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Bokken sabers,[4] also known as lightsaber training staffs and Jedi training sabers,[5] were wooden swords[1] used for lightsaber combat training.[3]


High Republic Era[]

During the High Republic Era, several Jedi including Padawan Jecki Lon used Bokken sabers during a lesson with Jedi Master Lakshay.[6]

Imperial Era[]

During the Imperial Era Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger used training sabers made by Kanan Jarrus and Garazeb Orrelios to help the Mandalorian learn how to wield the Darksaber.[2]

New Republic Era[]

During the New Republic Era, Wren would later use a Bokken when sparring against the droid Huyang and Ahsoka Tano, after agreeing to resume training as Tano's Padawan.[4]

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Behind the scenes[]

In the real-world, bokken are wooden swords used for training in Japanese swordsmanship.[7]


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