"Bohento Splinth…heh. Old dog used to be a meteor miner before he turned to robbery."
―"Happy" Dapp[1]

Bohento Splinth was a male Aqualish. Originally a meteor miner, Splinth turned to robbery and was a scavenger by the time of the Iron Blockade.


"You're the scumsucker who's been hitting my salvage crews."
―Bohento Splinth, confronting "Happy" Dapp's scoundrel employee[1]

Prior to the Battle of Endor, Bohento Splinth was acquainted with "Happy" Dapp, and the two fought together in the Cargamalis Street Wars. Some time later, Splinth became a meteor miner, but later turned to robbery.[1]

After the Battle of Endor, which saw the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of Imperial Emperor Palpatine, Governor Ubrik Adelhard of the Anoat sector issued a blockade to restrict news of the Rebel Alliance's victory at Endor. During the blockade, Bohento Splinth was on the ice planet Hoth, where he was conducting salvage missions with his crew, the "Wreckers." At some point, his team recovered an Imperial codebreaker. "Happy" Dapp, now a gangster located on the planet Burnin Konn, was looking for a way to break through Adelhard's blockade. Working together with his Trade Spine League ally, the Chadra-Fan Shortpaw, as well as a scoundrel forced into his service to pay a debt, Dapp discoved that Splinth had located an Imperial codebreaker—a necessary component for Dapp's plans. The gangster sent the scoundrel to Hoth to find Splinth in an effort to collect the codebreaker.[1]

Splinth on Hoth

After fighting a number of wrecker operatives, the scoundrel found Splinth atop a mountain where an All Terrain Armored Transport had fallen. Angry, Splinth confronted the scoundrel, who, in addition to his mission to find Splinth, had been conducting a number of missions on Hoth that saw confrontations with the wreckers. The scoundrel offered to purchase the codebreaker, but upon hearing the scoundrel's employer as Dapp, the Aqualish moved to attack. Dapp's employed managed to defeat Splinth, killing him in the process, and collected the codebreaker.[1]

With Splinth's death, his second, an Ugnaught called Ozgurk, decided to steal his name and reputation. That fake Bohento Splinth became the leader of an army of scavengers.[1]


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