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"The bombing of the power generator has been confirmed to be a Separatist attack!"
Senator Gume Saam in the Galactic Senate[src]

During the Clone Wars, a bombing occurred on the Republic capital Coruscant of the planet's central power distribution grid. The attack was planned by Count Dooku to disrupt the peace initiative occurring between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance. Under orders from General Grievous, six demolition droids infiltrated the power generator, killing the engineers and setting themselves to self-destruct. As they did so, they caused the generator to detonate, setting off fires across Coruscant and cutting power to large sections of the city-planet. After it was confirmed to the Republic Senate the attack was committed by the Separatists,[3] the peace process fell apart.[2][3]


In 21 BBY,[4] the Repubulic Senator Gume Saam proposed a bill that would open up new lines of credit with the InterGalactic Banking Clan in order produce more troopers for the Republic's Grand Army. However, Senator Padmé Amidala suggested that they negotiate with the Confederacy and Senator Bail Organa put a halt on the vote until matter has been cleared.[3]

Saam spoke with his fellow supporters, Senators Lott Dod and Nix Card about the vote. Saam suggests they take out Amidala, but Card knew that the Senate would not de-regulate the banks. Thus, they agreed to bring the war to Coruscant, knowing that it has not been attacked in over a thousand years. Thus, they contacted the Confederacy's leader, Count Dooku. Dooku, at the behest of Lord Sidious, tasked General Grievous with planning the attack.[3]

During this time, Senator Amidala and Padawan Ahsoka Tano then went to the Confederacy's capital, Raxus. There, they met Onderon's Senator Mina Bonteri, who told them that the Separatist Senate was debating the same thing. At a session of the senate at Senate Building in Raxulon, the Senate, despite the Corporate Alliance's Senator Voe Atell's objections voted yes to open negotiations with the Republic with Dooku's support.[3]

Amidala and Tano then returned to Coruscant and informed Chancellor Palpatine of the Confederacy's peace proposal. Saam, Card, and Dodd then spoke to Dooku about the proposal and how it would derail their bill. Dooku assured them that after their attack, chances of peace will disappear.[3]

The MissionEdit

Grievous then sent in a team of Demolition droids. Grievous then assured Dooku and Card that would complete his mission. The droids, disguised as sweeper droids, were able to be taken to Coruscant. There they were able to slip past Commander "Fox" and his Coruscant Guard. They then made their way to the Central power distribution grid. They then attacked the engineers stationed and killed them all.[3]

During that time, Senators Amidala, Organa, and Onaconda Farr then spoke to the Republic Senate on the Confederacy's peace proposal. Vice Chairman Mas Amedda accepted it and the other Senators were allowed to vote.[3]

However, seconds later, the demolition droids carried out their mission and destroyed themselves and the generators. Large areas of Coruscant were turned dark and the red emergency lights turned, alerting the senate of the attack. Ryloth Senator Orn Free Taa shouted that they were under attack. Soon, Senator Saam announced that the attack had been confirmed as a Separatist one, and Kamino Senator Halle Burtoni proposed to vote on the bill to deregulate the banks. Amidala attempted to stop the process, but to no avail, as more and more Senators began to support Burtoni's proposal. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine approved the suggestion, thus ending the debate over the subject.


The Banks were deregulated in order to finance more troops for war.[3] Amidala then attempted to have the senate resume their negotiations with the Confederacy despite Umbara's senator Mee Deechi asking if she had Separatist friends. However, Dooku contacted the senate, saying that the Republic has launched their own attack on the Confederacy's people, killing the proposal's sponsor, Mina Bonteri.[2]



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