"This is Bokk Naarg. He fought alongside Gerrera since before the formation of the Empire. He claims to have been having doubts about the partisans for some time, and now finally sees the futility of the cause. He wants to throw in his lot with the side that will win. He claims he has information on where the Dreamers have been getting their intel."
Admiral Garrick Versio, to Inferno Squad[src]

Bokk Naarg was a Sullustan male who fought alongside Saw Gerrera before the formation of the Galactic Empire and later as a member of Gerrera's partisans. In 0 ABY, shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Naarg attempted to defect from the partisans after seeing the futility of their cause, claiming to have information on where the remaining partisans were getting information from. Inferno Squad were sent to recover and extract Naarg from Tellik Four Station but failed to do so when three other partisans carried out a suicide bombing which killed Naarg. Despite this, Del Meeko's ID10 seeker droid managed to recover Naarg's intel on a datachip.[1]

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