The bomber command post, a military installation of the reconstituted Sith Empire on Taris, was originally the Galactic Republic's Waypoint Station Draay or Draay Outpost during the Cold War. It served as a secure base for soldiers and medical personnel during the reconstruction of Taris. It was located south of Waypoint Station Aurek, on the Western Shore of Lake Brell in the Brell Sediment.


Commander Gardit was in charge of Waypoint Station Draay during the Cold War, commanding the various Republic scouts, riflemen and officers. The medical droid CB-08-4 was also located at Draay, as well as Kahrin Wek, Kon Yel, and Agent Welkins. Doctor Ianna Cel sent a traveling hero to Draay to consult with the medical droid after the hero volunteered to be infected with the rakghoul virus.



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