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Boba Fett 1-6 - German box set

Boba Fett is a series of young reader books published by Scholastic and written by Terry Bisson (Books 1 and 2) and Elizabeth Hand (Books 3 through 6). The series, illustrated by Peter Bollinger, was about Boba Fett's teenage years, taking place between Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The series explains how Boba begins his career as one of the galaxy's greatest bounty hunters.


After the Battle of Geonosis, Boba buries his father and tries to escape. All that he has left of his father are his armor and a "book" that Jango left to help instruct him in the event of his death. Fett attempts to return to Kamino, but he realizes that no place is safe for him after Jango's death. Aurra Sing gives Fett to Darth Tyranus, who gives Sing Slave I as payment. He is taken to Raxus Prime to meet with Tyranus, and the Sith Lord attempts to detain his young charge, but a Republic attack allows Fett to escape.

Boba is taken by clone troopers and sent to an orphanage on Bespin. He manages to escape with Sing, who had come searching for the boy, in order to gain access to Jango Fett's large bank account on Aargau.

On Aargau, Fett loses 500,000 credits of his father's money due to the betrayal of a Clawdite named Nuri, but receives the rest. While on Aargau, Boba manages to elude Aurra Sing after she fails to steal Jango's credits, stealing back Slave I for himself in the process. Jango's "book" tells Fett to visit Jabba the Hutt, but Fett has a run-in with the dangerous Separatist Commander Durge, who attacks him out of hatred of all Mandalorians.

After this encounter, Fett goes on the run, managing to secure a minor bounty on an assassin before reaching safety on Tatooine. Once there, Boba finds himself in the custody of Jabba the Hutt himself. One of the reasons Jabba accepts Boba is to repay the favor Jango Fett did him by apparently killing Gardulla the Hutt a decade earlier. While working for Jabba the Hutt, Boba befriends one of Jabba's cooks, Gab'borah Hise, and his daughter, Ygabba, whom he had rescued after first arriving on Tatooine. In gratitude, the two have Jango Fett's body armor re-sized to fit the young Boba's frame.

Gilramos Libkath is the first bounty assigned to Boba by Jabba. Jabba, however, had also assigned the bounty to Durge as well. Boba is given the advantage over Durge of already knowing where to start looking for Libkath, who had been the master of Ygabba and the underfed child thieves that had been responsible for stealing his helmet only a day before. After receiving the assignment, Boba, realizing he had been left with no weapons, seeks out Gab'borah, who gives him a jetpack and directions to leave the Dune Sea. Boba quickly realizes as he flies over the Dune Sea that he wouldn't make the trip to Mos Espa with just a jetpack, and quickly stows away aboard one of Jabba's cargo barges heading towards the city. Once he arrives in Mos Espa, he flees Durge's pursuit. After some evasive maneuvering, only to find Durge waiting ahead of him, Boba makes his escape by using the reflection from Tatooine's twin suns on Durge's armor as a blind spot, where he dips low into the streets and alleys of Mos Espa. There he locates Gilramos's hideout and follows the voice of his prey to a central location of the crashed starship. Boba initiates the looming confrontation, striking Libkath in the back of the head with the toss of a brick. Suddenly, Durge arrives, ready to take both the bounty and Boba. The young bounty hunter, still unarmed, skillfully manages to escape using his jetpack, but not before stealing Libkath's hat, which represented prestige to the Neimoidian and proof to Jabba of the bounty. Durge fires at Boba, and one of his stray blaster bolts strikes a fuel cell, covering Fett's escape and killing Libkath in the process.

Boba's subsequent hunt for Jhordvar is short but intense, leading Boba to the Dune Sea. After the betrayer had refused his offer to accompany him back to Jabba's palace, Boba decides to kill the Noghri assassin, but is caught in a sandstorm, delaying his return to Jabba. He stays in Jhordvar's lair, leaving the body out to wither away in the sand, but takes his hands back to Jabba as proof of the contract. Jabba then gives Boba the ring of Jhordvar as part of his payment.

Jabba also gives Boba his first off-world assignment: hunting Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor at his base on Xagobah, a planet under assault by the Grand Army of the Republic. Fett successfully sneaks past both attack forces and manages to get inside the fortress, but the arrival of General Grievous foils his plans. Young Fett only survives the confrontation by faking his own death by using the xabar fungus, which causes temporary paralysis. He is taken by two battle droids to be incinerated, but he awakes in time and was able to escape the fortress, albeit with neither Tambor or Grievous in his custody.

Fett pursues the Separatist leaders in Slave I, but the ship is damaged in a dogfight with Asajj Ventress. Slave I is saved from destruction by Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker, who drives off Ventress. After forcing Slave I to land on a nearby moon, Skywalker meets Fett for the first time. Knowing that Fett was obviously not a Separatist, Skywalker assists Boba in repairing his ship. During this time, Boba repaints his armor into a green color scheme, thus making it his own. Although Skywalker is intent on taking Fett in for violating air space in a Republic-controlled military zone, Boba convinces him that he had information vital to the Republic's survival that he would only tell the Supreme Chancellor. He would trade this information in order to get close to the one person he hated the most—the Jedi who had killed his father on Geonosis, Mace Windu.

After being escorted to Coruscant by Governor Tarkin, Boba finally acquires his second and final chance at Mace Windu. Boba follows and waits for the Jedi in the Supreme Chancellor's chambers. Boba engages Mace Windu in combat but cannot kill the Jedi Master. The two stand, battered and wounded, each ready to deliver a final blow with their weapons. However, the fight is halted by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine before either one can make a move. Boba privately gives Palpatine his information—that Dooku is Darth Tyranus—but is surprised to learn that the Chancellor already knows. Palpatine had also known that Boba would hunt down Mace Windu once he had arrived on Coruscant. "I believe we share a common enemy," the Chancellor tells Fett, paying him for his information and telling him never to speak of their conversation again, an agreement that Boba wisely keeps before being sent on his way.

By the end of the Clone Wars, Boba Fett had reached the age of thirteen—the traditional start of adulthood in Mandalorian culture—now a fully-fledged bounty hunter.


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