"The queen hungers. Come."
―Bombinax prepares to attack the allies of Aphra[src]

Bombinax was a male individual who served as a lieutenant to the force-wielding Queen of the planet Ktath'atn. As with all her subjects, he was infected with an Abersyn symbiote that was part of the hive under the queen's control. In the year 0 ABY, he was present at one of the Ktath'atn queen's receptions when the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker was presented to her by the archaeologist Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra. Hoping to feed on the Jedi, the queen invited the pair to stay, and then had Bombinax and her other servants Vespinax and Varroa harvest from the hive to prepare her for fighting Skywalker if necessary.

The next morning, Bombinax set out to eliminate the Wookiee Black Krrsantan, who had arrived on Ktath'atn with Aphra but then placed in quarantine. Enroute he killed Lord Hossferin, a late guest to the reception who was demanding to see the queen. Upon reaching the quarantine he attacked the Wookiee, but before he could kill his target, Skywalker's allies from the Alliance to Restore the Republic intervened and infected the Wookiee with a symbiote. The enraged Wookiee then threw Bombinax from a cliff outside the quarantine, killing him.


A reception to remeberEdit

The queen and her minions

Bombinax served the queen of Ktath'atn.

Bombinax was a humanoid male who served as a lieutenant for the queen of the planet Ktath'atn during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The queen ruled over her subjects, including Bombinax, from the Citadel of Ktath'atn using a hive of Abersyn symbiotes which were implanted within her subjects.[2]

In the year 0 ABY, Bombinax attended the queen's annual reception, in which off-worlders brought her interesting forms of organic life to show her in exchange for favors. As the guests brought their offerings before the queen, Bombinax stood guard at the base of her throne, and witnessed the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker brought forward by the archaeologist Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra.[2]

At first the queen saw nothing special about the boy and had her speaker Varroa reject him; however, after Skywalker used the Force to push away an Ezaraa that was confronting Aphra, the queen took greater interest. After dismissing the rest of the hopefuls attending the reception, the queen informed Aphra and Skywalker that she would hear their request in the morning and requested they retired to bed.[2]

Bringing in the harvest and taking out the trashEdit

"Now… feed me."
―The queen feeds on the harvest from Bombinax, Varroa and Vespinax[src]
Feeding the queen

Bombinax harvested from the hive to feed the queen.

Bombinax then accompanied the queen, Varroa and another of the queen's loyal subjects named Vespinax out onto one of the citadel's balconies. There the queen ordered that the other three collect the harvest from the other subjects of the hive, which the trio did by inhaling red particulates released from the mouths of the other hive members. The queen then harvested the collected energy from Bombinax and his colleagues, feeding on all three of them at once in preparation for combat with the Jedi.[2]

The following morning, Lord Hossferin of the Vandelae system Hossferins arrived at the gates of the citadel demanding to see the queen, and was outraged to discover the reception was over. Refusing to be turned away by the queen's soldiers, Hossferin was relieved to see the higher ranking Bombinax approaching believing he might be making progress toward gaining an audience. Without a word, the lieutenant slapped Hossferin with the back of his hand as he passed, knocking the lord over a cliff edge to his doom. Bombinax then killed Hossferin's two guards, punching through one of the pair's chest and out his back.[3]

Dealing with the WookieeEdit

Bombinax Organa and BT1

Bombinax fought Princess Organa and her allies on Ktath'atn.

"Enough distractions. Where's the Wookiee?"
―Bombinax questions his men as to the whereabouts of Black Krrsantan[src]

Leaving the guards corpses where they had fallen, Bombinax questioned his men at the gate as to where Doctor Aphra's companion, the Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan, was and learned that he was being kept in quarantine, as Wookiees were one of the species the queen found "disagreeable".[3] Bombinax then proceeded to the quarantine and attacked the Wookiee, but before he could kill the bounty hunter, several of Aphra's temporary allies from the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the droids 0-0-0 and BT-1 arrived to save Krrsantan.[4]

Death of Bombinax

Bombinax was killed by Black Krrsantan.

Princess Leia Organa distracted Bombinax by firing at him with a blaster pistol while 0-0-0 and Sana Starros dragged Krrsantan to safety. The lieutenant charged at his attacker, but was blown back by a shot from BT-1's blaster cannon. This brought the Rebels time to seal one of the quarantine doorways between them and Bombinax which bought them time to infect their Wookiee ally with a Abersyn symbiote. Bombinax then smashed his way through the door, but was horrified to find the infected Wookiee inside.[4]

Black Krrsantan smashed Bombinax's helmet and chest armor with his bare hands and then lifted the lieutenant over his head, hurling him to his death over a cliff edge outside the quarantine.[1] The Rebels and Aphra's crew then went on to rescue Skywalker from the queen's clutches as she tried to feed on him, before killing the queen and freeing all her subjects from the control of the hive.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Bombinax and Hossferin

Bombinax killed Hossferin without uttering a single word.

―Bombinax succinctly expresses his horror at the sight of an infected Wookiee[src]

Bombinax was a man of few words and immense strength, capable of smashing down a sealed metal door meant to hold in Wookiees[4] and punching clean through the chest of an alien wearing a suit of armor with his own armored fist.[3] As a member of the queen of Ktath'atn's hive he was infected with a Abersyn symbiote which allowed him to harvest from the lower members of the hive.[2]


"Hey, ugly! Leave him alone and… Oh, great."
―Princess Organa regrets firing on the fully armored and armed Bombinax[src]

Bombinax wore a suit of black armor that encased his entire body and a red cape and kama.[2] He used a shock-emitting staff like weapon when fighting Black Krrsantan.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit


Concept art of Bombinax by Marco Checchetto showed the character's face.

Bombinax was created to be a minor villain in the Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel cross-series comic book event, first appearing in The Screaming Citadel 1, which was written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Marco Checchetto[2] and released on May 10, 2017. He then went on to appear in the Star Wars and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic book series as the event continued by alternating between the two.[1][3][4]

Checchetto created concept art of Bombinax, including a depiction of his face, which is never shown in the comics. The art shows the lieutenant as having burns covering the entire left side of his face from the cheek up, as well as a bald head, pupiless white eyes and a black beard. The artist explained in an interview that aside from the dark colors of their armor, he wanted to make them menacing by giving them no irises and cadaveric skin, although this is never visible for Bombinax outside of the concept art.[6]


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