Boiny was a male Rodian accomplice of Arwen Cohl, and a member of the Nebula Front. Along with Cohl and Rella, Boiny was one of the few surviving mercenaries of the Incident at Dorvalla.


Boiny accompanied Cohl and a crew of twelve to the Revenue, where he set a bomb in the core under Cohl's orders. He was one of the few that left the Revenue alive, and escaped in a hollowed-out pod that was fitted to support life. When the pod was shot down on Dorvalla, most of the crew died or were dying by the time it landed. He, Cohl and Rella were the only survivors. They made it to the Hawk-Bat, Cohl's ship, and took off, after Jalan detonated the old pod to take a few of the enemy with him. They then met Eru Matalis, who they knew as Havac, the Nebula Front leader. He offered them one last job, to kill Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum. They recruited a few extra hands, and went to Eriadu. They tied up the customs officers, and Boiny, Rella and Cohl left the men and went to see Matalis.

All went wrong. Matalis betrayed them over a disagreement and shot them all. He left the body of Rella, and the dying figures of Boiny and Cohl for the Jedi to find. However, Boiny came to and healed him and Cohl with bacta patches they found. Boiny and Cohl turned to the Jedi's side and captured Matalis and two of his men, though there were mercenaries on rooftops and inside the buildings. Boiny and Qui-Gon Jinn went to find a sniper that was above the trade summit meeting, ready to fire and set off the droids to kill Valorum. Boiny and Qui-Gon and Eriadu security team members went around on the ledges above the Trade summit, and found the sniper. The sniper shot and killed Boiny, though he was killed by Qui-Gon a few seconds later.



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