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Bomas were ravenous beasts native to Onderon and its moon Dxun. Although most bomas were generally small, there were some that were extremely large in size, as experienced by the Jedi Exile and her companions while exploring the moon. They were dangerous predators and known to kill Mandalorians, but they themselves were preyed upon by the zakkeg beasts.[2] Furthermore, they were, like most beasts of Dxun and Onderon, preyed upon by Drexl.

Jedi Knight Tott Doneeta used his Force ability to communicate with animals to use some bomas in order to get into Oron Kira's citadel.

During the restoration of Telos IV, several bomas were intended to be brought to the surface of Telos to help balance out the ecosystem. They may have been intended to control the populations of cannoks.

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A boma in the Dxun jungle.

Bomas were first introduced in Knights of the Old Republic sub-series of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series of comics.

In the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, Meetra Surik learned a Force power called beast control by taming a large Boma in the jungles of Dxun moon.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic Bomas appear as player mounts from a Cartel Market pack.



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