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"Bom Vimdin is a true mercenary: one who would sell his soul, the fate of his people, and even that of the galaxy for a few credits. He cares little for what happens to those he harms provided the credit balance in his account grows."
Airen Cracken[1]

Bom Vimdin was a Advozse smuggler and mercenary during the Galactic Civil War. A pessimistic, reclusive being, he had no loyalties to anyone other than himself, and cared only for his credit balance. Around 0 BBY, he was a regular at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina in Mos Eisley, though he was widely disliked. Vimdin worked for a wide array of corrupt and dishonorable officials in his life, though his operations thrived during the time of the New Republic.

The Advozse made great profits transporting fugitive Imperials from New Republic territory to those controlled by the Empire, and although he was caught and apprehended many times, his loyal network of spies were able to free him. Eventually, his activities were deemed a threat to the New Republic and Security Chief Airen Cracken added him to his most wanted list. Thought to be one of the best at his profession, Vimdin was a wealthy being for most of his life, though he completely shunned the company of others.


Bom Vimdim btm

Bom Vimdin in Chalmun's Cantina.

Bom Vimdin, a native of Riflor, was born in 28 BBY.[1] Around 1 BBY he was wanted for numerous "crimes against the Empire," and a security alert for him was displayed in places such as Spaceport THX1138.[4] Vimdin was in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina when Luke Skywalker met Han Solo for the first time in 0 BBY.[3]

After the establishment of the New Republic, Vimdin was apprehended while transporting Imperial agents to territory still loyal to the Galactic Empire on more than one occasion. However, he regained his freedom each time with outside help, and by 7 ABY there was a AurebeshSans-Serif credit12,000 reward for his capture.[1] Vimdin eventually had a son, Brin, who became an exceptional pilot and an agent of the Advozsec resistance against the Yuuzhan Vong.[5]

Personality and traits[]


Bom Vimdin.

Vimdin was willing to work for anyone with sufficient credits. A cold and calculating individual, he would also consider future favors as payment in the form of smuggling unspecified cargoes.[2]

Vimdin preferred to work for corrupt officials, including the Galactic Empire. He was very pessimistic, territorial, and demanded high prices for his work, but according to Han Solo, Vimdin was among the best in the smuggler business. General Airen Cracken, who added Vimdin to his most wanted list, was certain that Vimdin would sell his soul and that of his people for a few credits. Although he had been captured more than once, nobody was able to retrieve any information from him regarding the officials who worked for him and protected him.


Vimdin owned a Ghtroc freighter called the Blood Freeze.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Vimdin appeared at the table with Hem Dazon, Brainiac, Arleil Schous, and Braconnor Bakiska. The character also appears sporadically and randomly in the non-canon game Star Wars: Yoda Stories.

During the shooting of the Cantina scenes he was given the name 'Don Rickles'.[6] His mask was provided by Rick Baker. He got his name from West End Games.

In the Ultimate Alien Anthology, "Bom Vindim" appears as an example name. This is likely a misspelling of Bom Vimdin. The name is also misspelled "Bom Vimdim" in several sources.



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