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"For you Bodo Baas will speak a prophecy written one thousand years before your time, by my own master!"
―Bodo Baas, gatekeeper of the Tedryn Holocron[1]

A Jedi Master was a member of the Jedi Order around the time of the conclusion of the New Sith Wars in 1000 BBY. In approximately 990 BBY, the Force-talented individual wrote a prophecy of a Jedi brother and sister who would face the dark side, with the future of all of the Jedi at stake. The being also trained Bodo Baas, the last gatekeeper of the Tedryn Holocron—which contained Baas's Master's prophecy—in the ways of the Force. In 10 ABY, a thousand years after being written, the prophecy was fulfilled by the Skywalker twins.


The Jedi Master trained Bodo Baas (pictured).

A Jedi Master lived around the time of the New Sith Wars,[2] from 2000 BBY to 1000 BBY.[3] Around 990 BBY,[2] early in the era known as the Great Peace of the Republic,[4] the Force-sensitive individual wrote a prediction of a new dark side threat: a male Jedi would be corrupted by a Dark Lord, while his pregnant sister's choice of action would decide the fate of the Jedi Order.[1]

At some point, this individual took a Jedi apprentice, the Krevaaki Bodo Baas.[1] Around 600 BBY,[2] after completing his training and being promoted to Jedi Master, Baas inherited the Tedryn Holocron.[5] By 590 BBY, Baas had added the prophecy written by his Master to the holocron.[6]


Source: Dark Empire 6Attribution: Tom Veitch

A brother and sister born to walk the sky,

But reckless brother falls-into dark side's eye!

Jedi sister carries hope for future in her womb.

Only she can save the Skywalkers from certain doom!

A Jedi-killer wants to tame her.

Now the Dark Side Lord comes to claim her.

She must battle join against this thief,

Or the dynasty of all the Jedi will come to grief!

As the gatekeeper of the Tedryn Holocron, Bodo Baas's hologram retold his Master's prophecy to Leia Organa Solo[1] in 10 ABY.[7] The prophecy was fulfilled soon after, revealing Organa Solo and her brother, Luke Skywalker, to be the two siblings referred to in the prophecy, and the reborn Emperor Palpatine to be the Dark Lord who claimed Anakin Solo—Leia's as-yet unborn son—for the new body of his essence. Skywalker and Organa Solo eventually confronted Palpatine on his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse, as foretold in the seventh line of the prophecy.[1] A year later, Palpatine was ultimately denied possession of the newborn, and the future of the Jedi Order was saved.[8]

Powers and abilities[]

This individual was strong enough in the Force to complete the training required for a Jedi and later take on an apprentice. This being wrote a prophecy that became reality a thousand years later: the forecasting was accurate enough not only to predict the event, but also to foretell the specific beings who would take part in it.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Bodo Baas's Master was first mentioned in the sixth issue of the Star Wars: Dark Empire comic series written by Tom Veitch[1] and published on October 20, 1992.[9]



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