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"I guess we're the best."
―Boil — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

"Boil" was the nickname of a clone trooper who served in the 212th Attack Battalion of the Grand Army of the Republic and was a member of Ghost Company. In 22 BBY, after the outbreak of the Clone Wars, Boil was among the troops dispatched to liberate the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Led by High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Clone Commander CC-2224, Ghost Company was assigned to destroy the Separatist proton cannons based out of the city of Nabat. After the company reached the city, Boil, along with fellow trooper Waxer, was assigned to scout ahead.

During their reconnaissance mission, Boil and Waxer stumbled upon a young Twi'lek girl named Numa. Despite protests from Boil, Waxer decided to take her with them, and the girl led the two clones to the remains of her shattered home. There, the three were attacked by several gutkurr creatures, but escaped through a secret passage shown by Numa. After rendezvousing with the rest of Ghost Company, Boil participated in a raid on the Nabat courtyard, where Separatist battle droids had rounded up the city's inhabitants near the proton cannons. While Ghost Company distracted the droids, Boil, Waxer, and Kenobi went through a secret passage shown by Numa, liberated the Twi'leks, and destroyed the cannons. Later in the war, Boil took part in a battle on the planet Geonosis under the command of General Kenobi. After Kenobi's LAAT/i gunship was shot down by enemy fire while attempting to land on the planet, Boil and Waxer rescued the Jedi General and escorted him to the Republic's position. Boil also participated in the Republic's liberation of the Togrutan colony world of Kiros, which had been occupied by the Confederacy.


Assault on Ryloth[]

"If we're here to free the tail-heads, the least they can do is get out of our way."
―Boil — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Boil and the rest of Ghost Company head for Nabat.

A clone of bounty hunter Jango Fett,[4] the clone trooper nicknamed "Boil"[1] was born on the planet Kamino and bred to fight in the Grand Army of the Republic.[4] During the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Boil served under Clone Commander CC-2224—nicknamed "Cody"—in the Ghost Company unit of the Grand Army of the Republic's 212th Attack Battalion, where he became close friends with a trooper named Waxer.[3]

In 22 BBY,[5] Techno Union Foreman Wat Tambor took control of the planet Ryloth and subjugated its Twi'lek inhabitants to an oppressive occupation. In response, the Republic initiated an offensive to liberate the Twi'leks. Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano were able to destroy the Separatist blockade surrounding the planet, allowing the ground invasion forces to land.[6] Alongside High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody, and the rest of Ghost Company, Boil boarded the LAAT/i gunship[2] Crumb Bomber,[7] which departed for the city of Nabat.[2]

Aboard the gunship, Kenobi and Cody instructed their men to utilize blasters and EMP grenades only, in order to avoid destroying the Twi'leks' homes. At that moment, Separatist J-1 semi-autonomous proton cannons below attacked the Republic Acclamator-class assault ships, forcing them to pull back. Aboard one of the transports, Jedi Master Mace Windu contacted Kenobi via a holoprojector and tasked him and Ghost Company with eliminating the cannons so the transports could land. After reaching the planet's surface, Ghost Company took out several B1-Series battle droids in a bunker on the outskirts of Nabat and entered the city.[2]

Boil receives a hug from Numa.

Kenobi assigned Cody to pick his best men and scout ahead, and Cody chose Boil, Waxer the trooper Wooley. Seeing that Nabat was abandoned, Cody and Wooley went to search the courtyard, while Boil and Waxer were ordered to go south and return to the Republic position by an appointed time. In one of the city's alleys, the clones stumbled upon the young Twi'lek orphan Numa, whom Waxer wanted to take with them. Boil was against such a decision, believing that the girl would only slow them down, and the two started to argue. The two then noticed a Separatist recon droid flying nearby, and they hid in the alley until it left the scene. The droid's appearance prompted Boil to hurry Waxer, but the latter continued to insist on taking Numa with them and ultimately convinced Boil to do so.[2]

Numa initially thought the clones to be droids and bit Boil's finger when he reached to her. To calm the girl and prove to her that they were living beings, Boil and Waxer removed their helmets and gave her a ration bar. After tasting the bar, Numa called the clones "nerra," a Twi'leki word unknown to the two. Boil and Waxer returned to their scouting duties, and Numa followed them. The girl, however, soon ran in the direction of the recon droid, and Waxer chose to follow her there, much to Boil's dismay. Numa led the two clones to her shattered home,[2] and Waxer noticed her tooka doll lying on the floor.[7] After Waxer gave the doll to Numa, she began to cry, and the clones comforted her.[2]

Liberating Nabat[]

"Waxer. Boil. Come with me."
"We're with you, sir."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boil, during the attack on the courtyard — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Boil then received a transmission from Cody and realized that they were late. He wanted to answer Cody, but Waxer convinced him that the best way to explain their delay would be to reach the Republic position and tell Cody that their comlinks had been jammed. Boil agreed, but before the clones were able to get very far, several gutkurr beasts attacked them, and the troopers were forced to retreat with Numa back into the home. In order to escape the creatures, Numa led the clones into an underground passage, and the three re-emerged near Kenobi, Cody, and the rest of Ghost Company, who had just fought off a number of gutkurrs themselves.[2]

Conversing to Numa in Twi'leki, Kenobi discovered that she had the ability to lead them to the Twi'lek prisoners, who had been rounded up at the courtyard and were being used as "living shields" for the proton cannons. While Cody and the rest of his company created a diversion to distract the droids, Boil went through a secret passage with Kenobi and Waxer to free the hostages, and they were successful in doing so. Kenobi then took control of one of the proton cannons. With help from Boil and Waxer, who loaded the weapon with shells, the Jedi was able to destroy the other cannons.[2]

The liberated Twi'leks attack TX-20.

The T-series tactical droid commander TX-20,[7] used his Armored Assault Tank to destroy Kenobi's cannon, however, and blasted the Jedi, Boil, and Waxer aside. Numa, worried for her new friends, ran over to check on the clones' condition and then proceeded to check on Kenobi. TX-20's tank targeted her and Kenobi, but the now-freed Twi'leks attacked the tactical droid and destroyed him. With the cannons' menacing fire disabled, Windu and the transports were able to land. As the Republic forces prepared to head to the capital city of Lessu to retake it and free the planet, Boil said goodbye to Numa and promised that they would return. Numa then called the clones "nerra" one last time, and Kenobi translated for them: "nerra" meant "brother."[2] Ultimately, the Republic liberated the planet and wiped out all remaining droid forces.[8][9]


"Why do we always get the fun missions?"
"Oh, this isn't the fun part. Getting back to the square is the fun part."
―Waxer and Boil — (audio) Listen (file info)[10]

Boil in his desert-camouflage ARF trooper armor

Later in the war, a rebellion occurred on the planet Geonosis, where the first battle of the war had taken place. The native Geonosians, led by Archduke Poggle the Lesser, constructed new droid factories and began mass producing battle droids for the Confederacy. In response, the Republic launched an assault on the planet, hoping to capture Poggle the Lesser and destroy his newly ray shielded factories. The Republic invasion force was divided into three groups, led by Generals Kenobi, Skywalker, and Ki-Adi-Mundi. All three strike teams were to break through the Geonosians' defenses and reach a rendezvous point, where they were to reassemble to attack the shield generator.[10]

Boil, along with Waxer, accompanied the strike force led by Kenobi and Commander Cody. The group set off for the planet aboard LAAT/i gunships and was able to reach the rendezvous point despite heavy flak fire from the Geonosians. After landing, Cody circled his All Terrain Tactical Enforcer tanks into a defensive formation, and the clone troopers engaged the enemy Geonosians. However, Kenobi's gunship,[10] the Bad Kitty, had been shot down during the landing and had crashed five kilometers from the clones' position.[11]

In order to rescue Kenobi, Cody called Boil and Waxer and ordered them to check the Bad Kitty for survivors. The two troopers made their way through the battlefield to the downed gunship and opened it. Inside the craft, they found the injured Kenobi and clone trooper Trapper, the only survivors of the crash. Provided with covering fire from the Republic's AT-TE walkers, Boil and Waxer escorted the two to Cody's position. Shortly thereafter, Skywalker's and Mundi's troops—along with some BTL-B Y-wing starfighters dispatched by Admiral Wullf Yularen—arrived to assist Kenobi's men and destroyed the shield generator.[10] As the battle continued, Boil piloted an All Terrain Recon Transport, providing support for the Republic forces in their fight against battle droids and Geonosian warriors.[12]


"How are we doing, Boil?"
"We're still mopping up clankers here and there, sir. We've established a perimeter around the governor's tower. No one gets out without a fight."
"Good work."
―Boil reports to Kenobi[13]

Boil reporting to Kenobi during the Battle of Kiros

In 21 BBY,[14] Boil was among the Republic forces that were sent to liberate the Togrutan colony world of Kiros, after it had been occupied by the Confederacy. The Republic troops were led by Kenobi, Skywalker, Tano, Commander Cody, and Clone Captain CT-7567. After fighting their way through droid resistance, Boil—who piloted an AT-RT— and the Republic forces reached the Governor's tower, where the Zygerrian Confederate commander Darts D'Nar was locked up. After a perimeter was established around the tower, ensuring that no one would escape from it, Boil reported on the progress of the fight to Kenobi. The battle was ultimately won by the Republic, although it was discovered that the entire Togrutan population had been taken off-planet and forced into slavery by the Zygerrians, who intended to sell them at an auction.[13]

Personality and traits[]

"Don't cry, kid. We'll keep you safe. I…I promise."
―Boil comforts Numa — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Boil in his customized armor on Ryloth

Like all clone troopers, Boil had the height of 1.83 meters.[4] He had a light skin complexion, black hair[2] and brown eyes.[3] During the Battle of Ryloth, Boil displayed a very by-the-book attitude, and when things went against his beliefs, he was easily annoyed and often responded with sarcasm.[2] Hardened by the war and eager for combat,[15] Boil did not have much compassion for the people of Ryloth at first, using the derogatory term "tail-heads" when referring to them and looking at their helplessness as a weakness rather than taking pity on them.[2]

Considering himself a soldier and not a babysitter,[3] he was reluctant to help Numa, believing that he and Waxer should be following orders instead of wasting their time looking out for her. As time progressed, however,[2] and Boil witnessed the girl's bravery and tenacity,[3] he developed compassion and grew to care for Numa,[2] coming to deeply respect and appreciate her.[3]

Having endured the most trying of ordeals during the war, Boil and Waxer became friends and brothers in arms. Although Boil considered himself the tougher of the two, Waxer did not agree with that, and enjoyed mocking the mustache that Boil maintained.[3] During the mission on Ryloth, Boil tried to keep Waxer alive. When he and Waxer were late from their scouting mission, Kenobi noted that such unpunctual actions were uncharacteristic of them.[2] As a clone trooper, Boil was trained in combat, reconnaissance, and military tactics.[1]


On Ryloth, Boil wore Phase I clone trooper armor decorated with his unit's orange colors. His helmet was also adorned with an upside-down red triangle and a black symbol,[2] and a comlink antenna was built into the helmet's crest.[1] On Geonosis, Boil was clad in Advanced Recon Force trooper gear, also with the 212th's markings. At the time of the latter battle,[10] a cartoon illustration of Numa was displayed on his helmet, which Boil had added to honor the girl.[3] By the time of the Battle of Kiros, Boil had switched to Phase II clone trooper armor.[13] On Ryloth and Geonosis, Boil utilized a standard DC-15S blaster carbine.[2][10] He was also able to handle a DC-15A blaster rifle.[15] During the battles on Geonosis and Kiros, Boil also utilized an AT-RT in battle.[12][13]

Behind the scenes[]

Character development[]

The character of Boil was created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and first appeared in the series' first season episode "Innocents of Ryloth,"[2] first aired on March 6, 2009.[16] Like all clones in the show, Boil was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.[7]

On November 25, 2011,[16] Boil was featured in the episode "Kidnapped,"[13] which served as an adaptation of the 2008 comic book The Clone Wars 1. In the original comic book, Waxer was the one who reported to Kenobi on the progress of the battle.[17] However, as Waxer had died in the preceding episode, "Carnage of Krell," his role was filled by Boil in "Kidnapped."[18]

Inconsistencies and non-canon adaptations[]

Boil, with red eyes

Boil was portrayed with red eyes in "Innocents of Ryloth,"[2] despite the fact that his progenitor Jango Fett had brown eyes.[19] The mistake was rectified in his the now-defunct official Encyclopedia on StarWars.com, where Boil's eye color was changed to brown, although another error was made there, as Boil was erroneously addressed as Waxer in the opening sentence of his entry.[3]

Boil also appeared in the 2009 young-readers book The Clone Wars: The Battle for Ryloth, which adapted "Innocents of Ryloth," but featured several inconsistencies with the episode. In the book, both Waxer and Boil initially hesitate to take Numa with them, but ultimately decide to do so and then take her straight to Kenobi, skipping the scene of the gutkurr encounter.[20]

In 2011, Boil was featured in the non-canon video game LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, appearing in the level that adapted "Innocents of Ryloth." The Nintendo DS version follows the plot of "Innocents of Ryloth" closely, while other versions of the game present a different portrayal of the television episode's events, omitting the encounter with Numa and having Waxer and Boil accompany Kenobi and Cody throughout the entire mission.[21]


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