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"Hold your fire. There's no life forms. It must have short-circuited."
―Bolvan, to Hija[src]

Bolvan was a male human who served as the gunnery captain aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator in 0 BBY. After the capture of the corvette Tantive IV, he ordered his subordinate lieutenant Hija not to fire at an escape pod that launched from the captured ship because there were no life signs aboard.[1] While the corvette was being searched, and the Death Star plans, which Darth Vader suspected the rebel ship of carrying, still had not been found, Bolvan came to suspect that they were hidden aboard the escape pod. In order to avoid getting in trouble for failing to realize this earlier, he asked logistics officer Arvira for assistance. Bolvan disliked filling out paperwork, as he felt it took up too much of his time.[2]

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