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Bogga's enforcer gang was a group of pirates, thugs, and gangsters led by Great Bogga, a notorious Hutt crime lord. Bogga's enforcers included many species one would usually find under the payroll of Hutts: Weequays, Niktos, Chadra-Fans, and Ishi Tibs were a few. Although their exact number is unknown, the enforcers of Great Bogga's that are known were Dreebo, Gudb, Quanto, Rek, Grimorg, and Fnnbu.


In 3999 BBY, Bogga and his enforcers were known to regularly frequent the Stenness Hyperspace Terminal, a space station located within the Stenness Node. It was here that they encountered the Jedi Knight Andur Sunrider, who was traveling with his wife Nomi and their child Vima Sunrider. The enforcers overheard a conversation between Ander and his wife, whereupon they discovered that the travelers were in possession of a cache of precious Adegan crystals. Gudb, the most senior of the enforcers, immediately reported this to his Hutt master. Following instruction directly from Great Bogga, the enforcers were ordered to recover the crystals by any means necessary.

Gudb and his gang accosted the Jedi family in the Stenness spaceport, where his pet gorm-worm attacked Andur Sunrider and killed him. In retaliation, Andur's wife Nomi picked up her dead husband's lightsaber and killed the enforcer Quanto, slicing him in half from shoulder to hip. The remaining enforcers returned to Bogga empty handed.

Several months later, Bogga sent his enforcers again to attack Andur's wife, who by this time had been training as a Jedi on the nearby planet Ambria. They were unprepared for the strength of Nomi Sunrider and her Jedi Master Thon, who soundly defeated them again, this time killing several more of the enforcers and sending them in shame back to their Hutt master. The activities of Great Bogga's Enforcer gang from that point on are unknown.



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