"Know a guy who’ll pay good creds for those."
―Bolgm examining Theron Shan's cybernetics[src]

Bolgm was a male Houk living on the planet Coruscant during the period of the Galactic War. Together with Doctor Zeke, Bolgm worked a scam where he would grab individuals with cybernetics and notify Doctor Zeke who would remove them and then sell the cybernetics on the black market. Shortly after the defeat of Revan, Bolgm was in the Dealer's Den cantina when he noticed a Twi'lek accusing a man with cybernetics of cheating at Sabacc. Bolgm grabbed the individual and took him to the back room, notifying Doctor Zeke to come meet them. The man, however, turned out to be Strategic Information Service Agent Theron Shan who was working an undercover sting with the Twi'lek, Lylos Tannon of the Coruscant Security Force. Tannon had been tracking Doctor Zeke and Bolgm for several weeks and had enlisted Shan and SIS Agent Jonas Balkar to help her. When Doctor Zeke arrived, Tannon distracted Bolgm who was then tackled by Shan. Bolgm scuffled with Shan before Tannon knocked the Houk unconscious with the butt of her blaster and secured him.[1]


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