Bolton Kek was a scientist at Holowan Laboratories and one of the neural network designers of Project Phlutdroid, which resulted in the production of IG-88 and his counterparts. Kek retired from Imperial service on "moral grounds" prior to the project's completion, and thus avoided being slaughtered by the assassin droids in the Holowan Massacre. He eventually settled on the obscure world of Peridon's Folly. IG-88B used bounty hunting missions as cover for assassinating the surviving Holowan scientists who potentially knew dangerous details of the IG-series design. After completing an assignment from Grlubb on Peridon's Folly, IG-88 stealthily entered Kek's home at night and found him asleep with a Twi'lek dancing girl. Ignoring the girl, the assassin droid fired a single shot into Kek's head, killing him instantly.

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