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"As I said, an agent's life is dangerous. You never know when you might get caught up at the wrong end of a military action. The sort of action that might occur if a patrolling Star Destroyer happened on data pointing to a suspected pirate nest."
Colonel Vak Somoril to Captain Kendal Ozzel, about Mara Jade[src]

The Bombing of Gepparin was a four-way conflict between the forces of the Galactic Empire, the BloodScar pirates, Emperor's Hand Mara Jade, and the combination of members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Hand of Judgment in 0.5 ABY taking place on Gepparin.


"You realize what you're suggesting. You're talking about killing an Imperial agent. A woman who gets her orders from Palpatine himself."
―Captain Ozzel to Colonel Somoril, about Mara Jade[src]

During her investigations about the BloodScar pirates, Emperor's Hand Mara Jade infiltred the pirate ship Cavalcade and eliminated its crew, excepting the pilot Tannis, during an attack on the freighter Happer's Way. She then called the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Reprisal to help fix the ship, putting Captain Ozzel and ISB Colonel Somoril on edge, thinking that it was a trap to catch them after having an ISB major killed and a group of stormtroopers deserting.

Mara Jade Allegiance

Emperor's Hand Mara Jade.

Mara planned to use the Happer's Way in order to infiltrate the BloodScar base on the planet Gepparin with Tannis and a couple of troopers provided by the Reprisal. Brock and Gilling were in fact two ISB agents assigned by Somoril to watch for the Emperor's Hand. Ozzel and Somoril intended to follow Jade and attack the pirate base with the Star Destroyer, conveniently killing Mara herself and covering the tracks of the offenses she didn't even realize they have committed.

In the Purnham system, the Millennium Falcon and Hand of Judgment's Melnor Spear worked together to intercept a BloodScar ship. They used info from the interrogation of the prisoners to determine the BloodScars base location. The Hand of Judgment stormtroopers thinking that Luke Skywalker, given his lightsaber, might be the mysterious Emperor's Hand, the joined force continues on its way to Gepparin to hunt down the pirate base.

The battleEdit

"You mentioned a patron earlier. I want his name."
―Mara Jade, to the Commodore[src]

Mara arrives at Gepparin with Tannis and her two ISB agents. Under the cover of having taken over Happer's Way for a group of pirates that wanted to link up with the BloodScars, she met the BloodScar leader, the Commodore, and his second, Caaldra. Mara was later betayed the ISB agents, who revealed that they were trying to kill her to silence her knowledge of the defecting stormtroopers from the Reprisal, and forced to kill them. She then faced off with the Commodore's men, with Tannis assisting her. Caaldra then tried to kill them both with a fire trap and Tannis was severely injured. The Commodore was escaping Mara when the entire base came under attack from the Reprisal.


The Reprisal.

Moments later, the Melnor Spear with the damaged Millennium Falcon attached arrived at Gepparin. The Hand of Judgment freaked out, thinking that they have been discovered by the Reprisal. Using the Falcon to set up an escape with only Chewbacca aboard, they split up and evaded the tractor beam capture. When the Millennium Falcon leaped for the Alderaan system, the Star Destroyer followed it, leaving TIE fighters to finish up at the base.

At the base, Mara found the Commodore dead in a control room, but discovered that he was trying to contact his patron on Shelkonwa, whom Mara believed to be Imperial Governor Choard. When the TIE fighter attacked her, she was forced to destroy them, using the laser turrets of the base. Mara and Tannis tred to use the Happer's Way to leave the planet, but Caaldra who had survived the attack stole it and escaped. Tannis eventually died in Mara's arms.


"Han, Leia's in danger. She's trapped in Makrin City on Shelkonwa, and the Empire knows she's there."
Luke Skywalker, to Han Solo[src]

Mara Jade found a Z-10 Seeker in the base and headed for Shelkonwa, briefly stopping along the way to leave Tannis' body in space as he had wished.

When the Rebels and the stormtroopers arrived as the base, they discovered the same information about the contact with Shelkonwa, so they decided to go there together, especially since Luke had sensed Princess Leia was in danger there.


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