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"Why does the gravity here come and go like the wind?"
Boba Fett[src]

Bogg 4 was one of the many moons of Bogden. Bogg 4 was a haven for petty thieves, bounty hunters, and cheating dock managers who took anyone's ships who were gullible enough to trust them.


Bogg 4 had an ever-shifting gravitational pull from the myriad of moons around it, with their gravity sometimes canceling out, sometimes combining. Gravity shifted so rapidly that it made walking difficult.


Young Boba Fett visited Bogg 4 in 22 BBY, and while there, he left Slave I with "Honest" Gjon, who took his ship and his credits. However, he then met another thief, Aion, in the local cantina called The Bonny Bounty. Although Aion was a pickpocket, he helped Boba to locate the Slave I where Gjon had taken the ship to be smelted. But when the two of them stole thousands of counterfeit credits, Aion betrayed him; taking his share as well as Boba's. This incident caused Boba to become more distrustful in the future.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Labyrinth of Evil states that Jango Fett was recruited by Count Dooku to be the prime template for the clone army on Bogg 4[2] while other sources state that he was recruited on another moon, Kohlma.[3] Jango Fett's Databank entry however, stated "a man named Tyranus approached Jango on the moons of Bogden with an intriguing proposal"[4] This would imply that his actual recruitment took place, over an extended period of time, on a number of locations with the final sealing of the deal taking place on either Kohlma or Bogg 4.



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