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Bombad General Roos Tarpals on his Kaadu mount.

"Yousa doen grand. Jar Jar bringen usen and da Naboo together. So, wesa make you Bombad General."
"General??! Oh, no…"
Rugor Nass and Jar Jar Binks[src]

Bombad General was a high rank in the Gungan Grand Army on the planet Naboo. Since the word bombad seems to have been a superlative, as in the phrase "Yousa guys bombad!", it seems that this position may have outranked the ordinary General grade held by senior warriors like Tobler Ceel, and it may even have been a commander-in-chief position; the Imperial rank of Grand General may offer a close semantic parallel.

Shortly before the Battle of Grassy Plains in 32 BBY, the grade of Bombad General was awarded to Jar Jar Binks for his role in uniting the Gungans and Naboo against an invasion by the Trade Federation, although Jar Jar ended up fainting in shock and horror at the promotion, to Boss Nass's amusement.

Behind the scenes[]

Translated from Gunganese to Basic, the title can be pronounced literally as "Superior General". In the Swedish language, bombad is an adjective meaning "bombed". In slang, it can also be read as "stupid".



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