Bohhuah Mutdah was an obese Human. He was approximately a century old, an addict to lesai, and the single richest being in the galaxy. His use of lesai allowed him to go without sleep and spend all his time using his massive intellect devising ways to crush his business enemies. He eventually built up a fortune of several hundred trillion credits.


In the wake of his success, he indulged himself in every way possible. He put on several hundred pounds and took to wearing nothing but a pair of pink bathing shorts. At some point, he moved to Oseon 5792, an asteroid in the Oseon system, one of the galaxy's most famous residences of the extremely wealthy. The low gravity of the asteroid eased his getting around somewhat, but did not heal it entirely. His arms were next to useless. Although he had one of the galaxy's largest libraries (containing everything from datacards to actual books, which were prized rarities), he could not read them himself, instead relying on his aged servant Ekisp to read them aloud.

As time passed, he grew ever more apathetic and indifferent to life. He tried more and more outlandish ways to try and spark some interest within him, such as arranging for over three hundred Humans to have an orgy in front of his residence, but even that failed. His long, rich, and rather sad life came to a close when Rokur Gepta assassinated him as part of his revenge against Lando Calrissian and took his place, shapeshifting into his body and even molding his personality into the same (with only his hatred for Calrissian remaining to allow him to return to normal).



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