"Hoping his son would follow him into the Imperial military, Boes Tark trained his son in survival skills, as well as personal and fire combat."
―General Airen Cracken, "Wanted by Cracken"[1]

Boes Tark was a male who was married to his wife, Lanaxa.[1] In 23 BBY,[2] while on the planet Bandonia, they had a child. Naming the young boy Moxin,[1] they raised him in a life of luxury and privilege on the Tark family estate. Boes would serve as a lieutenant in the Galactic Empire and desired for Moxin to follow in his footsteps in Imperial military service, bringing fame to his family.[3] In preparation for this, Boes trained his son in combat and survival, but Moxin was disillusioned with his life and longed for space adventure.[1]

Despite his father's efforts, Moxin would grow to hate both his father and his father's military ways and became a runaway at age eighteen. He eventually turned to bounty hunting and,[3] by 7 ABY,[2] was wanted by the New Republic, featuring in General Airen Cracken's datafile Wanted by Cracken, which included a brief mention of Boes.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Boes Tark was first mention in the 1993 sourcebook for West End Games's Star Wars Roleplaying Game, Wanted by Cracken written by Louis J. Prosperi.[1]


Notes and references[]

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