The Bombardment of Bosph was an attack on the planet Bosph in the Bosph system of the Bosph sector within the Outer Rim Territories by the Imperial Navy. The bombardment took place during the reign of the Galactic Empire whilst Moff Harsh was in control of the sector. The attack was ordered by galactic Emperor Palpatine after he discovered that the faction based government of Bosph was made up of Force-sensitive individuals known as ela b'Yentarr. The bombardment devastated Bosph's grassy surface and killed large numbers of Bosph including the majority of eba b'Yentarr. Due to the vicious attack the remaining Bosph, who were mostly force to stay on their homeworld due to Imperial quarantine, took up a policy of dis-remembrance toward the Empire, the greatest insult the Bosph could give. This meant they no longer acknowledged the existence of the Empire and ignored its laws, instead blaming the damage of the bombardment on the deity-like entity known as Yentarr.

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