«Attention! Evidence of weapons research discovered in the Erediss system.»
«What type of weapons research?»
«A land based vehicle, capable of tremendous destructive power.»
«Tell me how I may profit from this vehicle.»
«Knowledge is power, master.»
―Bogeega Bu'Daay communicates with Boorka the Hutt about the Decimator in Huttese[1]

Bogeega Bu'Daay was an operative for the criminal Hutt Cartel around 22 BBY who discovered information relating to the Decimator superweapon and reported it to Boorka the Hutt, a member of the cartel. While reporting the information to Boorka, Bu'Daay was discovered by the Wookiees who were testing and building the Decimator.


Boorka: "«Keep in touch, Bogeega.»"
Bu'Daay: "«I will… wait, there is movement up ahead.»"
Wookiee: "[Wookiee roar interrupts transmission]"
Bu'Daay: "«I am… discovered.»"
―A Wookiee interrupts Boorka and Bu'Daay's transmission[1]

Bogeega Bu'Daay spied on Republic operations on Eredenn Prime.

Bogeega Bu'Daay served as an operative for the Hutt Cartel, a criminal organization run by the Hutt species, around the time of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the year 22 BBY, Bu'Daay spied on Republic weapons research on the planet Eredenn Prime, where Wookiees, a Republic member species, were testing and building superweapons called Decimators.[1]

After gaining enough information on the Decimator, such as its shielding and firepower capabilities, Bu'Daay contacted a Hutt cartel leader, Boorka, and gave him the information about the superweapon, assuring the Hutt that he could find use for the intelligence. Boorka told Bu'Daay to update him with any further information, but the Wookiees, who had found Bu'Daay, interrupted the transmission. Boorka, nonetheless, later used the information to make a deal with General Sev'rance Tann of the Confederacy, greatly profiting the Hutt and leading to the Separatists gaining control of the Decimators and using them against the Republic.[1]

Personality and traits[]

«What else have you discovered?»
«The researchers refer to the weapon as the Decimator. It is sheathed in protective armor and seems to possess its own shielding. It also appears to be capable of targetting [sic] air as well as ground vehicles. Unfortunately, precious little else is known. I will continue to observe the laboratory.»
―Boorka and Bu'Daay[1]

Bu'Daay was an employee of the Hutt Cartel and answered to Boorka when reporting information about the Decimator, addressing the Hutt as "master." Bu'Daay knew that knowledge of information like the Decimator research could be extremely valuable to the Hutts, which proved correct when Boorka was able to profit by selling the information to the Separatists. Bu'Daay was capable of uncovering information about the Decimator but unable to avoid being caught by its Wookiee manufacturers. Bu'Daay spoke in the Huttese language.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Bogeega Bu'Daay has only been mentioned in the 2002 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns, an expansion to the 2001 game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Bu'Daay was only mentioned in the game's databank entry for the Decimator, which was written as a transmission between Boorka and Bu'Daay.[1]


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