bid for power and the expansion of the Pyke Syndicate's spice trade. Ultimately, though, Fett overcame all obstacles - including a confrontation with his old mentor, Cad Bane - and emerged victorious with the help of his associates, gaining the appreciation and approval of Mos Espa's denizens.


Creation and early life

"Apart from his pay, which is considerable, Fett demanded only one thing: an unaltered clone for himself. Curious, isn't it?"
"Pure genetic replication. No tampering with the structure to make it more docile and no growth acceleration.
―Lama Su and Obi-Wan Kenobi, about Boba Fett's creation[6]
Boba on Kamino

Young Boba Fett on Kamino

Around 33 BBY,[21] an extensive clone army was secretly commissioned on Kamino by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas,[6] who believed it would be necessary in order to ensure the protection of the Galactic Republic.[22] The army, however, was later taken over by the Sith in 32 BBY shortly after the Battle of Naboo[2] and was used as a plot to overthrow the Republic and destroy the Jedi Order.[23] Prior to the creation process, Mandalorian[20] bounty hunter Jango Fett was recruited by the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus. Jango was to be the genetic template for the clone army. Jango agreed to become the genetic template for a considerable payment, as well as one request: the creation of a clone who did not have the same genetic modifications, such as behavioral conditioning and growth acceleration. The Kaminoan scientists agreed and created a boy[6] codenamed "Alpha."[24]

Although he was born a clone, Alpha regarded Jango as his father, who likewise viewed the boy as his son.[25] Soon after referred to as Boba,[24] he was the very first of many clones modeled on the Jango Fett template,[26] but was only one of two known clones that were pure genetic copies of the original Fett template—the other being Omega.[24]

Young Boba Fett

Young Boba watching his father depart from Kamino.

For the next ten years, Boba was raised on Kamino by his father, primarily within Tipoca City and occasionally accompanied Jango on missions to track down countless bounties.[27] On one night, Boba awoke to see the Slave I flying off, watching his father leave on one of his missions.[15] Despite the isolation of the cities on Kamino he was raised in,[28] during his youth, the young Fett enjoyed the combat training his father administered to him, and danger-filled life provided by the man who raised him.[26] Jango taught his cloned son many of the skills he had learned as a bounty hunter, so Boba learned survival and martial skills and became proficient with a blaster as a child.[1] He also underwent clone trooper training,[29] learned how to command and operate the weapon systems on his father's ship, Slave I, and became familiar with members of the Kaminoan government.[6] From a young age, Boba also learned to pilot Slave I.[30]

Trained by Jango Fett

"This is my son, Boba. He'll be helping us on this job. Part of training."
―Jango Fett[17]
Tiver threatens to kill Boba

Boba is threatened by Tiver.

For the boy's first mission[27] in 23 BBY,[2] Boba and Jango Fett alongside Neelda, Rinn, and Tiver were hired by the father of a female Twi'lek to capture his daughter and bring her back alive. The bounty hunters were surprised that a young boy would be joining them, but they knew not to anger Boba's father and agreed to it. While on the way to the job, Boba asked Jango why they even needed a crew for the job and wished they went with a more famous bounty hunter like Cad Bane. Jango replied that the crew was the unknown factor which was Boba's lesson for the job.[17]

Boba and the other bounty hunters waited at a cantina on Ord Mantell to strike while the Twi'lek woman and her Falleen lover Griph were nearby on a balcony. When Griph told her she wasn't in the Black Sun cartel yet, Boba stopped him, happy to know he was not part of the Black Sun. Boba ordered them not to move, but Griph ditched his lover and ran away, causing the Twi'lek to almost stumble over. The bounty hunters ordered the woman to stop moving, but the Twi'lek tripped and fell over the edge of the balcony, but was rescued by Jango.[17]

While on the way back to the ship, Boba asked his father how he knew the woman would fall. Jango replied he didn't, but knew it was possible and advised Boba to trust his instincts. He also told Boba that desperate people would make ill decisions. Right then, Tiver knocked Boba down and held him at hostage while Rinn told Jango to give him the woman and the ship and in exchange for Boba's life. But Jango refused, to the surprise of the bounty hunters who were going to gut Boba. Jango then told them that they could try and walked away. Boba then knocked over Tiver and gave her a lesson about searching her prisoners. Boba proceeded to kill Tiver and Gand. Neelda complemented Boba afterward. Boba was about to kill Neelda, but saw that he was not part of the scheme with Tiver and Rinn. Boba then let Neelda escape and he run away.[17]

Fett and Boba later boarded their starship, Slave I, with the Twi'lek girl to deliver her back to her father. As they traveled, Boba and his father discussed how he had performed during the mission, with Jango believing Boba now had a great start to his legacy.[17]

Escape from Kamino

"Get him, Dad! Get him! Fire!"
―Boba, during his father's fight with Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi[6]

Boba and Jango meet Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, Jango was sent on a mission to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala, an outspoken opponent of a potential war, at the behest of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Jango and his associate, Zam Wesell, failed to kill the senator, and Jango was tracked to Kamino by Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who knew a bounty hunter connected to Kamino was behind the attempt on Amidala's life. When Kenobi arrived on Kamino, the Kaminoans revealed the clone army to him, and Kenobi requested to meet Jango. Taun We, an aide to Prime Minister Lama Su, brought the Jedi Knight to the Fetts' quarters, where Boba greeted them. Despite being distrustful of the Jedi's presence, Boba allowed them to enter, where Kenobi spoke with Jango about the clones and implied he knew Jango was behind the assassination attempt. Knowing that he had been discovered, Jango and Boba immediately prepared to leave Kamino once Kenobi departed.[6]

While loading Slave I to leave, Kenobi discovered the Fetts attempting to flee and engaged Jango in one-on-one combat, fighting across the ship's landing platform. During the fight, Boba engaged the ship's blaster cannons and fired at Kenobi repeatedly in an attempt to kill him. As the fight progressed, Kenobi kicked Jango from the landing platform towards the ocean below, causing the Jedi—who was attached to the bounty hunter by a wire—to fall as well. Jango cut the wire and was able to make his way back up the platform, while Kenobi landed on the lower levels. This gave Jango enough time to reach the ship and leave as Boba piloted it, though Kenobi arrived on the platform again in time to attach a tracking device to its hull.[6]

Jango and Boba made their way to Geonosis, where the Separatist leaders had gathered. While en route, Kenobi caught up with them and engaged them in a firefight in the asteroid field surrounding Geonosis. The Fetts were able to evade the Jedi, and Jango shot a number of seismic charges into space in an effort to destroy Kenobi's starfighter. Kenobi was able to fake his ship's destruction by ejecting spare parts that exploded from a tracking missile, leading the Fetts to think he was dead. They proceeded to the planet's surface, while Kenobi remained hidden in the asteroid field before pursuing them.[6]

Jango's death

"Boba was on Geonosis when his father died. He watched as I killed him."
"That would complicate things."
―Jedi Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker[31]

Shortly after the Fetts' arrival at Geonosis, Kenobi began investigating the Separatists on the planet and was captured by the Geonosians. His capture prompted Senator Amidala and Kenobi's Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, to attempt a rescue of their friend. Jango and the Geonosians captured them, and all three detainees were brought into an execution arena, where Boba watched with his father from the sidelines as the detainees fought off the creatures that were meant to kill them. A team of Jedi, led by Master Mace Windu, soon arrived to rescue them. Windu held a lightsaber to Jango's throat while threatening Count Dooku, but Windu quickly left the stands for the arena below as Separatist battle droids began flooding the arena.[6]

Vow of Vengeance AtG

Boba cradles his father's helmet, swearing vengeance against the Jedi who killed Jango.

The battle droids and Jedi engaged one another in the arena. As the battle proceeded, Jango joined the fight, where the jetpack on his armor was damaged and rendered inoperable, leaving him more vulnerable to attack. Despite the setback, Jango faced off against Windu, who beheaded and killed the bounty hunter. Boba watched in horror as his father was killed. Once the battle left the arena, Boba made his way into the cleared arena and took his father's helmet, pressing it against his head.[6] After Jango's death, Boba fled Geonosis aboard Slave I and began plotting his revenge.[32]

Clone Wars

Quest for vengeance

"We're brothers! Don't shoot!"
"You're not my brother."
―A clone trooper and Boba Fett[7]

Sometime later, Boba joined with a team of bounty hunters, including Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Castas to carry out his revenge against Windu for Jango's death. Together, Boba and the bounty hunters crafted a plan to assassinate the Jedi Master aboard the Republic vessel Endurance. Boba posed as a young clone cadet, who was nicknamed Lucky, using the fact that he was genetically identical to the other young clones to his advantage; no one onboard Endurance was aware of his true identity. Once aboard the Endurance, Boba and the other clones were greeted by Windu and Anakin Skywalker, before being put through tactical training. Each clone was able to engage in target practice, and they all missed their targets—except for Boba who was able to use the skills his father taught him to his advantage.[7]


Boba poses as a young clone trooper on the Endurance.

Later, while on a tour of the ship, Boba slipped away from the other clones and found his way to Windu's quarters, where he quietly installed a bomb that would be triggered by a laser tripwire in the doorway. Windu did not enter his quarters, however, but a clone trooper did, killing the soldier in Windu's place and forcing the entire ship into alert status. Sing instructed Boba via comlink to sabotage the Endurance's reactor core, thereby killing everyone on the ship, but Boba was reluctant to kill everyone. His only goal was to kill Windu. Nonetheless, Boba did as instructed, sneaking away from his fellow clones once again, before being caught by a clone trooper who called for security. The two engaged in a brief scuffle near the core before Boba was able to stun the clone with the trooper's own blaster. He also shot at the core command console.[7]

Much of the hull was immediately destroyed in the ensuing explosion, while Windu and Skywalker were nearly sucked into space and killed before the hull breaches were sealed. With the Endurance critically damaged, the crew began to abandon ship. Boba, whose identity was not yet discovered, and the other young clones were sealed into an escape pod and jettisoned into space, but Boba sabotaged the pod in order to separate himself (and his fellow pod inhabitants) from the other escapees. The pod was intercepted by Slave I, led by Sing and Bossk, which revealed Boba as the traitor who destroyed the Endurance. Boba was given the choice to either stay with the clone cadets or leave with the bounty hunters, and Boba somewhat reluctantly chose to leave with the bounty hunters.[7]


Boba and the bounty hunters watch the explosion on the Endurance.

After leaving the escape pod, Boba and the other bounty hunters made their way to the nearby planet Vanqor, where the Endurance had crashed after the explosion. Once there, they killed several clone troopers and captured Admiral Shoan Kilian, the ship's commanding officer, as well as Clone Commander Ponds and another officer. Hoping to set another trap for Windu, Boba rigged his father's old helmet as an explosive on the ship's bridge, which would be detonated if Windu came looking for any survivors. The Jedi Master, with Skywalker, arrived shortly thereafter. The helmet exploded just after Windu noticed it, and remembered that Jango had a son—deducing that Boba was the one attempting to kill him. Windu and Skywalker did not die in the ensuing explosion, but were caught within the rubble of the quickly-deteriorating vessel.[31]

As Boba and the other bounty hunters watched the explosion, he assumed that Windu had been killed and wanted to recover his body. Some of his companions objected, however, believing that their three prisoners were already enough to earn a sizable fortune from Count Dooku if they were turned over to the Separatists, but Sing sided with Boba, and the team set out to find Windu's body. As they entered the ship, they encountered R2-D2, Skywalker's personal astromech droid, who attempted to slow their advance by throwing debris at them and closing doors in their path. Unable to make it to the bridge, Sing made the decision to use Slave I to destroy the remainder of the Endurance, ensuring that Windu would perish.[31]

Slave I Vanqor

Slave I pursues R2-D2, who pilots Windu's starfighter.

Before using Slave I, the bounty hunters overheard an explosion caused by R2-D2, who had been attacked by gundarks and used one of the Jedi starfighters to kill a gundark. The bounty hunters believed that meant Windu had survived and jammed all communication, hoping to prevent the Jedi from requesting help. R2-D2 was able to escape in the other starfighter, however, and survived a brief firefight with Slave I before jumping to hyperspace for Coruscant, where he successfully found help at the Jedi Temple and was able to bring a team of Jedi and clones to rescue Windu and Skywalker. The bounty hunters, meanwhile, decided to use the hostages to lure Windu into a trap.[31]

Captured by the Jedi

"I see now I've done terrible things. But you started this all when you murdered my father! I'll never forgive you."
"Hmm. Well, you're going to have to. Take him away."
―Boba Fett and Jedi Mace Windu[33]

Sing took charge of setting the trap, and she sent a transmission to the Jedi Temple revealing that they were holding the Republic prisoners. Sing told Boba to personally execute Commander Ponds during the transmission, but he refused, as his goal was to kill Windu rather than other prisoners. Sing executed Ponds on her own, jettisoning him into space, and Boba's relationship with her and the other bounty hunters began to deteriorate. Boba objected to the treatment of the other prisoners as well, going so far as to show compassion by providing them with water. Nonetheless, the transmission to the Jedi Temple did end up putting the Jedi on their trail, only the Order sent Master Plo Koon and Padawan Ahsoka Tano rather than Master Windu.[33]

The group soon took refuge on Florrum, where Sing planned to seek the assistance of Hondo Ohnaka, a spice pirate and her former lover. Ohnaka was also a friend of Jango's, which Boba learned when Sing introduced them and when the pirate gave Boba his condolences for his father's death. Ohnaka declined to help her if the Jedi arrived on Florrum, but he also vowed not to stand in her way. Castas, however, contacted a fellow bounty hunter on Coruscant and offered to provide information on Boba and the others. Sing overheard his conversation and executed him, leaving Boba horrified as he began to realize he had made a mistake in teaming with the bounty hunters against Windu.[33]


Boba, Sing, and the Jedi in a standoff on Florrum.

Despite Castas' betrayal, it was his transmission to Coruscant that allowed the Jedi to discover Boba and the others on Florrum, as Tano had overheard the transmission. The two Jedi arrived on Florrum shortly thereafter, where Sing attempted to ransom the prisoners. Both sides ended up attacking one another, with Boba holding a blaster to Koon's head and Tano holding a lightsaber to Sing's throat. The bounty hunters created a diversion and attempted to escape, but Boba was captured while Sing fled on a speeder. Koon interrogated Boba, who refused to disclose the location of the hostages despite his reservations about their treatment. Ohnaka was able to convince Boba to tell the Jedi, however, by saying that Jango would have wanted his son to do the honorable thing. The hostages were rescued, while Sing managed to make it to Slave I and begin to flee, but Tano clung to the ship and damaged it enough to cause a crash. The ship went down in a fiery explosion and the Jedi assumed Sing had been killed, but she survived.[33]

Boba and Bossk, who was also taken into custody, were sent to Coruscant where they would be imprisoned. Windu met Boba upon his arrival, and Boba apologized for his actions and the destruction that he caused, but he vowed to never forgive Windu for killing his father.[33]

Becoming a bounty hunter

"Boss? This is your boss?"
"You got a problem with that?"
―Asajj Ventress and Boba Fett, as Ventress expresses skepticism of Boba's age and experience[34]
Boba Fett Confronts Disguised Obi-Wan

Boba confronts Kenobi, disguised as Rako Hardeen, in prison on Coruscant.

Boba was imprisoned on Coruscant for his actions during the assassination attempts. During his time in prison, a Republic plan was put in motion aimed at preventing a suspected kidnapping plot against Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. To do so, Obi-Wan Kenobi faked his death and disguised himself as Rako Hardeen, the suspect in the attempt on his life, and entered the same prison where Boba was being held. Kenobi teamed with Moralo Eval, a suspect in the suspected kidnapping plot, and bounty hunter Cad Bane to escape the prison in the hopes it would lead him towards the heart of the conspiracy. As part of the escape attempt, Bane paid and encouraged Boba to confront "Hardeen," and Boba claimed that Hardeen had cheated him out of a bounty. Boba and Kenobi briefly fought one another, before Bossk intervened and started a riot to defend Boba. Bane's plan was successful,[35] and Kenobi eventually went on to help stop the plot against Chancellor Palpatine.[36]

After Bane's recapture, Boba called him out for having been recaptured so quickly after Boba's distraction. Bane then asked to tell him the story, to which Boba replied that he hoped it would end with Bane repaying him the money he promised for creating the earlier distraction. After asking further about their cut of the deal, Bane revealed that "Hardeen" had not actually killed Kenobi, before going into the story of what transpired from Bane's perspective. After hearing Bane's full recounting, Boba interjected his distaste for the Jedi before informing Bane of a plan he and Bossk had concocted which would involve Bane and the use of his blasters.[37]


Boba became a bounty hunter in his own right, forming a syndicate based on Tatooine.

Boba was released from prison shortly thereafter,[8] and formed the bounty hunter syndicate Krayt's Claw,[9] using Tatooine as his base of operations. As part of the syndicate, Boba hired Bossk, Dengar, C-21 Highsinger, and Latts Razzi.[3] One of the missions they chose to undertake was on Quarzite, where they were to protect cargo on an underground tram from being attacked and stolen by a band of raiders. After Asajj Ventress, a former apprentice of Count Dooku who was betrayed by the Sith Lord and became a bounty hunter, killed one of their teammates, Oked, Ventress was hired in his place. The team left Tatooine and proceeded to an orbital elevator station above Quarzite where they meet their employer, Major Rigosso, and received the specifics of their assignment. The crew was to protect the contents of a chest, which would be delivered to the Otua Blank, the ruler of Quarzite, via an underground tram, as the planet's atmosphere rendered delivery via spacecraft impossible. The chest needed protection from the band of raiders, which was why the bounty hunters were hired.[34]

The team embarked on their mission by taking the space elevator down beneath the surface of the planet, where they boarded the tram and made their preparations to defend the chest from the raiders. The raiders boarded the tram during its journey and attacked, killing the Quarzite personnel. Most of the bounty hunters were thrown off of the tram. During the struggle against the raiders, Boba inadvertently knocked the chest over, revealing its contents: a young woman named Pluma Sodi, who had been kidnapped so she could be married to Otua Blank against her will. The leader of the raiders, Krismo Sodi, was her brother, who had been trying to save his sister. Ventress and Boba, who managed to remain on the tram, argued about the situation after Pluma pleaded with the former Sith acolyte, who felt sympathy for the girl; Ventress had also been forcibly taken from her home. Boba, on the other hand, intended to continue with the operation. Ventress used the Force to choke Boba, preventing him from fulfilling the mission[34] and pulling him into the same room where Pluma and Krismo were being kept.[38]

Once the tram arrived at its destination, Ventress delivered the chest to Blank and claimed the bounty, departing before the ruler could discover the chest's contents: an angry Boba, who Ventress had tied up and placed into the chest. Ventress had released Pluma to her brother and regrouped with the other bounty hunters, paying them their shares of the bounty before parting company with them. When Ventress met with the other hunters at the ship and asked her where their leader was, she replied that Boba would turn up.[34]

Running a syndicate

"For the record—I know you're going to betray us at some point. They might not see it, but I do... And also, just for the record, I'm not the kid you left behind on Quarzite. You double–cross me again—you'll pay for it."
―Boba Fett agreeing to accept Ventress's mission to rescue Quinlan Vos[9]

Despite his embarrassment at Ventress' hands, Boba continued to run a successful syndicate of bounty hunters based out of both Coruscant and Tatooine. However, Ventress' history with the team continued to haunt the crew. In the waning years of the Clone Wars, Boba was approached by the Jedi Quinlan Vos while frequenting one of Coruscant's Level 1313 bars. Vos was interested in hunting down the former Sith for a planned assassination attempt on Count Dooku and wanted to partner with Ventress. Boba informed Vos that Ventress was hunting a Volpai fugitive named Moregi on the moon Pantora.[9]

Dathomir Disciple

Boba Fett and the rest of Krayt's Claw were hired by Asajj Ventress to rescue Jedi Quinlan Vos.

Using Fett's information, Vos traveled to Pantora where he rendezvoused with Ventress. After doing several bounty hunting jobs together, Vos revealed his true mission to Ventress, who agreed to train him in the ways of the dark side of the Force. When Vos' attempt failed, Ventress approached Boba once again at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina on Tatooine with the hopes of recruiting his syndicate to rescue her new partner turned lover. While initially cool, Fett and his fellow bounty hunters accepted Ventress' job after she offered to pay 250,000 credits in advance. Satisfied, Boba and his allies joined Ventress on her mission to rescue Vos. However, Dooku defeated Fett and his fellow bounty hunters with relative ease and Ventress's attempt to save Vos resulted in failure as well. Defeated, but alive, Boba and his crew retreated from Serenno.[9]

The ensuing years

Assuming the mantle


Boba Fett became known as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

At some point during his childhood years, like how he had with Sing, Fett learned about the bounty hunting trade from Cad Bane and Ohnaka.[39] At one time, Fett worked for the Trandoshan Dokk Strassi, but the two eventually parted ways.[16] As the years passed on, Boba gained a reputation as one of the deadliest bounty hunters in the galaxy.[3] One of his known tactics was disintegrating his adversaries.[28] As his career evolved, Boba inherited his father's Mandalorian armor, rebuilding it in Jango's memory. Fett also took back possession of Slave I.[40] Boba's armor was also adorned with numerous braids hanging from the shoulder, which he displayed as trophies of his fallen prey.[28] While the bounty hunter only took on certain assignments, he would devote himself to these few jobs with fanatical skill. Boba assumed the mantle Jango had left as a notorious bounty hunter, as Boba became known as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.[40]

Since the First Battle of Geonosis, Boba had been considered a missing person by the Kaminoans. Without access to him, Prime Minister Lama Su turned the cloners' attention to Omega during the early Imperial Era, intending to use her pure Fett DNA to create[24] a superior clone model for the Galactic Empire, as the new government was turning away from using clone troopers.[41] Hiring the bounty hunter Fennec Shand, Doctor Nala Se frustrated Su's efforts by ensuring Omega was kept safe. Furthermore, Omega had joined the renegade clone commando unit known as Clone Force 99, who were made aware of her importance to the Kaminoans, including her relation to Boba, by commando "Tech."[24] At some point, Boba saved the Twi'lek dancing girl Lyn Me from slavery, and as a result Me hero-worshiped him.[42]

The Corellian job

"The orders were to wait for your backup."
"This is why I didn't wait. You just get in the way."
"Stay…stay away from me, Fett, before I
kill you."
―Beilert Valance and Boba Fett[43]

Fett and Valance on Corellia

Around 10 BBY,[2] Khamus, heir to the Mourner's Wail Syndicate, hired Fett as well as other bounty hunters to infiltrate a sanctuary of the Unbroken Clan and kill a target on Corellia. The team—which included the cyborg Beilert Valance, the Nautolan Nakano Lash, human T'ongor, and Bossk—successfully defeated the guards surrounding the facility in Coronet City, but were forced to retreat when Lash gunned Khamus down after the client eliminated their target.[43]

In an attempt to survive from the wrath of the Mourner's Wail Syndicate, Fett planned on killing Lash. However, He missed his shot after an intervention by Valance, who was not happy about Fett's plan and wanted to protect his mentor; the shot killed T'ongor instead. Before the two bounty hunters could argue further, Unbroken Clan forces approach them, which caused Fett to flee from the scene. The failure at Corellia damaged Fett's reputation, which made him develop a great hatred for Lash.[44]

Capturing Vanda

"Our circle is small. Many choose the bounty hunting profession, but few survive. And Caij never seems to die."
"No, she doesn't."
"But her bounty will fetch a handsome price."
―Boba Fett, and Cal Kestis[45]

Boba Fett collecting Caij Vanda's bounty.

In 9 BBY,[46] Fett was hired to capture fellow bounty hunter Caij Vanda, whom he had met before. Vanda had started a fight with Jedi Knight Cal Kestis on the planet Koboh, but was ultimately defeated. As Vanda stood up to continue the duel, Fett slowly descended from the air using his jetpack. Unaware that Fett was coming to capture her, Vanda tried offering Fett the opportunity to capture Kestis and split the bounty, but Fett soon revealed his holopuck for Vanda. Desperate and uncertain, Vanda pulled a blaster and thermal detonator out on the pair, to which Fett instinctively raised his blaster and wrist gauntlet at both his fellow hunter and the Jedi. The trio stood in silence waiting for one of them to make their move. Eventually, Vanda shot at Fett, causing Fett to shoot the blaster out of her hand in response. Seeing that Vanda was distracted, Kestis used the Force to throw her thermal detonator away.[45]

Fett immediately tied up her legs and pulled her to the ground. As Kestis went to take a step forward, Fett turned around and aimed his blaster at him, warning him not to come any closer. Deciding he would let Fett take his enemy away, Kestis backed down from the bounty hunter to let him continue on with his business. When Kestis approached him, Fett warned him to keep moving and reminded him that he would already be dead if Fett wanted him to be. Vanda then advised Kestis to leave, stating that Fett was not a fan of the Jedi, which Fett claimed was an understatement. Fett revealed that he knew what Jedi were capable of, and that he did not pity their fate. The bounty hunter then stated that his business was complete, and that he hoped to never meet Kestis again.[45]

The go-to hunter


Boba Fett as an established hunter

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Fett was regarded as an established bounty hunter who worked as one of Jabba the Hutt's go-to mercenaries.[3] During the trade wars, Jabba considered hiring Fett to lead a mission to Mygeeto to extract a Givin codebreaker, whose AJ^6 cyborg construct linked him to an Imperial algorithm that created security codes, which would generate billions in profits if used for smuggling. However, the Hutt crime lord instead hired the Rodian bounty hunter Greedo, who considered himself better than Fett, but failed in the mission. Fett was present in Jabba's Palace when the crime lord reprimanded Greedo, nearly throwing the Rodian into his Rancor pit until Ithorian Dok-Ondar agreed to purchase a special lightsaber the bounty hunter had recovered on the mission.[47]

At some point before the secret mission to Tatooine, Boba traveled to Coruscant where he encountered three rebel spies. After the spies attempted to engage Boba with ion disruptors, he disintegrated them using a weapon accelerator, which angered Darth Vader, who refused to pay the bounty to Boba as there were no bodies.[48]

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, Boba originally planned to leave Tatooine. But after catching wind that Vader was looking for a couple of runaway droids, Boba changed plans in order to attempt to collect the bounty. He followed one of the droids' footprints which led to treadmarks made by a sandcrawler. Upon tracing the sandcrawler's path to its destination, he discovered that the Jawas had been wiped out, most likely by stormtroopers. After additional work, Boba deduced that the Empire's forces had seemingly killed everyone known to have seen the droids. This included the two inhabitants living at a torched moisture farm which Boba had investigated. With careful observation, Boba found that there had been three inhabitants living in that moisture farm, and that the third inhabitant had most likely run off with the droids.[48]


Boba looks on as Jabba the Hutt speaks to Han Solo in Mos Eisley.

Later, Boba was present in Mos Eisley on Tatooine when Jabba confronted Han Solo, one of the Hutt's smugglers[49] but someone Fett considered the biggest loser in the galaxy.[48] Solo owed Jabba money after having dumped his smuggling cargo before his ship, the Millennium Falcon, was boarded by soldiers from the Galactic Empire.[49] Fett silently judged Solo and made commentary of the situation by thinking to himself.[48] Solo promised Jabba he would pay him, but a bounty had been placed on the smuggler's head. Solo, who became a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[49] ultimately did not pay Jabba, leading Boba to pursue the bounty.[13]

Galactic Civil War

The Carajam jobs

"You can't fight Boba Fett!"
―Zingo Gabnit[12]
A hunter gathers

Boba Fett returning from a successful hunt on Carajam

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, Fett killed a rebel pilot on Carajam, a planet in the Outer Rim. While transporting his bounty aboard a droid mount on the desert world's surface, he came across a campsite inhabited by the bounty hunter Zingo Gabnit, his associate Turfitch, and another human whom Gabnit was about to execute. The group saw and recognized Fett from a distance, leading the human to flee while Gabnit and Turfitch prepared to fight. Fett passed straight through the camp, not wanting to get involved in a skirmish without getting paid according to Gabnit. Fett arrived at a town and brought the pilot's corpse into a cantina, where his skills were commended by various patrons, including a Neimoidian and a Trandoshan. Fett met with a Twi'lek Guild Agent who compensated Fett 50,000 credits for the job, and suggested taking a deal on the Jorgan Spa to relax. The hunter began looking for new bounties instead, with the agent suggesting that Fett hunt down Gabnit, an accused Rebel collaborator who had also killed Guild hunters, leading to an 100,000 credit price on his head.[12]

Another bounty hunter overheard the reward and jumped at the chance to take it, but backed down after an intimidating stare from Fett. The hunter offered to buy Fett a drink and breathed a sigh of relief when he left the cantina instead. Fett traveled into the desert and found Turfitch, who had warned Gabnit of his coming and had been mortally wounded so that Gabnit could steal his water and survive the march across the Death Plains. Fett shared water from a canteen at Turfitch's request, and Turfitch requested that Fett kill Gabnit for him. He pointed Fett towards Gabnit's path and Fett spotted him with his binoculars, firing a non-lethal shot towards him, which caused Turfitch to laugh as he succumbed to his wounds.[12]

Fett followed Gabnit's trail, arriving by nightfall at a village where the blue-skinned hunter had tied up many of its inhabitants. One of the villagers requested Fett's help, and he fired a shot in the air with his blaster to signal his arrival. Gabnit challenged Fett to come inside the building he occupied to talk and Gabnit monologued on his background, insisting that he had been a straight-laced Guild hunter until Imperial dishonesty drove him to break Guild rules. He claimed that, like Fett, he was the best around, and offered Fett the chance to leave and receive three times the Guild's fee later, or a fight in which case Gabnit would kill all of the villagers. Fett ran into the building that Gabnit's voice came from, only finding a comlink and a thermal detonator, which Gabnit activated. Fett escaped the explosion with his jetpack and came under blasterfire from Gabnit, who was lying on a nearby ridge.[12]

Fett v Gabnit

Fett defeats Gabnit

Still flying, Fett aimed his flamethrower at Gabnit, briefly knocking him back. He attempted to fire on Fett, who flew down to kick him into the ground, causing Gabnit to drop his blaster. Gabnit acknowledged his defeat and reiterated his offer, promising to give Fett several shards he had acquired. Fett kept his blaster aimed at Gabnit while he implored him to accept, claiming that the Guild need not be involved and that the Guild would betray Fett like they had betrayed him. Gabnit had been reaching for his blaster, which Fett kicked away. Realizing that Fett would not accept his offer, Gabnit reached for his blaster and was shot by Fett. He dragged the fallen hunter's body back through the village and was thanked by one of its inhabitants, continuing through the night until he reached the cantina, where he walked through a crowd.[12]

A townperson named Stallo called out to Fett, having already heard of his actions in the village, he wanted to thank him for saving his sister's life there, leading to cheers from the crowd. Fett made no response and continued into the cantina, confusing Stallo. Fett's Guild contact congratulated him as two others took Gabnit's body away. Stallo entered the cantina and asked Fett for help dealing with Gabnit's associates, the Xan sisters, who had been terrorizing local farms. Fett continued to ignore him, and Stallo pleaded with him, believing that Fett was a hunter of the wicked. Fett rejected that claim, and, noticing an advertisement for a bounty on Stallo, turned to point his blaster at him, stating that he only hunted bounties.[12]

Bounty for the Dark Lord

"There is an X-Wing pilot. He knew an Obi-Wan Kenobi. He left this planet aboard a smuggling vessel called the Millennium Falcon."
"I know the ship. Dead or alive?"
―Darth Vader gives Boba Fett his mission[11]
Fett BK

Fett and Black Krrsantan meet Vader in the desert.

Not long after the Battle of Yavin, Boba was present in Jabba's Palace when the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader visited on behalf of the Emperor, to negotiate terms of the Hutt Clan supplying the Imperial Military with raw resources to increase their production. However, Vader arrived a day early on behalf of himself. Jabba was wary of Vader, but ordered his court to leave them in privacy nonetheless. Vader soon revealed that he needed two of Jabba's top bounty hunters. After Jabba tested the Dark Lord, they came to an agreement, so Jabba sent Boba, and the Wookiee Krrsantan.[11]

Later that day Boba and Krrsantan met Vader out in the desert after meeting with Jabba. Vader inquired to whether the two bounty hunters were Jabba's finest, and when Boba assured him they were, Vader gave them each their missions: Boba was to capture a Rebel Alliance pilot who was associated with a man named Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a smuggling vessel known as the Millennium Falcon. And Krrsantan's bounty was on an Imperial agent who the Emperor favored. He was also to be apprehended alive. Boba assured Vader that his will would be done. The Dark Lord told them to start immediately as he basked in a Tusken Raider camp he had slaughtered earlier.[11] Per Vader's orders, Boba began the search immediately.[50]


Boba addresses the patrons of Chalmun's Cantina.

He knew Solo frequented Mos Eisley, so he started there to find Solo's accomplice. Boba soon found a group of four Rodians and informed them of his search for Kenobi, to which the lead Rodian replied that Kenobi was just some "crazy old wizard," who lived in the Dune Sea, and asked why Boba was looking for the wizard. Boba pointed his weapon at the Rodian, stated that Kenobi was dead, and that he alone would be asking the questions.[50] Boba then killed the Rodians, after they proved useless, and went in search of others who might know anything useful about the boy. He came across a group of Jawas that he also killed, then a family of moisture farmers that he interrogated, before murdering them as well. All leads proved fruitless, therefore, Boba headed towards the cantina, the place where most of Tatooine's scum and villainy went to drink. Boba entered, stood as the center of attention, and addressed the gathered criminals and spacers, telling them he was not going to leave until someone provided him with the boy's name. However, while Boba threatened an Ithorian, someone in the back of the room spoke up and mocked that the only boy he saw, was Boba.[51]


Boba interrogates a young moisture farmer.

The bounty hunter demanded to know who had insulted him, and was pleased when a six-armed alien[51] who stood over two meter tall[52] approached. Boba quickly overpowered the alien, removing one of its arms and breaking three others, in order to intimidate the patrons into answering his questions. Boba again demanded the boy's name, but Wuher the cantina's bartender, said that no one there knew the boy, therefore, no one knew his name; only that Kenobi had been in the cantina recently with the boy, but that was all anyone knew about him. Suddenly, a young moisture farmer bolted towards the exit, but Boba fired a length of fibercord that tripped up the teen. The young farmer claimed he didn't know anything, but to Boba, he obviously did for he had tried to run. Boba tied the young man to a table and and proceeded to interrogate him. The teen eventually broke and told Boba the boy's history on Tatooine, and most importantly, his name: Luke Skywalker. The bounty hunter knew the teen spoke the truth and released the boy who had "only wanted a drink," however, shot him in the chest right after.[51]

Duel with Skywalker

"You're running out of options. And blood. Put down the lightsaber."
―Boba Fett, to Luke Skywalker[53]
Boba Fett attacks Luke Skywalker

Boba traps Skywalker in Kenobi's old home.

Boba left the cantina, boarded his ship, and headed to Ben Kenobi's home in the Jundland Wastes, where he waited for Skywalker to show. A group of Tusken Raiders were ransacking Kenobi's home, but Skywalker and his astromech droid soon arrived and Skywalker chased them off with his lightsaber. Boba stealthily closed in on them as they entered the hut. Boba threw a flash grenade that temporarily blinded Skywalker and short-circuited his droid, R2-D2.[51]

Boba moved in and hit Skywalker across the head with his carbine and ordered him to surrender. Skywalker, however, struck Boba in the stomach, hitting Boba's armor. Skywalker, as he was blind, mistook Boba for a stormtrooper. Skywalker deduced that since Boba hadn't killed him, whoever had hired the bounty hunter wanted Skywalker alive, so he ignited his lightsaber after Boba warned that Skywalker needn't be walking, just "alive". Skywalker told Boba that the bounty hunter never should have come to Kenobi's home, and was adamant that he would fight Boba blind; for Jedi didn't need eyes—although, as Boba reminded him, he was no Jedi. Skywalker swung wildly, giving Boba the chance to shoot a length of fibercord that Skywalker surprisingly evaded. Skywalker used the noise that Boba's Mandalorian armor produced to fight him, and caused Boba to stumble backwards and trip over Artoo, prompting them both to charge each other.[53]

The bounty hunter cut Skywalker several times with vibroblades that extended from his gauntlets, drawing blood several times. Boba again ordered him to surrender. Skywalker, therefore, added that Kenobi could help him even beyond death, prompting Boba to shoot him in the shoulder. Boba prepared to do so again when Skywalker recited a Jedi saying, and deflected the incoming blaster bolt; forcing Boba to tackle the still-blind boy. Both combatants grappled one another, and Boba began to press the lightsaber towards Skywalker's face. However, a box marked "For Luke" suddenly flew across the room and collided with Boba's head, knocking him unconscious. Skywalker and his astromech were equally surprised, but quickly left the hut and Tatooine, leaving Boba to report the events that had transpired to Lord Vader.[53]

Informing Vader of Skywalker

"Did you bring me anything of value, bounty hunter?"
"Not much. Just his name. Skywalker."
―Darth Vader and Boba Fett[54]
Boba informs vader

Boba reports to Darth Vader aboard a Star Destroyer.

Later, Boba travelled aboard Slave I to meet Vader on a Star Destroyer, and reported that the boy had "gotten lucky" and escaped. Vader was disappointed and asked if Boba had brought him anything of value. Boba told him he had, at least, discovered the boy's name: Skywalker. Vader remained silent for some time, so Boba left, for their present business was concluded.[51]

Unknown to Boba, he had just told the Dark Lord that he had a son, whom Vader quickly accepted as his son before vowing that the boy would be his.[54]

Rescuing a Wookiee

"Whatever you're looking for, whatever it is that your father gave to you--don't stop. If it means that much to you, keep looking. Don't ever stop until you find it."
―Boba Fett, to Viiveenn[55]

Fett speaks with Viiveen on Ridley.

At some point, Boba was hired by a young Wookiee named Viiveenn to locate a toy given to her by her late father. Upon meeting Viiveenn on the planet Ridley, Boba advised her to be more prepared when coming to such planets before rescuing her from a pair of Barada mercenaries. Boba went on to say that he didn't specialize in finding toys. Viiveenn then said that the toy was the only thing left of her father. Feeling a tinge of empathy, Boba tried to explain that hunting objects was different from hunting people. But as he did, he was caught in a net by a group of Trandoshan hunters led by Bossk. The Trandoshans went on to capture Viiveenn and brought her aboard their ship as Boba struggled to escape. Cutting through the net, Boba quickly boarded his own ship and followed them off-world. Boba then slightly damaged their ship and used the distraction to sneak on. Once aboard, he subdued Bossk and his team and left with Viiveenn on his ship. As they flew away, Boba told Viiveenn he would drop her off on Coruscant. However, they were intercepted by a Star Destroyer. An Imperial then contacted Boba, informing him that they were responding to a report of a rebel fugitive in the area. When Yarua responded, the Imperial exclaimed that the rebel they were searching for was traveling with a Wookiee. The Star Destroyer then sent out TIE fighters, which fired on Boba's ship and forced him to land on a nearby jungle world.[55]

As Boba and Viiveenn trudged through the foliage to wait out the Empire, Bossk and the Trandoshans arrived to retrieve Viiveenn. Boba admitted to Bossk that the rebel fugitive report was a smart plan for him, but that he still couldn't have Viiveenn. When Bossk told Boba that he was surrounded, outnumbered, and had his ship shot out of the sky, Boba said his ship was still operable as he used his wrist controls to have his ship fire on the Trandoshans. Taking out their own ship, Boba told Viiveenn to get inside his ship before dealing with the Trandoshans. During the struggle, Boba was caught in another net. As Bossk told Boba that he would suffer alongside the Wookiee, Viiveenn piloted Boba's ship and opened fire on the Trandoshans. While they were distracted, Boba broke through the net and used his jetpack to fly up to his ship. Once Boba was inside, Viiveenn destroyed the Trandoshans' ship, leaving Bossk and his team stranded as she and Boba flew to Coruscant. Upon reaching Coruscant, Boba told Viiveenn that while he wasn't able to find her toy, she would now be able to live in peace. Before leaving her, Boba told Viiveenn to never stop looking for her father's gift until she found it.[55]

The Tusken Wind

In 2 ABY,[2] Fett was present when Jabba was threatened by some Tusken Raiders that claimed that the Jawas and the Imperials were occupying their territory. Fett threatened them by raising his EE-3 carbine rifle. The Tuskens, frightened, left the Palace as Jabba assured them that there would have been no more trouble. Fett remained at the Palace and was present when Jabba discouraged a pair of travelers from seeking to acquire the alcoholic beverage known as Tusken Wind from a group of Tuskens. He later ambushed and killed the travelers, several Imperial soldiers, and some Jawas that were attempting to steal the Tusken Wind. Afterwards, Fett returned to the Palace and watched as, in gratitude, the Tuskens gifted Jabba a container full of Tusken Wind, before he watched as the Hutt drank it.[56]

The hunt for Han Solo

"There will be a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations."
"As you wish."
―Darth Vader and Boba Fett[13]

Fett with other bounty hunters on the Executor.

In 3 ABY, several years after the Luke Skywalker encounter,[2] Boba took his next job from Darth Vader, dropping a hunt for a Sullustan and instead giving it to a rookie hunter to meet up with the Sith Lord. He rendezvoused with the Executor in the Hoth asteroid belt. Five other hunters, including Fett's old allies Dengar and Bossk, were also gathered aboard the Star Dreadnought, though his two old partners were the only hunters he fully recognized. Though he realized they seemed familiar, Fett was unable to place the names of 4-LOM, Zuckuss, and IG-88B. Taking a twenty credit bet with Dengar, Boba correctly guessed their bounty would be Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon.[57] Vader intended to use Solo, as well as Leia Organa and Chewbacca, as bait to lure Luke Skywalker into a trap. Boba and the other bounty hunters were given permission to use any means necessary to capture Skywalker's friends, as long as they were captured alive. Vader singled out Boba and warned against disintegrations, to which Fett responded as the Sith Lord wished.[13]

Fett then returned to the hangar bay with Bossk and Dengar. As the trio discussed the matter, Dengar smirked and suggested that they team up to track Solo together, to which Bossk sarcastically remarked that "Krayt's Claw lives again." Fett turned down the suggestion, stating that he needed the credits, though he wished luck to his fellow bounty hunters, before they went their separate ways. After getting an idea, Boba went to work programming decoy coordinates on Slave I to fool other Bounty Hunters that might pursue him. He jumped out and then jumped back into proximity of the Imperial Fleet, locating the Millennium Falcon quickly, having previously deduced that Solo would try to outlast the Empire rather than risk losing it in a chase.[57] Boba proceeded to dock within the Star Destroyer Avenger, coming up with a story of having a leak on his ship as a reason for staying behind. As the Avenger began to prep for jump, the onboard personnel became concerned with dealing with Slave I. Since Boba had seemingly disappeared from the dock, a member of waste disposal, Carl Ashon, was assigned to handle cleanup from the emitting coolant leak on Slave I.[58]

He quickly discovered what Boba had witnessed; the Millennium Falcon was attached on the hull of the Avenger. As Ashon started to make plans on claiming the bounty, he was interrupted by Boba Fett. Ahson proposed splitting the bounty between him and Boba. Boba seemingly agreed before proceeding to knock Ashon unconscious. Fett then placed Ashon within a stripped-down Lambda shuttle that was promptly ejected from the Avenger, ensuring that Ashon would not interfere with Boba's plan.[58] Fett's deduction that the Falcon was nearby was soon proven correct when he saw the Millennium Falcon was attached on the conning tower of the Avenger. Fett was able to covertly blend in among the garbage dumped by the Star Destroyer and watched as the Falcon detached from it. The Avenger then flew into hyperspace, and the Falcon departed for Bespin, followed closely by Fett.[13]

Deal with the Empire

"What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me"
―Boba Fett to Darth Vader on Han Solo[13]

Boba speaks to Darth Vader about the bounty on Solo's head.

Boba then pursued the Falcon out of the system as they made their way to Cloud City on Bespin. Fett and the Empire arrived before the Millennium Falcon, which allowed Vader to manipulate Solo's friend and the leader of Cloud City, Lando Calrissian, into helping them capture Solo and the others. Whilst on Bespin, Fett kept the Slave I on Cloud City's East Platform[13] and defeated IG-88,[59] who had followed him to Cloud City, leaving the droid to be collected as scrap.[42] At some point, Boba visited the Azure Den, an underground gambling spot known for inviting only longtime players. While there, the establishment's owner, Elad Zhalto, attempted to speak to him.[60]

Needing Solo alive for Jabba, Fett soon became concerned about Solo's life when he learned that Vader intended to freeze Solo in carbonite, as a test to determine whether Skywalker would be able survive the same process. Fett soon led the crew to the carbon-freezing chamber, where Solo was to be frozen in carbonite. Fett then raised his concern of Solo's potential death in the crude chamber, to which Vader assured him that the Empire would compensate him if Solo were to die. Vader then ordered his troopers to begin the freezing process, causing Chewbacca to attack the nearby stormtroopers. As Fett raised his EE-3 carbine rifle to shoot the enraged Wookiee, Vader intervened by pushing the weapon down. Solo calmed Chewbacca down, and was eventually lowered down on the platform. Fett watched as Solo emerged, encased in carbonite. Calrissian checked on Solo's state, concluding that he was alive and in perfect hibernation. After hearing this, Vader gave Solo over to Fett, who nodded in respect.[13]

Two Bespin Wing Guards and two stormtroopers accompanied Fett, as they escorted Solo to Slave I. While en route to the ship, Fett swiftly turned his head after hearing heard Skywalker draw his blaster from behind a wall. Aware of Skywalker's presence, Fett continued walking down the corridor under the guise that he was unaware of the Jedi Padawan. The bounty hunter then waited at the end of the corridor for Skywalker, as the Bespin Wing Guards and the stormtroopers continued on. As Skywalker prepared to sprint forward, Fett revealed his presence and shot at the wall Skywalker was hiding behind, delaying the Jedi Padawan for enough time for Organa and Chewbacca to be dragged away, consequently leading Skywalker into Vader's trap. Calrissian eventually betrayed the Empire, and freed Organa and Chewbacca before the crew attempted to catch up with Fett and free Solo. Fett had already made it back to Slave I however, and told one of the Bespin Wing Guards to place Solo in the cargo hold. Although the crew soon found Fett, the bounty hunter took off, and departed the city.[13]

After escaping themselves aboard the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca scolded Calrissian for not having chased Fett when they had the chance, to which Calrissian replied that they had already been lucky to survive meeting the bounty hunter. He also said that even if they caught Fett, they could not have blown up Slave I since Solo was on board. When the protocol droid C-3PO realized that Fett wanted to take Solo to Jabba, he claimed that the Hutt would have certainly killed him immediately. Organa later informed Skywalker that Fett had captured Solo, and Skywalker said they had to go after him, but Organa replied that they needed a plan.[61]

Hunt for Nakano Lash

"It's time to settle an old debt."
―Boba Fett[44]

Fett stabs Nakano Lash

After capturing Solo, Boba learned from Syphacc's Bountiful Bounties that Lash had resurfaced.[43] Boba found the black market technician Jhorstek at a bar in Phelar Port on Eriadu. After killing the bar patrons, Boba had Jhorstek tell him where to find Lash. Boba was told that Lash on Galmerah.[62] Boba was able to track Lash's ship to Ruusan. There, he boarded Lash's ship where he[63] shot and wounded T'onga.[64] Lash told Boba that Cadeliah was the reason she killed Khamus. As he prepared to kill Lash, Boba was attacked by Valance. The two fought until Boba shot Valance with a bioenergy disrupter. Boba then confronted Lash and Cadeliah. Lash and Boba shot at each other. As Lash got Cadeliah aboard a escape pod, Boba grabbed Lash by her tentacles. The two then fought again until Valance grabbed him. However, Boba was able to subdue Valance with his flamethrower. As Fett attempted to finish Lash off, Lash's ship came under attack by General Vukorah. Fett, knowing Lash would die eventually, returned to his ship[44] to continue his journey to Tatooine and bring Solo to Jabba's Palace.[65]

War of the Bounty Hunters

Disguised gladiator
"I'm not going to disappoint him. I'm on the way. But...tell Jabba...it's gonna be a minute."
―Boba Fett to Bib Fortuna, after he lost Han Solo[66]

During his flight to Tatooine, Boba contacted Bib Fortuna, Jabba's majordomo at the Hutt's palace, assuring him that Han Solo was alive and that Jabba should have his payment ready. At the same time, an alarm signal from the carbonite block sounded and Boba discovered that strange stains had formed on the surface of the frozen Han Solo. He cut off his call with Fortuna and left for Nar Shadda, where he met with his old contact Doc Ragon. The doc informed him that the carbonite matrix with an organic being in it was unstable, but he also offered to solve the problem.[66] Despite Vader's promise that locating the Millennium Falcon would grant him a "substantial reward,"[13] Boba realized that he would be unable to pay at the moment, so Ragon gave him an alternative: kill the Kanji Hutts' arena pit warrior Wyrmen Lictor, whom the Doctor had hated since she killed a fighter he had bet a lot of money on.[66]


Boba Fett painted his armor black to enter the pit fights as "Beskar Brawler Jango" to hide his identity.

At first, Boba did not want to anger the Kanjis, especially since they would recognize him by his armor. However, Ragon offered to make his armor unrecognizable with a nano-spray paint, finally revealing to Boba that Wyrmen Lictor was the current champion of the arena. In all black armor, Boba competed in the arena under the name of his father. As "Beskar Brawler Jango," Boba killed many fighters, including Jonny the Sting, Skullicon, and Bigbot, in order to finally fight against Wyrmen Lictor, despite the warning of another gladiator. With the arena designed as a web for their fight, Lictor and Fett started their conflict. After he shot her blasters out of her hands, Lictor ripped off his jetpack with a thread that she shot out of her body. Fett managed to sever one of her legs, but was hit in the shoulder by another. When Lictor stood over him and felt confident of victory, Fett let his jetpack explode, which led to the previous arena champion falling into the depths and being crushed by the falling stones.[66]

After Fett asked for his credits from the Pa'lowick who worked at the entrance to the arena, he was denied by several Kanjis who wanted him to fight in the arena for them, as they wanted to win back the money they had bet on Lictor. Unwilling to return to the fighting arena and knowing he had to return to Ragon, Fett refused and returned to Ragon's quarters, where he found the doc to be dead and Han Solo to be stolen. At the same moment, Fortuna contacted him again, telling him that Jabba was slowly getting impatient for his prey. Fett assured the Twi'lek that he would not disappoint Jabba, but that the Hutt would have to be patient.[66]

Betrayed by Jabba
"I said at the beginning of all this that someone was going to die. Now I know who."
―Boba Fett, to Bib Fortuna[67]

Zuckuss holds on from falling after his failed attempt to assassinate Boba Fett.

Afterwards, Boba visited a bar on the moon and told the bartender that whoever took Solo from him was going to die. He then saw a reflection in a glass of one of the patrons aiming their blaster at him, to which he quickly shot them down. As he left the bar, Fett left a message for Fortuna, reassuring the Twi'lek that he would deliver Solo as agreed. However, as Fett entered his ship, he noticed a thermal detonator, which promptly exploded and sent him flying back. He was then met by Zukuss, who told Fett that he had questions for him. Fett responded by firing a rocket from his jetpack, which Zuckuss dodged. Zuckuss was then joined by 4-LOM, who took aim at Fett and forced him to stand down. Fett asked them what the attack was about and 4-LOM ordered him to tell them where Solo was. Angered that they had gone inside his ship, Fett remotely turned on its weapons and flew out of the way as they fired on the two bounty hunters. Once the firing stopped, Fett came back down and found Zuckuss hanging by the edge of the landing platform. Fett went to kick him off, but Zuckuss tried to stop him by telling him his future. The future he described was of Fett drowning in a sea of red. However, Fett said he wasn't interested and kicked Zuckuss off the edge, sending him plummeting into the city below.[67]

Fett then discovered 4-LOM, blasted in half and telling Fett to stay back. However, Fett used one of his wrist blades to sever the droid's head and took it onto the ship with him. 4-LOM stated that Fett was his target, to which Fett said the droid must be mistaken. Fett then connected 4-LOM's head with the ship's computer and placed a restraining bolt on him. When Fett asked the droid who sent him and how he had learned of Solo's whereabouts, 4-LOM revealed that an open contract had been placed on Fett himself, dead or alive with Solo's delivery as a bonus. When Fett asked who had placed the bounty, the droid responded that the client was Jabba.[67] As such, Fett was the target of Valance, Dengar, T'onga, and Bossk[68] in the War of the Bounty Hunters.[69]

Armed with that new information, Fett returned to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. As he approached the palace, 4-LOM tried to convince Fett that he could still be useful to him, to which Fett promptly tossed his head over the side of the bridge. Upon reaching the palace's entrance, Fett was stopped by two Gamorrean guards, who he told to stand aside lest they end up like the droid. He was then met by Bib Fortuna, who told Fett they could resolve the matter without violence. Fett disagreed before quickly dispatching the two guards. Fortuna attempted to threaten Fett, but Fett aimed his wrist-mounted flamethrower at the Twi'lek and demanded to know why Jabba had placed a bounty on him.[67]


Boba Fett learns about the upcoming auction for Han Solo.

Fortuna revealed that Jabba had learned about Fett's loss of Solo and assumed the bounty hunter had sold him. Fett retorted that Solo had been stolen from him and demanded to see Jabba. But Fortuna replied that Jabba was not there at the moment. When Fett asked the Twi'lek where his boss was, Fortuna answered that he had received an invitation from the ones who had stolen Solo to buy him from them. With more palace guards gathering around them, Fortuna suggested that Fett leave the premises. However, Fett threatened them and asked them if they truly wanted to die for Fortuna. They then responded by clearing the way for him, allowing him to enter the palace and see the invitation that Jabba had received. The invitation was a recording of a hooded woman with the still frozen Han Solo. In the message, she announced the return of crime syndicate Crimson Dawn and invited Jabba to a celebration on Jekara. After viewing the invitation, Fett told Fortuna that he was going to fix his ship for him. Then, he was going to fly to Jekara and get his property back.[67]

Auction for Han Solo
"What now, Boba Fett? We've known each other a long time—since you was young, just a little clutchling trying to avenge your pop. You gonna kill me?"
"No. I'm going to use you to send a message. To anyone who wants to come after me to get Jabba's bounty. This is the message. Don't."
―Bossk and Boba Fett[70]

Boba Fett ties Bossk to a rock for dead on Jekara.

Upon arriving at Jekara, Fett scoped out Crimson Dawn's fortress flagship, the Vermillion, and saw that it was well guarded. He then saw another group of gangsters heading towards the Vermillion. Fett stood in front of them and told their leader to give him their invitation and cloak. However, Fett was attacked and tied with a rope by Bossk, who had come to claim Jabba's bounty. Fett activated his flamethrower and burned the rope. He then used his jetpack and attacked the Trandoshan. Fett managed to blow off the Trandoshan's legs, subduing him. Bossk reminded Fett of their history together and asked if he was planned to kill him. But Fett said he was going to use him as a message to dissuade any other bounty hunters from coming after him. He then tied up Bossk to a rock and left him out in the cold as he retrieved his disguise. Bossk told him that he would not survive since he was cold-blooded, but Fett replied joking that he was too. He then walked toward the Vermillion, leaving Bossk behind.[70]

Once inside the ship, Fett found himself amongst a crowd of representatives from every major criminal faction in the underworld. Amongst the crowd, he recognized the face of the rogue archaeologist, [[Doctor] Chelli Lona Aphra. Fett approached Aphra and took her by the arm, telling her associate Sana Starros to lower her blaster. Being a noted archaeologist who knew her history, Aphra recognized from Fett's voice that he was a clone. Fett then told Aphra that he was not and asked her to help him or he would alert Crimson Dawn to her presence. Giving her a comm button, he told Aphra to create a diversion once he triggered the button. However, they were then interrupted by Lady Qi'ra, who presented Solo to the bidders and commenced the auction.[71]

After telling Aphra to be ready, Fett disappeared from the crowd. With the auction underway, he removed his disguise and got back into his armor. But as he was about to ambush Qi'ra to retrieve Solo, he ran into Leia Organa, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca, who were also there to rescue the smuggler. At the same time, Jabba won the auction and told his fellow Hutts to wrap Solo up for him so they could leave. However, the auction was then interrupted by the arrival of Darth Vader. Guarded by two death troopers, Vader declared that Solo belonged to him.[70]

While Vader argued with Jabba over Solo, Fett claimed to Organa that Solo was his. Organa replied that Solo was not a thing to be bought or sold and told Chewbacca to take Fett down quietly. After Fett taunted him with an assortment of hair braids taken from slain Wookiees, Chewbacca charged Fett and tried to choke him. Fett managed to escape the Wookiee's grip and burned him with a blast from his flamethrower. Organa threatened the bounty hunter with her blaster, but Fett disarmed her, but claimed that he did not need more enemies. Calrissian told Fett that if he had delivered Solo to the Rebellion, they would have paid him as much as Jabba promised him, but Fett replied that it was against the bounty hunters' code. Fett handed the blaster back to Organa, and the Rebels left the ship.[72]


Boba Fett aims at Darth Vader

Vader managed to convince the Hutts to leave Solo to the Empire, but he claimed to Qi'ra that he would not have paid the requested one million credits. Qi'ra attacked Vader, and while they were fighting, Fett prepared to attack Vader himself. But after remembering how easily Vader defended himself from Solo's fire in Cloud City, Fett decided not to attack.[72] After defeating Qi'ra and taking possession of Solo, Vader contacted Luke Skywalker and commanded the Jedi to come to him or else he would cut his friend in half. Skywalker refused, however, and told Vader to come to him. Vader conceded, ordering Romodi to bring Solo aboard his star destroyer and prepare his fighter. Fett then left the Vermillion to reclaim his property from the Empire.[73]

Uneasy alliance
"See that? The rebels are going after him too. Lotta powerful people want Solo. And here you and I sit, simple men, caught in the middle."
"What's your point?"
"We can help each other. We both want the same thing--Han Solo. You have a good reputation. We should work together. Both of us focused on the same goal…we might be able to make something happen."
―Boba Fett and Beilert Valance[73]

Fett being held at gunpoint by Valance.

As he watched a squad of stormtroopers transport Solo to Vader's shuttle, Fett was suddenly cornered by Dengar, who aimed his rifle at Fett's heart and ordered him to stand down. But Fett refused, saying that he was sick of being attacked by nobodies. Dengar was then joined by Beilert Valance before they both attacked Fett. Fett however quickly subdued Dengar with a single rocket, leaving the Corellian stranded on a floating iceberg. While Fett was distracted, Valance held one of his palm blasters to the back of Fett's head and demanded to know where Solo was. Fett then remarked that Valance was too late as Vader's shuttle departed from Jekara with Solo onboard.[73]

As Vader left with Solo, Fett offered to work with Valance to get Solo back. Valance initially refused, saying that he should kill Fett for what he did to Nakano Lash and that doing so would prevent Fett from betraying him later. Fett admitted that would be cleaner, but not easier. He then told Valance that whichever one of them got Solo after, at least the Empire would not have him. With this, Valance accepted Fett's offer and asked him how they would get to the Star Destroyer, to which Fett told Valance to let him worry about that.[73] As they departed Jekara aboard Slave I, Fett pointed out how Valance made the right decision by joining him as Dengar intended to betray the cyborg.[74]

As they approached Vader's Star Destroyer, Valance spotted the Millennium Falcon nearby and warned Fett not to destroy it or else they would have a problem. Fett then deployed a seismic charge dialed back to twenty percent intensity, taking the Falcon out of the fight. Fett also noticed that the ship's crew had shut down the Imperial shuttle, leaving nothing between them and Vader's ship. But before they could approach it however, they were suddenly met by a massive fleet of Hutt ships.[73]


Fett leaves Valance for dead in the Executor.

As the Hutts commenced their attack, Fett contacted the Executor and requested access to board, claiming he was working for Vader on an urgent mission. Much to Valance's surprise, the ruse worked and the two hunters were allowed onto Vader's flagship. Once inside, Valance used his knowledge of the Empire to guide Fett towards the detention level. There, they were attacked by a KX-series security droid, though Valance managed to dispatch it quickly. However, Fett then betrayed Valance, who threw a thermal detonator at him and caused his body to explode. Fett then left Valance to die as he went to retrieve Solo once and for all.[75]

Reclaiming Han Solo
"I brought you Han Solo, Jabba. If you want to keep him…pay me."
―Boba Fett, to Jabba the Hutt[75]

Fett re-encounter the rebels

Upon reaching Solo on the Executor, Fett once again encountered Organa, Calrissian, and Chewbacca. But before they could engage one another, a blast from a Hutt ship blew a hole in the room they were in, causing Solo to be sucked out into space. Fett quickly used his jetpack to fly after Solo, chasing him all the way back down to the surface of the planet before fishing him out of the sea. After placing Solo back in Slave I, Fett returned to Tatooine, had a brief fight with IG-88[76] and finally delivered the bounty to Jabba.[75]

Although Jabba had canceled his bounty on Fett's head, Fett nevertheless brought the subject up, but Jabba claimed it had never been a personal decision and even noted he would require Fett's services in the future, given that Crimson Dawn had returned. While Jabba explained how he had suddenly become the sole leader of the Hutt Clans, as Darth Vader had executed the Grand Hutt Council during the battle, Fett remained focused on the money he was owed. While he advised Jabba to throw Solo into the Great Pit of Carkoon to spare him the trouble the smuggler would bring, he then returned his focus to business matters, demanding that Jabba pay him after all he had been through.[75]

Joining T'onga's crew

"Sssseeems ya got ssssoft bitssss under that bessskar."
"Yeah, but I also have pointy bits hidden in my armor."
―Bossk and Boba Fett[14]

Fett held at knifepoint by T'onga.

Sometime later, Fett got a bounty on his head, put up by the Black Sun. He was waiting for people who attempts to claim his bounty in the wreckage of the old Rishi Station on the Rishi Moon. T'onga came with her crew, seemingly to collect the active bounty. There, he fought her and fellow hunters such as the Gen'Dai bounty hunter Durge, the assassin Deathstick, Bossk and Valance. Fett briefly lost his helmet when T'onga knocked it off his head and held him at knifepoint. To his surprise, T'onga wanted to hire him. Fett picked up his helmet and agreed to help her after she does a favor for him.[14]

Fett took T'onga's crew aboard Slave I to Quantxi. Fett got into a fight with Bossk about dealing with Black Sun gangsters. However, T'onga turned Fett over Lord Xanak Grunseit, who wanted to kill Fett to secure his place in Black Sun. However, Fett, working for Grunseit's cousin, was able throw a Syntox capsule was able to kill him. Fett and T'onga's crew were able to fight their way out. Fett fullfilling his part in his deal with T'onga, gave here coordinates to a cyborg fixer, Tarr Kligson to help fix Valance. Fett then left T'onga crew and went on his own.[77]

Into the sarlacc

"Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?"
―Han Solo, just before knocking Fett into the sarlacc[65]

Fett takes aim at Luke Skywalker shortly before being knocked into the sarlacc.

Boba continued working for Jabba after delivering Solo to the Hutt. In the meantime, a plan was developed by Skywalker, Organa, Chewbacca, and Calrissian to rescue Solo from the palace. Sometime later, he witnessed Skywalker and Chewbacca be captured by the Hutt, while Organa posed as the bounty hunter Boushh and Calrissian posed as a guard. Organa was, however, able to free Solo from carbonite freezing, and the smuggler emerged temporarily blind as a result of the freezing process and Organa got captured and made a slave girl for Jabba. At Jabba's decree, Skywalker, Solo, and Chewbacca were to be taken to the Great Pit of Carkoon, where they would be fed to the sarlacc—a creature that lived in the pit that would digest them over the course of a thousand years. Boba made the journey to the sarlacc with Jabba's entourage.[65]


Fett and Solo during the battle at the sarlacc pit.

Once at the Great Pit of Carkoon, Skywalker and the others put their plan into motion, attacking Jabba's guards—and even leading to the death of Jabba himself, who was strangled to death by Leia Organa. During the firefight, Boba fought against Skywalker, who used his lightsaber to destroy Boba's blaster. In the ensuing chaos, Solo—still somewhat blind— was alerted to Boba's presence and swung out wildly with a vibro-ax, striking Boba's jetpack as he took aim at Skywalker with his wrist gauntlet. The impact caused the jetpack to ignite, sending Boba slamming into the side of Jabba's sail barge, the Khetanna,[65] and then tumbling into the Pit of Carkoon.[3]


When Fett fell into the sarlacc, he was assumed dead by the galaxy at large.[78] He was remembered amongst his fellow bounty hunters, such as Dengar and fellow bounty hunter Mercurial Swift who entered into a fight in Coronet City on[79] the Core World[80] of Corellia. During their scuffle, Dengar pulled out his particle array gun and aimed it at Swift. Thinking of a way to survive, Swift pretended to see Fett on a nearby rooftop and said his name in false confusion, causing Dengar to turn his gun towards the roof. Taking advantage of this, the younger bounty hunter defeated him. However, he let Dengar live, as there was no bounty on his head.[79]


Escaping the sarlacc

"She was left for dead on the sands of Tatooine, as was I. But fate sometimes steps in to rescue the wretched."
―Fett, on his survival[20]
Boba Fett Escapes Sarlacc

Fett escapes the sarlacc.

Upon falling into the sarlacc,[65] Fett found himself being digested with a Jawa and Bith and quipped if either had a deck of Sabacc cards with which to pass the time, which the Jawa happily held up.[81] However, Fett was knocked unconscious and became trapped[16] in one of its stomachs,[40] beginning the process of being digested for a thousand years.[65] Fortunately for the bounty hunter, he eventually awoke suddenly, gasping for air, and activated his helmet light to discover a stormtrooper who had also suffered the same fate. He yanked out the trooper's air tube and attached it to his own helmet, and took a deep breath. Thinking quickly, Fett activated his flamethrower to burn through the Sarlacc's hide and dug himself out of the pit. Exhausted and suffering wounds from the encounter with the beast, Fett collapsed near the wreckage of the Khetanna.[16]

Some time later, the bounty hunter was then found by Jawas who separated him from his armor, which Fett somewhat helplessly witnessed. When he attempted to resist their attempts at theft, Fett was knocked out by the Jawas and left for dead.[16] His armor was later acquired by the Tatooinian sheriff Cobb Vanth.[82][79] Still injured and lying in the middle of a sandstorm, Fett was found by a tribe of Tusken Raiders who took him as a prisoner. Fett was forced to travel a very long distance by foot, dragged along in chains by a bantha ridden by members of the tribe. Some distance into the journey, Fett gave in to his dire pain, exhaustion, and dehydration and collapsed in the desert once more, dragged against the sand.[16]

Prisoner of the Tuskens

"We could have both escaped if you didn't sound the alarm. If you kept your snout closed, if we can get to Anchorhead, I can get us offworld."
―Boba Fett complains to the Rodian[16]

Fett and the Rodian prisoner were guarded by the Tusken's pet massiff.

A little while longer, he awoke after the party had stopped at their home camp. Several adolescent Tuskens beat him with gaderffii sticks, knocking him unconscious again. That night, Fett awakened at his post, close to a Rodian prisoner, and guarded by a massiff. Fett drew the attention of the massiff, which lunged at him. Fett knocked out the beast and used its sharp teeth to cut his bonds. Fett asked the Rodian if he wants him to cut his bonds, but the prisoner cries, alerting the rest of the Tusken tribe. Fett fled into the desert with the massiff in hot pursuit. The creature caught up with him and they fight, until the Tuskens catch up with him and call the beast back. One of the Tuskens approached him with a gaderffii stick. After sizing each other, the two break into a duel. The Tusken had knocked Fett to the ground, and beaten him repeatedly when he attempted to rise and fight again. The other Tuskens surrounded the bounty hunter, with one kicking him to the ground. Fett slips into unconsciousness.[16]

Following his unsuccessful escape attempt, Fett was woken up by a young Tusken and led away by his bound hands, with his feet chained to the captive Rodian who followed. They reached a sand dune and watched a homestead, with several Kajain'sa'Niktos beating a man. The Tusken child instead led the Rodian and Fett to a separate place and told them to start digging for black melons. The Rodian complied immediately, although the bounty hunter had trouble understanding the Tusken's orders. After realizing what the child wanted, Fett proceeded to dig under the watchful eyes of the Tusken and the massiff. Fett attempted to drink from one of the melons, but was promptly stopped by the child, who proceeded to dump the water out for his massiff. Continuing to dig for the melons, Fett told the Rodian that they could have both escaped had he kept his snout closed. Fett said that if he can get to Anchorhead, he can get them offworld. Fett grumbled about strangling the Rodian and feeding him to the watchdog. The Rodian returned an insult in Rodian.[16]


Boba Fett strangled the creature from behind.

While continuing their dig, the Rodian discovered a sand beast, which attacked him. The massiff attempted to counterattack before being thrown away by the creature, which then killed the Rodian. Fett was lifted up by his chains by the beast and the Tusken stabbed the creature's foot while it was distracted, resulting in the creature throwing the bounty hunter and hitting the Tusken, causing him to hurtle onto the sand. The creature turned from Fett and went after the Tusken adolescent. However, Fett wrapped his chains around the beast's neck and asphyxiated the creature. After this encounter, the youngling presented the deceased creature's decapitated head as a trophy to his tribe, earning Fett respect from the tribe's chief. The chief wordlessly handed Fett a melon, which Fett drank.[16]

Living among the Tuskens

"No harm will come of you."
"We will die of thirst without our water car."
"We will give you each a black melon. You will survive on its milk as these people do."
―Fett advises the Pykes to travel across the Dune Sea[15]

Some time later, Fett learned to wield a gaderffii stick from the Tusken warrior, who taught him to hold the stick properly before parrying. She knocked the staff out of Fett's hand before telling him to practice again. He asks the Tusken to show him. An animal's roar is heard in the background and the Tuskens take up position as an armored hovertrain approached and its Pyke occupants fired on the group, leaving several Tuskens killed and wounded as the train rode away. Fett watched the tribe attending to their wounded and dead, and later that night, the Tuskens cremated their fallen. Fett himself carries the remains of a young Tusken.[15]


Boba Fett approaches the town of Anchorhead to steal speeder bikes from the Kintan Striders Gang.

After watching several Kintan Strider speeder bikes passing their encampment Fett had an idea. Fett spoke to the tribal elders, vowing to stop the train with a cycler rifle and his training gaderffi stick, promising to be back by morning. Fett travelled to Tosche Station[15] in the small town of Anchorhead,[83] where several Nikto bikers were harassing two patrons at a cantina. Fett, armed with his gaderffii and rifle, interrupted and fought the Nikto, wounding and killing some. After stopping for a drink, Fett inspected the speeder bikes that belonged to the Nikto, and returned to the camp with several bikes in tow as a gift to the Tusken Raiders.[15]

Fett then offered to teach the Tusken how to operate and ride the speeder bikes (which the Tuskens had originally thought the bikes were meant for salvage), and helped them prepare for an assault on the hovertrain. As the Tusken got better with handling the bikes and leaping from their vehicles, Fett continued practicing with the gaderffi stick and learned how to knock the weapon out of his opponents' hands.[15]

One Tusken sentry spotted the approaching hovertrain, followed by the Tuskens in the trenches exchanging fire with the Pyke gunners, Fett and other Tuskens riding speeder bikes pursue the train. Fett rescues one and uses a grappling hook to latch onto the hovertrain and kills one of the Pyke gunners. Fett and the Raiders jumped across carriages and fight several of the emerging Pykes as they approached the train engine. After the lead Pyke gunner and his companions were defeated, turning the tide in favor of the Tuskens, the driver droid fired up the engine, causing a blast to knock off one of Fett's Tusken allies. After fighting more Pyke guards near the train engine, Fett forced his way into the train engine where he ordered the driver to stop the vehicle. The droid instead jumped out into the desert, leaving Fett to stop the train after a lengthy struggle, causing it to brake in the desert.[15]

The Tusken Raiders rounded up the surviving Pykes. Fett demanded to know who is the leader and asked if he was carrying spice. After being exposed, with two Tuskens accidently dropping a chest of spice, Fett stated that the Pyke Syndicate would have to pay a toll to the Tusken to cross the Dune Sea. He then allowed the Pykes to go free in the direction of Anchorhead, escorted by a number of Tuskens. Soon afterwards one of the Tuskens caused the train's water cart to spill. This caused the Tuskens to collect as much water as they could while exclaiming in delight at such a rare treat.[15]

Vision quest


Boba Fett returns to the Tusken tribe after his vision.

That night, Fett continued to strengthen his ties to the Tusken tribe. The chief presented Fett with a gift, consisting of a small lizard in a basket. The reptile crept into Fett's nostrils, causing him to experience a series of hallucinations[15] as a vision quest.[84] Fett wandered through the desert as his visions showed him a large,[15] yet dead,[84] wortwood tree and oceans in the place of the sands of Tatooine. He then saw himself trapped in the maw of the Sarlacc at the Pit of Carkoon, reliving his father Jango's death on Geonosis, and finally saw himself as a child on Kamino, looking from his apartment as Slave I landed on Tipoca City. The vision ended with him emerging while the ocean roared.[15]

The following day, Fett returned to the camp carrying a branch from his night journey. After being greeted by the chief and his followers, the lizard emerged from his nostrils and he was asked by the Tusken chief about the branch. The Tuskens led Fett inside a tent where he was clothed with Tusken robes, scarves, and wraps. After emerging from the tent, Fett, accompanied by the young Tusken whom he saved from the six-limbed creature, headed into the desert towards a wrecked site where other Tuskens helped Fett build his own gaderffi stick from the branch he carried. Later that night, Fett presented his new weapon to the rest of the Tusken clan and took part on the corresponding ritual celebrations around the campfire.[15]

Journey to Mos Eisley

"We look forward to our partnership."
―The Pyke boss, to Boba Fett in what would be a fateful deal[85]

The Tuskens watch him with a sense of respect as he rides into the desert into Mos Eisley. He asks two Jawas upon entering the town where the Pykes do their business and rides on his bantha through the town, past spikes of stormtrooper helmets. Fett tethers his bantha outside a building guarded by two Pykes. Fett states that he has business with the Pyke Syndicate. The Pykes admit him into the building. Fett walks down the stairs and meets with the Pyke leader, who has received his message and explains that protection arrangements are all part of doing business in the Outer Rim Territories. Fett says that he will take payment and be on his way.[85]

The Pyke replies that he has spoken with his superiors on Oba Diah, who are unwilling to pay protection to more than one party. Fett replies that he is collecting on behalf of the Tuskens of the Dune Sea. The Pyke leader responds that the Kintan Striders have already collected protection money for the same territory that he lays claim to. Fett then replies that they don't need to pay protection to that speeder bike gang since the Sandpeople far outnumber them. Fett says that the sands have belonged to the Tuskens since the oceans of Tatooine have dried. But the Pyke says that they are willing to do business with either party, but that they do not want to be taken advantage of by paying money to both and tells Fett that he hopes he understands. Fett vows to resolve this and says that he will not hear from the Nikto sand flyers again. The Pyke then says that he looks forward to their partnership.[85]


Fett returns only to find that the clan has been slaughtered.

Fett rides across the Dune Sea on his bantha to return to his Tusken camp. As he approaches the encampment, he notices flames in the distance. Fett walks on foot to the Tusken village only to find that the clan has been slaughtered. He discovers burnt tents and several fallen banthas. While surveying the destruction, he finds the remains of Tuskens lying on the ground. Fett also recognizes the marking of a gang that he had encountered earlier on Tatooine. Feeling responsible for the massacre, Fett cremates the remains of his Tusken friends before recovering his Gaderffii stick. After paying his respects to the dead, Fett rides away on his bantha.[85]

Saving Fennec Shand

"I am Boba Fett."
"Boba Fett is dead."
"I was. Left for dead on the sands of Tatooine... like you."
―Boba Fett and Fennec Shand[78]

Some time later, Boba traveled to Jabba's Palace, which was controlled by Bib Fortuna, to locate his starship. Fett identified numerous guards protecting the hangar where the Slave I was located. He decided that there are too many guards and turned away. That night, Fett ate a meal with his bantha when two flares lit up the sky nearby, and Fett decided to investigate. When he arrived at the scene, he found only Fennec Shand's body, slumped and near-lifeless by a hillside.[78]

Boba carried her to his bantha and then traveled to the nearest mod artist to get her cybernetic implants due to being shot by Toro Calican. After brief persuasion, the artist agreed and Fett spectated the surgery. After the surgery was finished, Fett took Shand back into the desert and started a campfire. When she awakened with pain, Fett offered her a black melon to drink. Shand asked him what happened to her, and Fett informed her that she was dying and that he had also saved her life. Shand asked what he did to her, and Fett responded by telling her that he took her to the mod-parlor at Mos Eisley, which is the best he could do for her under the circumstances.[78]

Fett recognized her as the Master Assassin, Fennec Shand of the Mid Rim, to which Shand assumed that her bounty is higher with her alive. Fett confirms this, and although Shand immediately offered him more than double the price on her head, he told her that he is not after money. She asked him who he is, and although he had answered honestly, she dismissed it, as the thought that Boba Fett was dead. Fett responded that he was left for dead on the sands of Tatooine, just as she was. He told her of how the Tuskens had rescued him and accepted him into their tribe, and that he tried to help them, only for them to wind up dead after he attracted the attention of a gang of Nikto speed bikers. Shand expressed her disbelief that mere speed bikers could have defeated the Sand People, but Fett changed the conversation and told her that he wanted her help to recover his gunship. When Shand asked him why he did not simply ask for the ship's return, Fett replied that he may not like the response since he was less persuasive without his armor. Fett assured her that if she helps him, her debt to him would be considered repaid.[78]

After the two recovered the starship, Shand decided to stay with Fett, and Fett used the Slave I to wipe out the Kintan Striders. Later, after killing the Sarlacc and finding that Fett's armor was not in in, the two sat by a fire, giving Fett a chance to explain to Shand why his outlook on bounty hunting had changed. Hoping to build a crime family that emulated the Tusken tribe that had respected him, Fett convinced Shand to join his new organization by offering her loyalty.[78]

Finding his armor

"I don't want your armor. I want my armor that you got from Cobb Vanth back on Tatooine. It belongs to me."
―Boba Fett, to Din Djarin[20]

Fett watching Din Djarin depart with his armor

Vanth later gave Fett's armor to the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin in exchange for his help in killing a krayt dragon that was terrorizing Vanth's town of Mos Pelgo. As Din returned to Mos Eisley and his ship, the Razor Crest, he was observed by Fett. After watching Djarin, Fett descended from the hilltop where he had been standing.[82]

Eventually, Fett departed Tatooine with Shand on Slave I. Together, they tracked Din Djarin and Grogu to Tython. Fett confronted Djarin, demanding his armour back and using Shand as a threat as she was scoped on the child. The assassin remarked she did not miss, and Djarin immediately recognized her voice. With Djarin still threatening to kill both of them, Fett suggested that they all put down their weapons and talk, Djarin demanded that Shand drop hers first. Fett and Djarin soon came to an agreement and Fett told Shand to stand down. The assassin climbed down to Fett and Djarin, remarking about the latter's surprise at her presence. Djarin thought that Shand had died at Tatooine, so she and Fett explained how the latter had saved her and that she was in his service.[20]

Indebted to Djarin

Confrontation on Tython

"The Empire. They're back!"
―Boba Fett[20]

Fett using gaderffii against a stormtrooper.

However, Moff Gideon arrived in force, intent on capturing Grogu. Two Imperial transports were sent down from his cruiser and deployed stormtroopers in a skirmish against Djarin, Fett, and Shand. Fett took on several stormtroopers with his cycler rifle and gaderffii, and seeing the Razor Crest open and unguarded, took the opportunity to reclaim his armor. Once backed into a corner, Fett used a thermal detonator to defeat multiple troopers, now donning his beskar armor, which he had retrieved from the Razor Crest. Utilizing its full arsenal, including wrist blasters, knee rockets, and jetpack-mounted missile, Fett quickly eradicated the remaining stormtroopers and their transports.[20]

Suddenly, a turbolaser from a ship in orbit struck the Razor Crest, obliterating the ship. Four dark troopers then left the assailing vessel, abducting an exhausted Grogu before Djarin and Shand could reach him. Fett pursued the troopers in Slave I, but Djarin told Shand to use her comlink to tell him not to attack them so as to not risk Grogu's safety. He still followed the troopers, recognizing the vessel harboring them as Imperial design before returning to Tython's surface.[20]

The Morak affair

"We agreed in exchange for the return of my armor, we will ensure the safety of the Child."
―Boba Fett, to Din Djarin and Fennec Shand[20]

Fett continued to help Djarin on Morak.

After using the armor's chain code to prove his ownership of it to Djarin, Fett and Shand agreed to help Djarin rescue Grogu, saying the child's abduction meant they were still indebted to him to ensure Grogu's safety. As the Razor Crest had been destroyed by Gideon's forces, Fett and Shand brought Djarin to Nevarro aboard Slave I; there, Djarin met with New Republic marshal and friend Cara Dune to gain information on Migs Mayfeld, whom Djarin believed could help them locate Gideon.[20]

When Fett and the rest of the group arrived to collect him, Mayfeld confused Fett for Djarin due to his Mandalorian armor, which had now been re-painted. Realizing he had no other choice, Mayfeld reluctantly gave Djarin the location of an Imperial refinery on Morak where they could access information from a terminal. Djarin passed this information over to Fett, who then entered the coordinates. After arriving, the group stood upon a hilltop and formulated their plan. Fett explained that he could not go with Mayfeld to access the terminal, reasoning that the Imperial remnant may recognize his face, leaving Djarin to assume the role of Mayfeld's companion. Once Djarin and Mayfeld completed their mission, Fett flew in with Slave I to extract the duo. After boarding the ship, Mayfeld asked Djarin to give him one of the cycler rifles, which Mayfeld used to fire at the rhydonium within the refinery, destroying the cargo they had delivered and setting off a massive explosion. While being chased by two TIE fighters, Fett released a seismic charge, destroying the two pursuing ships. After Slave I had landed, Dune and Djarin decided to release Mayfeld from his prison sentence to thank him for his help. On board Slave I, Djarin sent a transmission to Moff Gideon, warning him that he would be coming to reclaim Grogu.[86]

Meeting Bo-Katan Kryze

"I didn't know sidekicks were allowed to talk."
"[Chuckles] Well, if that isn't the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy. Easy there little one."
"You'll be talking through the window of a bacta tank."
―Boba Fett and Koska Reeves exchange insults[87]

Boba Fett faces Koska Reeves and Bo-Katan Kryze in the diner.

After acquiring Gideon's coordinates, Fett and the group used Slave I to pursue an Imperial shuttle carrying Doctor Penn Pershing. After disabling the ship with Slave I's ion cannons, it was boarded by Djarin and Dune who, after a brief standoff, captured Pershing.

Following this, Slave I arrived on Lafete, a planet dotted with large refineries, and landed among a number of parked starships, including a Gauntlet fighter. In a nearby diner, a hush falls as Djarin and Boba Fett enter and cross the room to approach Bo-Katan Kryze and Koska Reeves. Djarin tells Kryze he needs their help, and she replies that not all Mandalorians are bounty hunters, and that some of them serve a higher purpose. Djarin tells her that Moff Gideon has taken the Child, and she says they'll never find him. Fett tells Djarin they don't need these two, and that they should leave. Kryze says to Fett that he is not a Mandalorian, to which he responds he never said he was. Fett and Reeves begin to argue, but Kryze tells them to "save it for the Imps."[87]


Fett got in a short fight with Reeves.

Djarin tells them they have Gideon's coordinates, and that he has a light cruiser which could help her regain Mandalore. Fett scoffs, saying the Empire had reduced Mandalore to glass, and Bo-Katan retorts that he is a disgrace to the armor. Fett says the armor belonged to his father, but Kryze mocks him, saying "Don't you mean your donor?" She says he's a clone and she's heard his voice thousands of times before. Fett says it may be the last voice she hears, and Reeves leaps up, swinging at him, and the pair fight before Bo-Katan orders them to stop and urged Djarin and Fett to rethink their position on freeing Mandalore, in turn Kryze declared that she and Reeves would help Djarin.[87]

Attack on Gideon's cruiser

"Get the hell out of there as soon as they clear us to dock. And your shots have to look convincing."
"Power up those shields, princess. I'll put on a good show."
―Bo-Katan Kryze and Boba Fett[87]

Boba Fett assisted in the assault on Gideon's cruiser.

Following this meeting, Fett followed the Imperial Shuttle piloted by Kryze in Slave I as part of her plan; to send out a distress signal to the cruiser whilst under attack from Slave I in order to board and take over the ship. As the group exited hyperspace, Fett began firing upon the shuttle as it sent out its distress signal. However, Gideon ordered for a squad of TIE fighters to intercept Fett's ship. In the ensuing battle, as Kryze crashed the shuttle into the cruiser's launch tube, with Fett disposed of the fighters before jumping away into hyperspace, leaving the infiltration team to finish their mission.[87]

Daimyo of Mos Espa

Scum and Villainy

"Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect."
―Boba Fett — (audio) Listen (file info)[16]
Boba and fennec on the throne

Fett takes the throne.

Fett and Shand returned to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, now under the control of Fortuna, who expressed surprise at Fett's survival after he fell into the sarlacc pit. Without responding to him, Fett shot Fortuna dead and threw his corpse off the palace's throne, taking his place on the throne as crime lord with Shand by his side.[87]

After becoming the Daimyo of Mos Espa, Fett modified his armor once again. In the following weeks, Fett experienced dreams of his past, though they temporarily stopped. News of the former bounty hunter's survival spread swiftly across the galaxy. On one morning, Fett healed himself in a bacta tank. During the healing process, he relived painful memories of his homeworld Kamino, the aftermath of his father's death, his escape from the Sarlacc, and his introduction to the Tusken Raider tribe he became so attached to. Eventually, Shand woke Fett up. As he rose from the bacta tank, Fett told Shand that the dreams were back. Shand told him to prepare for the guests about to arrive. Fett, with the help of his droids, suited up and prepared for his first public moment as Daimyo.

Back on his throne, he was gifted with tributes by Garfalaquox and Dokk Strassi, who he noted as having previously worked for the latter. However, he was not paid tribute by Mayor Mok Shaiz, who instead sent his majordomo to demand tribute from Fett. Fett expressed his confusion at the situation, to which Shand explained the situation. She asked to kill the majordomo but Fett refused and Shand then allowed the majordomo to leave with the gift of "unmolested". When two Gamorrean guards were presented to Fett, he spared their lives and informed the torture droid who brought them before him that he had no intentions of harming them. After hearing of their loyalty to both Jabba and Fortuna, Fett recruited them to be his own personal bodyguards.[16]


Fett introduces himself as the new Daimyo to Garza Fwip.

Later, Fett and Shand visited the Sanctuary, a local cantina and announced their claim to power to the cantina's owner, Garsa Fwip, who in turn gifted them with riches as tribute. While on their way back, they were ambushed by mercenaries dressed in red uniforms. Fett was beaten and had to be taken back to his bacta tank. Meanwhile, Shand tracked down two of their attackers, pushing one of them from the top of a building and taking the other as a prisoner. While in the bacta tank, Fett experienced memories of his time at the Tusken Raider camp.[16]

After healing, he interrogated the captured mercenary at his throne, though the assassin of the Order of the Night Wind refused to say anything. When 8D8 explained that the warrior would not answer him, Fett dropped him into the Rancor pit. Though it was now empty, the opening of the door alone was enough to scare the mercenary, revealing his employment by Shaiz. Fett and Shand returned to Mos Espa with the assassin and confronted Shaiz. Shaiz then had the assassin executed and paid Fett for delivering him. When Fett threatened Shaiz, he told Fett to return to the Sanctuary for more information.[15]

Power struggle

"I'm the Daimyo of this district and I will bring order."
―Fett proclaiming his status to the mod gang[88]

The arrival of Jabba's cousins presented a challenge to Fett's reign as the Daimyo of Mos Espa.

Upon returning to the Sanctuary, Fett and Shand were met again by Fwip, who informed them that the Twins—a Hutt brother and sister— had returned to claim their late cousin Jabba's territory through kinship. As Fett expressed disbelief over this, he was interrupted by the arrival of the Twins themselves, under the protection of Black Krrsantan. When the Hutts declared their ownership of Mos Espa, Fett asserted his position as the Daimyo of Mos Espa. Neither party acquiesced to the other's demands and Fett told the siblings they would have to kill him for his territory. The Twins reluctantly conceded for the time being, though the brother warned Fett to sleep lightly. Once they left, Fett told Fennec that they would likely have to kill the Hutts, to which Fennec said they would need permission to do so. Fett then return to his palace to heal some more in the bacta pod.[15]


Fett hired the Mods to work for him, and settled their debt with the water monger.

After learning about Mos Espa's three ruling families from 8D8, Fett was met by local water-monger Lortha Peel, who informed Fett that the Mods, a gang of cyborg bikers were stealing his inventory. Peel promised to double his tribute to Fett if he dealt with the bikers. In turn, Fett and Shand left with their Gamorrean guards to meet with the Mods personally. They quickly found the gang at a street corner and confronted them over stealing Peel's water. When one of the bikers, Drash, claimed that they had to steal due to there being no work, Fett offered to hire them himself for security. Peel angrily told Fett that they still owed him thirteen hundred credits, to which Fett gave him five hundred and told him he would have to accept it. The Mods then took Fett's offer and followed him back to his palace on their bikes.[88]

Fett then returned to his bacta tank and continued to heal. However, he was interrupted by Krrsantan, who pulled Fett from the tank and attempted to kill him. After a brief struggle with Fett, Krrsatan was confronted by the Mods. They fought the Wookiee out of Fett's chamber and into the palace throne room. While Krrsantan fought off the bikers and the Gamorreans, Shand opened the trap door beneath his feet and threw a knife at his hand as he held onto the edge, causing him to fall and trapping him in the Rancor Pit. Fett then told the bikers to get one of the Gamorreans to the bacta tank as Krrsantan roared in anger. Afterwards, Fett and Shand sat down to eat while they discussed sending a message to his enemies. They were then informed by 8D8 that the Twins had arrived to speak with him personally.[88]


The Twins offered Fett a mighty gift of a young rancor as tribute.

Meeting Fett by the palace entrance, the Twins admitted they had made a mistake in sending Krrsantan to kill him, apologizing and offering him a rancor calf as an apologetic retribution. They also announced their departure from Tatooine, as they had learned that Jabba's former holdings had already been promised to another crime syndicate by the Mayor and they had no interest in starting a war over a "worthless rock". Fett offered the shackled Krrsantan back to the Twins, to which they allowed Fett to keep the Wookiee, as tribute, before leaving the palace. Fett then released Krrsantan and advised him not to take anymore jobs from the Hutts before the Wookiee ran off into the desert.[88]

Bringing the rancor to the Pit, Fett was told by its keeper that it would imprint on the first human it saw. Fett removed the rancor's blinders and formed an immediate bond with the calf. However, he was interrupted by 8D8, who informed him that the Mayor was still unavailable. This did not deter Fett though, as he, Shand and the Mods returned to Mos Espa to confront the Mayor's majordomo. But this time, the majordomo fled in a landspeeder, leading the Mods to give chase. After pursued and damaged his speeder through the streets of Mos Espa, the majordomo crashed into a meiloorun stand and was confronted by Fett, to whom he finally confessed that the Mayor was working for the Pyke Syndicate.[88]

Preparing for War

"As I'm sure you all know, the Pyke Syndicate are mustering troops in Mos Espa. They have slowly absorbed our planet as part of their spice trade. They have bribed the Mayor and are draining Tatooine of its wealth."
―Boba Fett, to the three ruling families of Mos Espa[78]

Fett offers Krrsantan a job.

Soon after, Fett and Shand were informed by Skad that at least a dozen Pykes had arrived in Mos Espa. Fett told him to keep an eye on them before Shand ended the transmission. Shand pointed out that this was only the first wave and that the Pykes were going to war, to which Fett said that they would be ready.[88] After one final healing session, Fett was informed by Shand that the majordomo was confessing, but the Mayor remained missing. As such, the Mods began combing the streets of Mos Espa in search of him. Despite this, Fett still insisted on going to Mos Espa himself to make his presence known and showing off his power. He then returned to the Sanctuary and witnessed Fwip try and fail to talk down Krrsantan from ripping a Trandoshan's arm off. Following this, Fett greeted the Wookiee on the street and told him that he looked like he could use a job, to which Krrsantan obliged.[78]

Upon returning to his palace, Fett hosted a dinner for the heads of Mos Espa's three ruling families. Fett explained that he was there to make a proposal in light of the Pyke Syndicate vying for control of Tatooine. When the head of the Klatooinian family threatened to simply kill Fett and take what he wanted, he and the rest of the attendants were frightened by the rancor calf directly beneath them. After giving the rancor a scrap of food, Fett asked his guests to remain seated while he made his proposal. He proposed forming a defensive alliance with the families until the Pyke Syndicate was vanquished. The Klatooinian then pointed out that the Pykes were only after Fett's territory and asked why the families should spill their blood for Fett's feud with them. To this, Fett claimed that he would fight off the Pykes himself and that he only asked for the families to remain neutral if the Pykes approached them to betray him. The families then agreed to Fett's proposal before taking their leave. As Fett and Shand watched the families depart, Shand asked Fett if he trusted them, to which Fett answered that he trusted them to work in their own self-interest. When Shand asked him how much treasure they had in reserve, Fett assured her that he had plenty of credits, though he was short on muscle. Shand replied that credits could buy muscle if one knew where to look.[78]


Fennec Shand invited Din Djarin to aid Boba Fett in his fight against the Pykes.

Shand travelled to Peli Motto's hangar to recruit Din Djarin. Djarin accepted the offer, but asked to travel to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple to see Grogu first. Meanwhile in his palace, Fett had arranged a meeting with members of his criminal empire, figuring out the best course of action to defeat the Pyke Syndicate. When Fett was unsure where to find foot soldiers, Djarin travelled to Freetown to recruit Cobb Vanth and his people. Vanth considered the offer, valuing the freedom of his town. Meanwhile, the Pyke Syndicate sent two enforcers to plant a bomb in the sanctuary in order to send a message. They successfully accomplished this, killing Garsa Fwip and many other patrons. After this, Fett realized that the war had begun.

War for Mos Espa

Ruins of the Sanctuary
"We are at war."
"It was inevitable."
"Even if we win, there might not be anything left of this city."
―Boba Fett, and Fennec Shand[89]

Fett and his allies travelled to investigate the bombed-out remains of the Sanctuary. Fett finally realized that they were at war, to which Shand replied that it was inevitable. Fett expressed his concerns that nothing would be left of Mos Espa even if they win. The pair were soon joined by Din Djarin, Drash, and Skad. Djarin informed the group that he spoke to Marshal Cobb Vanth of Freetown, who was raising a garrison to assist in the fight against the Pyke Syndicate in exchange for the elimination of the spice trade. Shand protested that Vanth's demand was not free since spice was a large part of the late Jabba's business. Djarin replied that is what the town wanted. Despite Shand's protest that they can make a lot of money from spice, Fett agreed to these terms, believing that Mos Espa could become a prosperous city under their protection and said that spice was killing their people. Fett told Djarin to convey that Freetown was under his protection. Fett suggested that he tell Cobb Vanth himself when he comes with reinforcements.[89]

When Fett asked if Vanth would come, Djarin vouched for him. Since they were outnumbered, Fett stressed that without Vanth's reinforcements they were doomed and said that they needed to buy time. Fett initially proposed waiting for reinforcements within the palace. However, Skad thought that this is a bad idea and proposed waiting for reinforcements in Mos Espa. Fett initially dismissed the idea of taking position in Mos Espa. However, Drash insisted that they stay because the people of Mos Espa need their protection. Fett ultimately decided to stay in Mos Espa.[89]

Unexpected reunion
"I thought I smelled something. If you're looking for a job, you're late."
"I've already got a job. I'm here to negotiate on behalf of the Pyke Syndicate."
"I don't negotiate with gutless murderers."
"If that's not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy."
―Boba Fett and Cad Bane[89]

In the ruins of the Sanctuary, Shand briefed Fett and Djarin about her plan to send their people to patrol Mos Espa to keep an eye on the Syndicate's next move and avoid surprises. Shand believed that the truce that Fett negotiated with the Mos Espa crime families will ensure that they remain neutral and allow them to gain the upper hand over the arriving soldiers. Shand explained that she had deployed the two Gamorrean guards at the Klatooinian territory in star port, Krrsantan in front of city hall within the Trandoshan territory, and the Mods in the Worker's District and the Aqualish Quarter. Shand believed that their flanks were covered and that the arrival of the Freetown forces would give them the forces required to pivot their strength to whatever region the Pykes chose to attack.[89]

Despite their measures, 8D8 reported that someone had arrived to meet with Fett. Fett was surprised that someone had managed to sneak up on their position. They took up position as Fett left to meet with the visitor, Cad Bane, Fett's old mentor who he had not seen for decades. Fett remarked that he thought he had smelled something, before telling Bane that if he was looking for a job, he was too late. Bane replied that he was working for the Pyke Syndicate, who had sent him to negotiate on their behalf. Fett refused to negotiate with Bane, whom he regarded as a "gutless murderer". Bane accused Fett of hypocrisy, stating "if that's not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy." Fett told Bane to clear out and inform the Pykes that they were outnumbered. Bane responded that he had met with Marshal Vanth, adding that Fett should have never left him without his armor. As Shand and Djarin took up position, Bane warned them that he also had backshooters. Two Pykes emerged on a balcony. Bane told Fett to let the spice flow through Mos Espa to avoid trouble.[89]

Fett rejected Bane's terms and responded that he would only negotiate directly with the Syndicate's head. Bane revealed it was the Syndicate who murdered his Tusken tribe. This nearly goaded Fett into the first shot, but ultimately he was convinced by Shand to stand down and begin the battle on their own terms. Fett wanted to fight Bane but listened to Shand's reasoning. Fett told Bane to tell his client that negotiations were terminated. Before leaving, Bane claimed that Fett had gone soft with age. Fett responded that everyone does.[89]

Standing with Djarin
"I suppose you'll be heading out."
"I'm not."
" You should."
"It's against the Creed. I gave you my word. I'm with you until we both fall."
―Boba Fett, and Din Djarin[89]

Shortly later, Drash called Fett on the comms and reports that the locals had turned on them despite the treaty previously established. The Aqualish family ambushed the Mods, cornering them in an alley. Fett attempted to touch base with Krrsantan, who had been attacked by the Trandoshan family in the city center. The Gamorreans then tried to contact Fett, but were soon pushed off a cliff by the members of the Klatoonian family. With few options remaining, Fett confirmed with Shaiz' majordomo the location of the Syndicate's base in Mos Eisley—the Desert Survey Office—and sent Shand to confront the Pyke Syndicate's enforcer. The Syndicate forces began to move into position around the Sanctuary. Fett offered Djarin the opportunity to leave, though Djarin refused to abandon his friend despite the odds. Djarin stated that they had two choices. The first option was to wait until they got into position, before launching a siege on their terms. The second option was to rush out and escape on the ship in Boba's palace. Fett refused to abandon Mos Espa since the people were counting on him. Djarin decided that they would fight together and both die in the name of honor. When Fett asked if he were sure he wanted to stay, Djarin replied that it was the way.[89]

The Twi'lek majordomo volunteered to go out and try to speak to the Pykes and negotiate their freedom and surrender on Fett's behalf. Fett appeared to agree and wrote out his terms on the majordomo's pad. The majordomo emerged before the Pyke soldiers gathered in front of the Sanctuary and began to read out the "terms of surrender" Fett wrote out to the Pyke commander: "You will leave this planet and your spice trade. If you refuse these terms, the arid sands of Tatooine will once again flourish with flowered fields fertilized with the bodies of your dead." As the Pyke commander lifted his blaster, the majordomo reminded him that those were Fett's words. Fett and Djarin soared in on their jetpacks and began to gun the Syndicate soldiers down, standing together as friends, as brothers. With the advantage afforded by their Mandalorian armor, weapons and surprise strike, Fett and Djarin took down many soldiers of the Syndicate on their own. Djarin also deployed his whistling birds, taking down several Pykes. However, the numbers proved to be too much even for them and numerous blaster shots slowly began to take them down.[89]

Unexpected reinforcements soon arrived in the form of the people from Freetown in a large armored speeder. The surviving members of the Mods arrived and together they managed to drive the Pykes back. Drash and Skad took up position with Fett, Djarin and the people of Freetown. When a Freetowner remarked that they were here to save the tails of cityfolk, Fett told her to save it for the Pykes. They were soon joined by an injured Krrsantan, who subdued several Pykes even in his weakened state. Fett helped him to safety while Djarin provided covering fire. Fett was pleased to see Krrsantan and promised him a nice long soak in the bacta tank following the battle. Taanti told the defenders that the Pykes were falling back. The fighters began cheering but Djarin detected two approaching Scorpenek annihilator droids through his helmet's scanner. He warned them not to celebrate yet because they had "real problems".[89]

Turning the tide
"Do it."
―Boba Fett, ordering his rancor to execute a Scorpnek droid[89]

The two Scorpenek droids advanced on Fett's forces line, unable to be stopped by blasters and even Fett's missiles due to their powerful deflector shields. The armored vehicle they'd been using for cover was soon destroyed, forcing them to flee. Fett and Djarin attempted to take the Scorpeneks on, to little avail due to their powerful shield generators. Even the Darksaber was incapable of piercing through their shields. Fett and Djarin discussed their options, ruling out both energy and kinetic weapons due to the large collateral effect on Mos Espa. With instructions for Djarin to protect the others, Fett left for further reinforcements.[89]

As carnage continued to ensue in the city, Fett soon arrived back on his rancor to rescue the others. The rancor slammed the Scorpenek droid into a building, which crumbled under the weight of the war machine. The rancor converged on the ruins of the building. The Scorpenek droid emerged with its shields deactivated, before the rancor once again pummeled the weakened droid, which put up a fierce fight and inflicted several scratches on the rancor. Fett helped by firing at the Scorpenek. The second Scorpenek fired a volley of laser bolts at the rancor. However, the rancor's tough hide absorbed most of the blasts and it resumed the fight. As the Mods and Freetown garrison watched, the rancor ripped one of the gun turret arms off the Scorpenek. After piercing through its red central processing sensor, the rancor ripped the droid apart by pulling off its limbs.[89]

Stand-off with Bane
"You gave it a shot. You tried to go straight. But you've got your father's blood pumping through your veins. You're a killer."
―Cad Bane, to Boba Fett[89]

While destroying the second Scorpenek, the rancor fought several Pykes. Fett killed one while the rancor took care of the second Pyke, swallowing it whole. Bane arrived and scared the rancor with fire from his vambraces, causing it to throw Fett and flee into the streets of Mos Espa. The two warriors squared off. Fett told Bane to clear out and to take his "hoodlum gang" with him. Bane admitted that he didn't understand Fett's motivations, and asked what his angle was. Fett stated that he wouldn't abandon the city and his people. Bane tried to goad Fett by mentioning the Tuskens, to which Fett told Bane that he wouldn't let him toy with him since he is no longer a young boy. Bane pointed out that despite his age, he was still faster. Fett stood his ground however, before Bane initiated a duel, shooting the Daimyo.[89]

With swift shots, Bane took Fett down and pinned him to the ground, and called him a killer just like his father was. Bane taunted Fett that this is not the first time he had beaten him on a job. He ripped Fett's helmet off and prepared to kill Fett, and told him that this was his final lesson and that anything else was weakness. Before Bane can shoot, Fett knocked him away with his gaderffii stick. The tides now turned, Fett defeated Bane, knocking him to the ground. Bane stated that he always knew Fett was a killer, before activating his flamethrower against him. Fett knocked the weapon out the away, and stabbed Bane through the chest. Taking in what Bane had said, Fett understood that his journey was not yet complete, whilst staring down at the body of his old mentor. Leaving the Duros mercenary dead on the street, Fett walked away to assist his allies.[89]

A town at peace
"Why must everyone bow at me?"
"It's better than shooting."
"Are those my only two choices?"
"When you run the town, it is."
―Boba Fett, and Fennec Shand[89]

Unbeknownst to Fett however, the war had finished. Fett soon caught up with Shand and Djarin, before thanking Djarin's for his services. Fett and Shand then walked the streets, which the townsfolk were working together to clear and rebuild. Many stopped to bow and greet him, all of which he returned. Fett lamented having to move his right arm, but stated his bacta tank was in use when Shand told him to take a soak. When Fett grumbled about people bowing to him, Shand pointed out that he should be glad they bow to him, rather than shooting at him. A group of children then offered them Meiloorun fruits, one of which Fett accepts. Krrsantan, the Mods and the LEP-series rat catcher meet up with the duo in the street.[89]

Missions on Batuu

Sometime after the victory at Mos Espa, Fett and Shand traveled to Black Spire Outpost on Batuu[90] on a mission,[91] looking for hidden Pyke Syndicate members and recruiting to the Fett gotra.[90] Fett was reunited with Djarin and Grogu, as they walked through the streets together and interacted with the locals.[92] At another point, when Djarin returned to Mos Eisley to ask Peli Motto for an IG-series memory circuit, Motto jokingly asked if Djarin had come to depose Fett.[93]


Fett was remembered as one of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy, with a reputation and legacy that eclipsed even his father's.[94]

Following the Battle of Crait[39] in 34 ABY,[95] Hondo Ohnaka mentioned Fett in his book titled the Galactic Explorer's Guide, including him in the "Rogue's Gallery" section for Bespin. He also included a poster of Fett and information on Slave I in the planet's section as well, mentioning that the ship had been owned by Jango, Sing, himself, and then Boba.[39]

During the First Order-Resistance War, Dok-Ondar told a stormtrooper sergeant and his troops about how he came to buy Ki-Adi-Mundi's lightsaber, events that briefly involved Fett.[47] During the same war, Rey lied to bounty hunter Kief Varris that Fett, along with other bounty hunters had attempted to capture Moebin Faltus at one point.[96]

Personality and traits

The young bounty hunter

"No one of true importance would lower themselves to trade with a mere boy."
"Boy? You have no idea who you're talking to. I have been in charge of this whole operation—"
"You have no idea who you are talking to."
―Asajj Ventress and Boba Fett[34]
Boba Fett Mugshot SaV

Boba Fett's mugshot

As a child, Boba developed a strong bond with his father, learning much from Jango's years as a bounty hunter.[3] Boba was suspicious of Obi-Wan Kenobi upon the Jedi Knight's arrival on Kamino, recognizing him as a potential threat to both himself and Jango. He took pleasure in fighting Kenobi both on Kamino and in orbit of Geonosis, expressing joy at the thought that the Jedi had been killed.[6] His personality hardened after Jango's death, as a traumatized Boba swore vengeance on Mace Windu, yet he did not take any pleasure in the collateral damage wrought by his mission.[7] His better nature eventually won over in honor of his father's memory, as Boba turned against his bounty hunting allies and allowed himself to be taken into the custody of the Galactic Republic. Despite realizing the errors of his ways, he swore he would never forgive Windu for the murder of his father.[33]

During the Clone Wars, Boba expressed aversion to being compared to clone troopers. He did not want to see himself as being the same as other young clones or a clone in general, as he saw himself as Jango Fett's son.[7] He nonetheless did not care to harm the clones,[33] and briefly considered leaving his bounty hunter companions to stay with the other young clones who escaped the Endurance.[7]

After being released from prison and forming a bounty hunter team, Fett became somewhat more ruthless than he had been previously, focused on achieving the goals of his mission. During the mission to Quarzite, Fett wanted to hand Pluma Sodi over to Otua Blank, despite her pleas for mercy. Only Ventress's betrayal allowed Sodi to escape.[34]

As a child, Fett stood at 1.35 meters, or 4 feet, 5 inches tall.[4]

Adult life

Imperial Era

"You can't leave me out here, Boba. I'm cold-blooded. I won't sssurvive."
"Cold-blooded. Huh. Funny thing about that, Bossk. So am I."
―Bossk and Boba Fett[70]

Boba Fett's skill made him a legendary bounty hunter.

As the years went by and the Clone Wars gave way to the reign of the Galactic Empire, Fett became known for his lethality[28] and extreme methods,[97] even displaying trophies of his prey on his armor.[28] During the Imperial Era,[98] the confident bounty hunter[29] had a penchant for disintegrations[98] and proved to be ruthless, willing to kill those who had wronged him.[67] He was still able to find enjoyment in life, particularly enjoying the surprise less experienced hunters showed at his mere presence.[48] While working on Carajam, Fett received a reputation as a hunter of criminals after saving a village, but he insisted that he was only interested in pursuing bounties regardless of the ideals of his victims.[12]

Beyond becoming one of Jabba the Hutt's favorite bounty hunters,[67] Fett also realized the Hutt may have considered him the closest person in his life to a friend,[48] though Jabba referred to Fett as his "pup."[99] In truth, Jabba had his only friend in Ephant Mon.[40]

Still, on some nights, if everyone else in the palace was asleep, Jabba shared a bottle of gardulla with Fett and, after waking up Max Rebo and ordering him to play a sad song, tell private, personal stories to Fett. Even though he made sure to never take off his blaster, the bounty hunter agreed to his boss's request, taking off his helmet and listening. Though Fett could never understand what Jabba was telling him, he found the Hutt's company tolerable, considering how much the crime lord paid him for work.[48]

Additionally, Fett continued to hold his father, Jango, in high regard even during his adult years.[20] He remained haunted by his death, remembering himself as a child holding his father's helmet on Geonosis after signing up for the Nar Shaddaa fighting ring under Jango's name.[66] When the Slave I was slightly damaged by 4-LOM and Zuckuss on Nar Shaddaa, he deemed it to be a slight against both himself and his father.[67]

After the Empire

"Living with the Tuskens has made you soft."
"No, its made me strong. You can only get so far without a tribe."
―Fennec Shand and Boba Fett[78]

Boba Fett emerged from the Tusken tribe a changed man.

In the time after the Empire's fall and after escaping the sarlacc pit, Fett had mellowed considerably[20] because of his time with the Tusken tribe; after spending his life working for employers who led him to near death experiences, Fett realized most crime lords in the galaxy had no loyalty to their hired hands, while the tribe he had spent years with had respected and accepted him. Certain that he could do better than the crime lords who jumped into situations without thinking them through, Fett set out to form his own crime family, stating it would be an organization that would respect its members and protect their lives. As he told Fennec Shand, crime families built without both "brains and muscle" had killed many of "[their] kind," so he was tired of letting "the idiocy of others" bring his fellows to their deaths. He believed that he needed to build a crime family that instead emulated the tribe he had been a part of.[78]

He no longer isolated himself from others; he willingly saved Fennec's life and accepted her partnership. In addition, Fett had gained a sense of honor and humility, viewing himself as a simple man making ends meet.[20] After fulfilling his part of the deal he had made with the Mandalorian Din Djarin, he went back to Tatooine and killed the crime lord Bib Fortuna, who had taken Jabba's Palace, and took over the palace's throne[87] to establish a criminal empire that would offer loyalty and respect.[78] When asked by Djarin about whether or not he followed the Mandalorian way, Fett replied that he swore allegiance to no one, indicating that he retained his profound sense of independence. Still, after Djarin formally recognized Fett's ownership of his Mandalorian armor, the bounty hunter honored the deal they had made earlier and promised to help the Mandalorian rescue Grogu after the latter was kidnapped, displaying a strong code of honor.[20]


Boba Fett wearing his reacquired and repainted armor

After losing his armor, which had once belonged to his father, Fett was determined to reclaim it, despite not identifying himself as Mandalorian. During his negotiations with Djarin, the bounty hunter repeatedly pointed out that the armor was previously his father's possession, showing a desire to preserve and protect Jango's legacy.[20] Upon encountering Bo-Katan Kryze, who claimed that he was not a Mandalorian, Fett acknowledged her statement, as he did not consider himself a true Mandalorian, but declared that he had the right to bear the armor as it had belonged to his father, who had been a Mandalorian foundling. When Kryze referred to Jango as his "donor" due to his clone origins, Fett responded with hostility, angered by her mockery of his father. He quickly engaged in a brief scuffle with Kryze's partner, Koska Reeves, before the fight was broken up by Kryze herself.[87]

Skills and abilities

"The only time I fail is if you hired me to fail."
―Boba Fett[11]

With or without his armor, Fett had the skill to defeat multiple opponents.

Boba's talents as a bounty hunter were infamous across the galaxy, and he became well-known to galactic fugitives who had bounties on their heads. From a young age, Boba was trained by his father in combat skills, both in hand-to-hand combat and weapons, able to handle a blaster at a young age while being deadly in battle scenarios.[3] Boba helped Jango fight against Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino, displaying his ability to utilize the heavy weapons on Slave I.[6] His skills grew throughout the years,[34] and despite his body condition, was still capable of using strategy, tactics and brute force to make short work of a stormtrooper contingent with a gaderffii stick.[20] He displayed an affinity for leadership as he formed his own syndicate of bounty hunters.[9] He also commanded the loyalty to those close to him, such as Bossk,[35] and could communicate in Fett Code with his father, Jango.[6]


Vehicles of choice

"Honestly, we're lucky he got away. Fett's flying Slave One."
―Lando Calrissian, to Chewbacca[61]

Being the pilot of Slave I, Boba Fett was nearly inescapable.

After Jango's death, Boba took possession of Slave I,[7] though he lost the ship on Florrum for a time.[33] Instead, while running the Krayt's Claw, Fett and his crew used[34] Bossk's personal starship,[100] the Hound's Tooth.[34] Later, Fett reclaimed the Slave I, which he would use throughout the following years of his bounty hunting career.[13] The ship was already a viciously effective and heavily customized craft when his father had piloted it, meaning it already suited a professional bounty hunter's needs, but Boba went onto apply his own upgrades to his distinctive starship. The manifold capabilities of Slave I, ranging from a stolen military-grade jamming and masking device to its duo of short-range twin blaster cannons, meant it was among the most dangerous aspects of Fett's arsenal as he tracked bounties throughout the galaxy. Once Fett had found his prey, if the bounty needed to be brought in alive, he could place the quarry into one of the ship's prisoner cages, which were equipped with six immobilizing bunks.[101]

This vessel became iconic throughout the galaxy, known to fugitives as the ship of the feared bounty hunter.[102] Over his career, Fett used the overwhelming firepower of the Slave I to ruthlessly annihilate other heavy armed craft, including those of fellow hunters. In fact, even gunboats were unable to stand against Fett's starship, with the bounty hunter reducing them to blasted wreckage with its hidden weaponry before they could even respond.[101] Using an ion blast fired from[87] the twin blaster cannons and the ship's tractor beams, Fett was also able to board or easily destroy a smaller vessel. Even ships that were more powerful than the Slave I were susceptible to the tractor beams, allowing Fett to latch onto enemy craft and become virtually inescapable.[101] Fett rode a quadruped droid mount while pursuing bounties on Carajam.[12]

Mandalorian armor

"You are a disgrace to your armor."
"This armor belonged to my father."
"Don't you mean your donor?"
―Bo-Katan Kryze and Boba Fett[87]

Fett was armed with Mandalorian armor, a Z-6 jetpack, and an EE-3 carbine rifle in addition to an array of other weaponry.

During his early bounty hunting career, Boba had his own unique, red and grey armor, including a helmet and twin blaster pistols.[33] As his career continued, Boba donned Jango's Mandalorian armor. Unlike Jango's armor, Boba changed the color of the armor to mostly green—and battered and covered in marks from blaster fire. He regularly wore a Z-6 jetpack and carried an EE-3 carbine rifle. His vambraces were equipped with a flamethrower, concussion rockets, vibroblades, a whipcord launcher, and a wrist laser. Inside the kneepads were rocket dart launchers, and the shoulders were adorned with braids that Boba displayed as trophies of defeated prey.[28]

Imperial Security Bureau Agent Andressa Divo, who believed Fett was not of Mandalorian heritage, noted in Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious that, despite there not being a shortage of knockoff Mandalorian gear in circulation among the bounty hunting profession, she believed that Fett's gear was authentic.[103]

Tusken garb and weapons


Boba Fett adorned in the garb presented to him by his adopted Tusken tribe.

After losing his armor to the Jawas, Fett found himself with only a white under suit,[16] which he continued to wear as he lived with the Tusken tribe who took him in. For the raid on the Pyke train, Fett stole several speeder bikes from the Kintan Striders Gang to catch up to the vehicle. After proving himself by leading the raid, Fett undertook[15] a vision quest[84] from which he secured a wortwood tree branch. Under the guidance of the Tuskens, Fett crafted it into his own personal gaderffii stick[15] that served him as an effective weapon.[20] He was further dressed in a black garb by the Tuskens.[15] He also came to wield a cycler rifle.[82] After losing the Tribe[78] and until he regained his armor, Fett continued to wear that gear.[20] After regaining his armor, he continued to make use of his gaderffii stick.[89]

Behind the scenes



"I approached playing Boba Fett as a Clint Eastwood-style character in a spaghetti western, with mannerisms expressing a sense of extreme self-confidence. I used macho posing, tossed his rifle across his body from one hand to another, and — in one particular scene — adjusted the fingers of his glove before gesturing with his hand." - John Celestri, on animating Fett's first appearance in The Star Wars Holiday Special[104]

Boba Fett was first introduced in The Star Wars Holiday Special, a two hour long holiday-themed television movie special in the year 1978.[105] His first canonical appearance was in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, where he was portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch and John Morton. He was voiced in The Empire Strikes Back by Jason Wingreen,[106] before his voice was over-dubbed by Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones as well as Jango's clones in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, for the 2004 DVD release of the original trilogy.[107] Bulloch reprised the role for Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. The character was also added into the 1997 Special Edition of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[49] For Attack of the Clones, young Boba Fett was portrayed by Daniel Logan,[6] who also voiced the character in his multiple appearances on the television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[7] Jon Hamm voiced Fett for the audiobook adaptation of the story "Added Muscle".[108] In The Mandalorian Season 2, Morrison portrayed the character for the first time on-screen,[82] after previously voicing him in The Empire Strikes Back[107] and portraying his father Jango in Episode II.[6] In "Chapter 14: The Tragedy," Kirk Jenkins served as a stunt double.[20] Scott Lang and Eddie Perez served as stunt doubles in "Chapter 16: The Rescue."[87] Morrison voiced Fett once again for the 2023 video game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.[45]

Fett appeared in the Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures short, Jabba the Hutt - Galactic Gangster, which depicted him, at some point after the capture of Han Solo, returning to Jabba's Palace to deposit an Aqualish captive to the Hutt crime lord.[109] As the Galaxy of Adventures shorts are not supposed to be viewed as literal canon events,[110] it is not included in the biography section of this article. On May 4, 2015, a costume of Boba Fett was added to The Sims 4 for playable Sims to wear in-game. The costume is purely cosmetic and offers no gameplay changes.[111]

Actor Temeura Morrison has stated in an interview that he sought to reduce Boba Fett's amount of dialogue during filming of The Book of Boba Fett, so as to keep the character mysterious. To that end, he asked that some of his dialogue be given to his co-star Ming-Na Wen, who plays Fennec Shand in the show.[112]

Unconfirmed fate

"Boba Fett was just another one of the minions, another one of the bounty hunters and bad guys. But, he became such a favorite of everybody's that, for having such a small part, he had a very large presence."
―George Lucas, in the Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi DVD commentary[65]

Early concept artwork of Boba Fett

Despite his brief appearances in the original trilogy, with only four lines of dialogue in The Empire Strikes Back, Boba became a popular character amongst Star Wars fans, which surprised series creator George Lucas. On the DVD commentary for Return of the Jedi, Lucas stated that if he had known Boba would be a popular character, he would have made the character's death in Return of the Jedi more exciting. Lucas contemplated adding a scene in Return of the Jedi where Boba climbed out of the sarlacc pit, especially in light of the character's story in Attack of the Clones, but ultimately decided against it because he thought that the audience would believe that Fett would appear later in the film if this scene had been seen.[113] However, on July 16, 2014, Star Wars author and historian Jonathan W. Rinzler stated in a Reddit AMA that Lucas has said that Boba also survived the sarlacc in the new canon.[114] This was officially confirmed when Fett appeared in "Chapter 14: The Tragedy" of The Mandalorian Season Two.[82] Fett's escape would later be seen in "Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land" of The Book of Boba Fett.

Planned storylines

Reversal of fate

Fett escapes from the sarlacc in the Star Wars Legends continuity.

According to Gary Kurtz, during the early development of the original trilogy, when Lucas envisioned the whole story of Star Wars in four trilogies and twelve films, he conceived Fett as the main antagonist of Return of the Jedi, because Darth Sidious was originally planned to be introduced in Star Wars: Episode IX.[115] However, after Lucas decided to not make a third trilogy, Fett's role in Jedi was changed to a relatively minor role.[116]

During the development of the prequel trilogy, at one point Lucas considered depicting Anakin Skywalker and Fett as stepbrothers, possibly referencing their alliance in The Empire Strikes Back, but discounted it as "too hokey".[117] In continuing to develop the character in the prequel films, Lucas closed some avenues for expanding the character's story while opening others.[118] Also, for a time, Lucas considered including Fett in the story of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Fett was meant to participate during the Great Jedi Purge as the killer of Mace Windu instead of Darth Sidious, via shooting him with his blaster while he was escaping from some stormtroopers, ending his vendetta against him due to the death of Jango once and for all. Eventually, Lucas decided to not add Fett to the story, saying that he would be "too young" (he would have been 13 years at that point) and that he was not necessary to be involved in Anakin's fall.[119] The concept, however, was loosely reworked later in some episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Ironically, George Lucas originally placed off-limits the possibility to use Fett in the show when writer Henry Gilroy was writing the show bible, but by the time of the next meeting, Lucas changed his mind and Fett was allowed to be used in the series.[120]

Before the cancelation of The Clone Wars TV series, Boba Fett was set to make an appearance during a four-episode arc starring him and Cad Bane. The two were going to team up for a "rescue mission" on Tatooine where Tusken Raiders had kidnapped a child. It would emphasize Boba's and Cad's relation to one another as Cad had known Jango. During this arc, Boba would don his green armor for the first time.[121] In a clip revealed during the Animated Origins and Unexpected Fates panel at Celebration Orlando in 2017, Cad Bane and other Bounty Hunters had ended an insurrection by Fett. To finish it, Fett and Bane engaged in a stand-off duel, which would have resulted in Fett getting the dent on his helmet.[122]

During the initial development of Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, Bulloch expressed interest in reprising his role as Fett, but in the end, Fett didn't appear in the film.[123]

Star Wars Hong Kong announced on Facebook that Boba Fett would return in The Mandalorian Season Three, however the post was later deleted.[124] Fett ultimately did not appear in the season.

Star Wars: Visions

Fett also appeared in the 2021 anime series Star Wars: Visions, appearing in its second episode, "Tatooine Rhapsody." Produced by Studio Colorido and set at some point during the Imperial Era, Temuera Morrison returned to the role of Boba Fett once more in the English dub.[125]

When Geezer Odajion, a member of the Hutt Clan left the syndicate to form a band called Star Waver, Jabba hired Boba to capture the rogue Hutt and bring him to Tatooine for execution. Along with a few other bounty hunters, Boba tracked down the band during a concert and attempted to bring in Odajion. But Odajion and the band fought off their attackers and made a hasty escape, only for Boba to follow them in Slave I. Eventually, Boba found the band again and threatened to kill Odajion's companions if he didn't come with him. Odajion then surrendered and left with Boba in his starship en route to Tatooine. Boba returned Odajion to Jabba, who prepared for him to be publicly executed. Star Waver however soon made a deal with Jabba to allow them to perform one last song with Odajion. Odajion and his band then performed to the approval of the crowd. But before Odajion could be killed, Jay, the band's vocalist asked Jabba to spare Odajion and become the band's first sponsor. Jabba agreed and Odajion was spared, allowing the band to continue playing as Boba found himself enjoying their music.[125]


"Boba Fett! Please, we need your help! And we've seen what you do—you hunt bad men, murderers, criminals"
"No…I hunt bounties."
―Stallo and Boba Fett speak during the Imperial Era[12]

Boba Fett during his days as a Daimyo, by which point he operated with respect and honor after his time in the Sarlacc and with the Tuskens.

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, New Edition states that, over the years, Boba Fett developed a code of honor and only took on missions that fit his harsh sense of judgment.[126] Star Wars Helmet Collection 2 states that Fett always picked his targets according to his personal code of honor.[127] In Age of Rebellion - Boba Fett 1, Stallo assumes Fett hunts "bad men," criminals, and murderers. However, Fett denies this and reveals he simply hunts bounties, implying he has no moral code. Fett then points his blaster rifle at Stallo, intending to collect a bounty on him.[12] Star Wars: The Galactic Explorer's Guide later stated that Fett had no code except for the conditions for bringing in a target and how many credits the bounty was worth.[39]

The Mandalorian, set after Fett fell into the sarlacc, later portrayed Fett with an honor code.[20] When Fett was given his own series in The Book of Boba Fett, the series showcased Fett's change in character through its flashbacks; as established in "Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm," Fett's outlook had changed because honor-less employers had nearly gotten him killed one too many times and living with a tribe of Tusken Raiders taught him the value in working with others.[78]

Although Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition stated that Fett and Bossk escaped from the Republic Detention Center,[27] Star Wars: The Secrets of the Bounty Hunters later stated that they were released.[8] Speaking about Fett in specific, The Star Wars Book also stated he was "released" from Republic custody.[94]


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