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"Speaking of secrets, one night an old labor droid moseyed into the Lodge with a message for Essvee, one that included Han Solo's name."

Bollux was a labor droid with masculine programming and silver plating. One day, he entered The Lodge at Fort Ypso, Vandor, and told the barman, Midnight, he had a message for the droid SV-38P. Bollux claimed to have witnessed the Corellian scoundrel Han Solo blowing a Corporate Sector Authority prison off the surface of a planet to free his first mate Chewbacca, and to have helped Solo destroy a battalion of war droids belonging to Xim the Despot. He also claimed that he was now working for a university in the Outer Rim Territories, tracking down sites and artifacts pertaining to Xim. Bollux had allegedly traveled to Vandor to pursue a tip on a treasure.[1]

Although Midnight suspected that Bollux was merely malfunctioning, he later learned from a former Corporate Sector official that the new Stars' End prison had indeed been blown into orbit by a Corellian who had broken in to rescue a Wookiee.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Bollux first appeared in the 1979 novel Han Solo at Stars' End, written by Brian Daley,[2] and was introduced into canon with a mention in the 2018 replica journal Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandor, written by Jason Fry.[1]


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