"The Reb...ellion is bigger...more important Than m--"
―Bobek's final words[src]

Bobek was a male Dubravan from Dubrava.



Bobek shot by a stormtrooper

Bobek sought to join the Rebel Alliance and met with Jal Te Gniev in a local bar. While drunk and angry, Gniev blindfolded Bobek and had him run over a trap door in the boardwalk near the cantina, plunging him into the swampy water below. Bobek went home in tears, disillusioned by the act of cruelty.

The Imperial presence on Dubrava began flexing its muscle when Darth Vader began seeking Luke Skywalker and it became known that a Rebel pilot was on Dubrava. A firefight erupted and stormtroopers set the cantina on fire, intending to burn everyone alive. Gniev managed to escape the massacre, only to encounter a pair of stormtroopers. Bobek arrived at the last moment and killed one of the troopers but was himself fatally shot by the other one. Gniev drowned the second trooper and returned to Bobek, who admitted to buying the blaster to kill Gniev.

Bobek's selfless act of defiance against the Imperial troops inspired Gniev to reevaluate his priorities and to save Skywalker from Vader on the planet Jazbina.


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