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TIE Bomber Squadron 2017 Quarter 3 Tournament Kit

A TIE bomber squadron assaulting a pair of Mon Calamari cruisers.

Bombers (occasionally called Starbombers) were starfighters specifically designed for use against well armored, often large or immobile targets, such as capital ships, space stations, and buildings.


There were comparatively few types of starfighter found in a pure bombing role, since many less specialized fighters were versatile enough to attack both other fighters and larger or more heavily armored targets.

Most bombers employed some type of projectile weapon, such as proton bombs, concussion missiles, proton torpedoes, or thermal detonators to attack their targets, rather than energy weapons such as blasters. For best effectiveness against defended targets, bombers were escorted by other, nimbler starfighters. For protection against point-defense vessels such as anti-fighter corvettes, they were sometimes accompanied by support spacecraft such as frigates which provided cover as they closed on their objectives.

Dedicated bombers include:

In addition, some heavy assault starfighters such as Y-wings, B-wings, K-wings and GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats were occasionally referred to as bombers.



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