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"Yousa okay, Bogey? Yousa saved me! Yousa my new pallo!"
―Jar Jar Binks[src]

Boogie was a nickname given by Jar Jar Binks to a Kwazel Maw who helped him defeat Nute Gunray and his battle droids.

History[edit | edit source]

"I made a very good friend!"
―Jar Jar on Boogie after he destroys all of Gunray's droids and his shuttle[src]

Boogie after routing Nute Gunray's forces

While waiting for Padmé Amidala, Jar Jar began to communicate with an unknown creature out in Rodia's swamp. Then he heard a roar. After donning Anakin's Jedi cloak, fooling the Separatists into thinking he was a Jedi, Jar Jar escaped into the waters below the complex, where he encountered Boogie. Scared at first, Jar Jar swam away from the creature. Jar Jar later dove back into the water, trying to avoid a torpedo fired at him, but was caught in a rock and hard place between Boogie and the torpedo. Boogie swallowed him, saving Jar Jar with his thick hide; the Gungan then named Boogie his best friend and gave him an affectionate kiss. The Kwazel Maw let out a loving sigh in response, showing that he formed a bond with his new friend.

Boogie assisted Jar Jar in rescuing Padmé and Threepio, scattering any battle droids who attempted to attack him. Nute Gunray was frightened at the sight of the monster, believing that the "Jedi" had summoned him through the Force. Boogie prevented Gunray from escaping by pushing his shuttle over the edge. In the aftermath of the conflict, Boogie was shown being praised by Clone troopers for his actions and seemed to warm up to his new allies quite a bit, as he let the clones come near him and pat him. He let out a loud, happy roar after Gunray was captured and it was agreed that the Galactic Republic would provide support to the community of Rodia.

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