"Bohmer was content. The drink you brought him in the morning, the table he sat at-it was his place in the universe."
―Ben Kenobi to Annileen Calwell[src]

Bohmer was a Rodian who was a frequent patron of Dannar's Claim at the end of the Clone Wars. He drank caf every day and never spoke to Annileen Calwell or any of the Claim's other patrons. Bohmer was stabbed in the back by a Tusken Raider during A'Yark's raid on the Claim. He survived thanks to first aid provided by Ben Kenobi. Mell treated him and brought him to Bestine for treatment. For some time during his recovery, he used a hoverchair for mobility. Annileen Calwell constructed a special table that allowed him to comfortably resume his caf habit at the claim while using the chair.

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