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This article is about the bombardment of Falleen in 7 BBY. You may be looking for the bombing of Falleen during the Second Imperial Civil War.

"Xizor and Vader have a long-standing feud."
Tyber Zann[2]

The bombardment of Falleen was undertaken by the Galactic Empire to stop the spread of a flesh-eating bacterium.


Sometime during the Imperial Period, Lord Darth Vader established a bacteriological research outpost on the Mid Rim planet of Falleen for the Galactic Empire. In 7 BBY, an accident happened in a laboratory, which resulted the infection of the civilian Falleen population by a flesh-eating bacterium.

The orbital bombardment[]

In 7 BBY, Darth Vader explored different weapon development projects, when he arrived to Falleen aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Devastator. Captain Bolvan showed Vader some projections based on information salvaged from the laboratories: the bacterium threatened to devastate the whole planet in short time. The captain suggested the requisition of the ordnance from Project X271 and incinerate the plague from orbit, but Vader disagreed, because he did not wish to wipe out the entire Falleen species. The Sith Lord ordered Lieutenant Hija to prepare for orbital bombardment and fire on the bacteriological research outpost and everything within 40 kilometers.


The orbital bombardment stopped the plague, but took the lives of 200,000 Falleen. The whole family of Prince Xizor was among the civilian casualties. Xizor planned vendetta against Vader and erased any clue that could connect him to the royal family.

Behind the scenes[]

The bombardment of Falleen was first mentioned in the Shadows of the Empire novel and expanded in the related sourcebook.



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