«Apprentice, your arrival here is well timed.»
―Bolook to Revan[src]

Bolook was a male Twi'lek Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. In 3956 BBY, he was assigned as an investigator for the murder of Calder Nettic and received assistance from an amnesiac Revan. The two were able to deduce the timeline of Nettic's death, as well as the culprits, two men named Handon Guld and Rickard Lusoff. Following the investigation's conclusion, Bolook formally charged the men and escorted them to the Enclave's holding facilities.


«Though you are not a full Jedi, perhaps you could assist me in sorting out the truth from the lies.»
―Bolook to Revan[src]

Bolook was a male Twi'lek who lived during the Old Sith Wars. As some point, he was discovered by the Jedi to be force-sensitive, and was initiated into the Jedi Order. By the time of the Jedi Civil War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire,[1] Bolook had risen to the rank of Jedi Knight,[2] and was serving at the hidden Jedi Enclave on the[1] remote[3] Outer Rim[4] farm world of Dantooine.[1]

The Murder of Calder Nettic[]

«Both men say they did not do anything, and that they came across the body. But both also accuse the other. It is most perplexing.»
―Bolook to Revan[src]


During Bolook's time on the planet in 3956 BBY,[5] a Human male colonist named Calder Nettic lived on Dantooine with his wife. Nettic ran a surface to orbit transportation service with another colonist by the name of Rickard Lusoff, whom he had known for over 20 years. However, after a business deal, Lusoff believed that Nettic had cheated him out of credits, and began to fester a grudge. At one point, the two found themselves at a cantina attached to a spaceport in Garang, Dantooine's capital city, and began drinking. Eventually, they got into a drunken altercation, and a Jedi named Tooka was dispatched to the cantina to resolve the conflict. This incident was recorded in the archives of both the Capital and Enclave. Concurrently, Nettic rented a speeder several times with a man name Handon Guld, information that had also been recorded. At some point, Nettic began to have an affair with Guld's wife, which Guld eventually found out about. Both Lusoff and Guld felt wronged, and they individually planned to murder Nettic.

The Murder[]

«According to the accounts of the participants, these three men were out here in the field together earlier, before the clouds broke. I find that very odd for most people would find shelter indoors when the sky is filled with dark stormclouds as it was earlier today. But that is not the most puzzling aspect of this case.»
―Bolook to Revan[src]

The scene of Calder Nettic's murder

On a cloudy morning,[1] several weeks after the destruction of the Urban planet of Taris,[6] at the hands of Darth Malak's Sith Empire, Calder Nettic was out in an Ancient Grove near the Jedi Enclave. Handon Guld and Rickard Lusoff both individually knew Nettic would be out on the plains and stalked him, intending to ambush him. Guld confronted Nettic at a bridge over a small river, delivering a single fatal shot to Nettic's torso. However, at the same time, Lusoff was stalking Nettic with a hunting rifle from the brush. From a distance, Lusoff believed that Guld was Nettic and fired. The shot hit Guld in the side of his abdomen, causing him to drop his blaster, now covered in his own blood. Lusoff ran out of the brush, injuring himself in the process. Guld, believing he was about to be killed, quickly hit his emergency button and called the Jedi Enclave.[1]

The Investigation[]

«By assisting me with this case you may learn much about how well you have learned the wisdom of the Jedi... or how much further you have yet to go.»
―Bolook to Revan[src]

Bolook investigates the murder.

Receiving Guld's call, the Jedi Enclave sent Bolook to handle the situation. Bolook arrived on the scene with a information droid and sent the blaster for analysis, along with the sample of Guld's blood that was on it. While investigating, Bolook held the two suspects at the scene, intending to complete the investigation on site.

Around three hours later, an amnesiac Revan, with the personality of a Republic soldier, was completing his third initiate trial, given to him by Jedi Master Zhar Lestin of the Enclave's council. Revan was to cleanse a dark taint from the grove, being that of the fallen padawan Juhani, although he did not know its identity at the time. While completing his trial, he passed by the crime scene, getting the attention of Bolook. Bolook approached Revan, and asked him to assist him on the case, believing it would be a good way to further Revan's training. Revan agreed to assist, and was debriefed on the situation by Bolook and the droid.[1]

The two first wanted to establish the suspects stories, so Revan was assigned to interview each man. Handon Guld was pleasant towards Revan and told him that, as he couldn't stand speeders, he was out running on the plains. He said that he had heard a blaster shot, and ran over to see Nettic dead, and Rickard Lusoff emerging from the brush, where he immediately contacted the Enclave. Having no reason to be suspicious, Revan moved to interview Lusoff. Lusoff was much more confrontational than Guld, but answered Revan's questions nonetheless. Lusoff lied and said that he was out on the plains hunting Iriaz, when he saw a moving target, and lined up a shot. He said the sun had gotten into his eyes when he shot, and he wasn't able to see clearly, but shot anyway. When he ran out of the bushes, he saw Guld standing over Nettic's body. After some contemplation, Revan approached Bolook, claiming to know who was lying. Revan explained that since it was a very cloudy morning, the sun could not have blinded Lusoff.

According to Bolook, this information alone could not prove Lusoff guilty. Bolook decided it would be best to progress the case and start searching for a motive. The Jedi first wanted to establish a relationship between the suspects and the victim, so Revan was sent to question the suspects. When asked, Guld claimed that he barley knew Nettic beyond his name. Lusoff revealed his previous business with Nettic, although neither suspect mentioned their previous animosity with Nettic. However, Revan approached the information droid, and it was able to retrieve the archives of both the speeder rentals and the incident at the cantina in Garang. When Revan accused Lusoff of having a grudge against Nettic, the suspect was dismissive, simply replying with "right." When Guld was confronted, however, he began to show animosity toward Nettic that he had hidden before. When asked about this, he broke and told Revan of the affair his wife had with Nettic, although he denied this as a motive.

With motives for both suspects, Bolook decided to focus the investigation on the blaster found at the scene, which had been sent to the Enclave. Revan spoke to the droid, which was able to determine that the blaster did not belong to Nettic. Although Lusoff claimed to have never seen the blaster before, Guld claimed that the blaster had been stolen from his house a week prior. This was proven untrue, as the information droid was unable to retrieve any related missing weapon report.

Having caught this lie, the two Jedi the turned their focus to the blood sample found on the weapon. However, the sample was contaminated, so the Enclave was only able to confirm that it was not Nettic's blood. After Bolook was brought this information, he wanted to inspect the suspects closer. They had noticed Lusoff's limp, but were unable to find any blood on his person. However, when the Jedi inspected Guld, they found blood from the blaster wound he had previously sustained. With this information, Bolook believed he was ready to come to an accurate conclusion.

The Conclusion[]

«A bold conclusion... one most people would not arrive at. But we are not most people, we are Jedi.»
―Bolook after hearing Revan's conclusion[src]

Bolook's initial conclusion was that Handon Guld committed the crime, and Rickard Lusoff had shot Guld by mistake while he was hunting. When he approached Revan with this conclusion, however, he disagreed, instead insisting that both suspects were guilty. Bolook was surprised, describing the conclusion as a bold one that most investigators would not arrive at. Revan explained that Guld's motive was his wife's affair, and Lusoff's was his belief that Nettic had been cheating him out of money. With this, Bolook delivered the correct timeline of events. Upon hearing this, Lusoff retorted, confirming the Jedi's suspicions. Under the authority of the Jedi, Bolook arrested Handon Guld for the murder of Calder Nettic, Rickard Lusoff for aggravated assault and attempted murder. Bolook then escorted the two to the Enclave's holding facilities, bidding Revan farewell, and promising to inform the Council of his assistance.[1]

Personality and traits[]

«I will use my wisdom and experience to offer you some guidance, but I will not solve the case for you. There is little benefit if you do not solve this problem yourself.»
―Bolook to Revan [src]

Bolook was a orange-skinned male Twi'lek with blue eyes. He wore his lekku around his neck, like many males of his species at the time.[1]

Bolook had self-proclaimed wisdom and experience when it came to preforming investigations. When Revan agreed to assist with the case, Bolook was willing to help, but thought the experience would be more beneficial if Revan solved the case on his own. Bolook believed that Jedi were unlike most people, and did not gawk at Revan's bold conclusion. He was capable of understanding both Basic and Huttese, but chose to speak in the latter during general conversation.[1]


Bolook wore standard Jedi robes, with a blue tunic, gray pants, gray gloves, and dark blue boots. The robes were identical to those worn by Zhar Lestin of the Enclave's council.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"I said no! Wormhead!"
―Revan to Bolook[src]

Bolook as a green Twi'lek, from the Xbox version.

Bolook appeared as a non-player character[1] in the 2003[7] roleplaying game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. If the player passes a small bridge in the Ancient Grove on Dantooine, a cutscene triggers and makes the encounter unavoidable. This cutscene starts the quest "Murdered settler," in which most of Bolook's dialogue is spoken. However, the player has the option to refuse the quest in the initial cutscene, potentially insulting Bolook in the process. They may also quit the investigation at any point, or come to an incorrect final conclusion.[1]

Bolook's skin is green in the Xbox release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.[1]



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